Parabuzzy NSMBVR
A Parabuzzy as it appear in New Super Mario Bros. VR.
Species Origin Buzzy Beetle
First Appearance Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Latest Appearance New Super Mario Bros. VR
Related Species
Notable Members
Koopa Troopa

Parabuzzies are a sub-species of Buzzy Beetle that can fly, much like a Paratroopa or Para-Beetle. They can either jump or fly, just like their Koopa cousins.


New Super Mario Bros. VR

Parabuzzys make a huge return from the Paper Mario series. They appear in the two underground levels of World 7, the cloud worlds, in which the first one they jump, and the second they fly.


if you play super mario maker. bowser.jr is an esey boss with out clown well if you hit him he cant throw shells,but wait how will you make him easy how?if you spin jump on his shell he wont hurt you only worrks in wii u mario bros.

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