Paperboy Owens
Paperboy's basic appearance
Full Name Paperboy
Species Birdo
Class Protagonist
First Appearance Blacklight: Dawn of a New Darkness

Paperboy (full name: Jason Owens) is a protagonist of the Blacklight series of video games, and a member of the Insurgence. Paperboy is quite distant from the other members of the Insurgence, due to his family being kidnapped by Schatten and his father beaten to death directly in front of his eyes. Paperboy is almost never seen without his newspaper, which hides a small camera and microphone that he uses to scout with.


Prior to joining the Insurgence, Paperboy was a, fitting to his name, a paperboy who delivered Sky News newspapers to every home in Sky City. Upon Schatten's takeover, Paperboy quit his job and went back home to try and keep his family safe from harm. One day, a Spitron Mech broke into his house, and forced him and his family to go to work at the Spitron factory. While his mother and sister put up no fight, his father did, and was killed in front of the family for retaliation. Paperboy managed to escape, though resents not going back to save his mother and sister, whom he believes were both beaten to death because of his actions.

He fled to the quickly-enlarging ghettos of Sky City, where he accidentally interfered with one of Blacklight's plans involving the blue Kirby and his partner. He joined later after knowing "top secret information" about their hideout and plans.


Blacklight series

Rust is a secondary protagonist of the Blacklight video game series. Not much of his role within the series is currently known.

Relationships with other characters

James Wylde

Troy Browns

Rachel Turner

Isabelle Goodway


  • As stated during the Fantendo 7th Anniversary Showcase, Paperboy was originally a Metroid. His appearance was also changed multiple times throughout production, before his final appearance was chosen.
    • Two of his original appearances, though slightly altered, were later used for his mother and father during a cutscene.
  • Despite him always keeping his newspaper with him at all times, his artwork does not depict it.
  • The pose used in his artwork is the same one used by Birdo in her Mario Party 9 artwork.
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