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Paperexa's Picture

Queen Paperexa

Queen Paperexa

Queen Paperexa is the main antagonist of Paper Mario: Get Crafty! In the game, you have to stop her from tearing apart the Paper Mario world and rebuilding it into an evil world full of monsters and horrifying lands. She has lots of minions in the species named X-Slims. She is headstrong, and has no time for games. She won't stop until she achieves her goal.

This is the final boss music for Paper Mario: Get Crafty!:

Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga - Final Cackletta Battle (TheNintendoCode's Remix) EXTENDED14:34

Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga - Final Cackletta Battle (TheNintendoCode's Remix) EXTENDED

Queen Paperexa's Final Boss Music

Queen Paperexa's Attacks invovle:
  • Electrifying the ground
  • Using Scissors
  • Using Glue
  • Using Pencil
  • Using her X-Slim minions
  • Creates a fire blast
  • Creates an earthquake
  • Can use pits of darkness
  • Can power up her attacks for 3-5 turns
  • Can send a flurry of Elite X-Slims to attack

Her stats are:

  • HP: 650
  • Power: 30
  • When powered up: 45 or 50

You can also run into her twice before the final battle, and this the boss music for those two fights:

Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga-Bowletta Battle Remix04:48

Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga-Bowletta Battle Remix

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