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Paper Zelda: The Chasm of Demons
Developer(s) Zodiac Productions
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) RPG
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Media Included Disc

This is a game by SuicuneRider14. It is for the Wii U. It can be played with either the Gamepad or the normal controller.

Playable Characters

For the partners' attacks, Italics means Super Rank while Bold means Ultra Rank.


He is the player character.

  • Weapons - Sword, Bow, Hammer, Grappling Hook, Bombs, Magnet Gloves, Power Rings, Iron Boots,
  • Special - Sweet Treat, Earthquake, Frost Fire, Fire Works, Ultra Charge, Power Trick, Starstorm, Sweet Feast, Spin Spun, Flash Blast
  • Items
  • Techniques - Change Partner, Charge, Shield, Appeal, Do Nothing, Run

Sonata the Fairy

She is a fairy that came to aid Link in his quest. She is rather cowardly, but nice. Joins in Prologue.


  • HP - 10 -> 15 -> 25
  • Defense - 0 -> 1 -> 2
  • Ability - Quick Fly: She can not be hit by any attack except Aerial Melee


  • Wing Flap
  • Tattle
  • Heal Pulse
  • Charge
  • Wing Slicer

Kappa the Deku

Kappa is a Deku Scrub peasant in the Deku Palace. He works as a slave to one of the rich families, until Link helps him escape. He is shy and clumsy, but rather confident at times. Joins in Chapter 1.


  • HP - 15 -> 25 -> 30
  • Defense - 1 -> 2 -> 3
  • Ability - Wooden: He takes little damage from Acid, Water, and Electric attacks, but more from Fire and Ice


  • Tackle
  • Bubble
  • Harden
  • Acidous Tongue
  • Acid Blast

Ray the Goron

Ray is a goron who strayed too far from the village when looking for food in the winter. He was nearly frozen until Link saved him. He is grateful for many good things, and is very likeable. Joins in Chapter 2.


  • HP - 20 -> 30 -> 40
  • Defense - 1 -> 2 -> 4
  • Ability - Spiked: When guarding it always damages the attacker when it hits


  • Punch
  • Pound
  • Spike
  • Rollout
  • Spike Pound

Ana the Anouki

Ana is an Anouki who lives at the mountain, and she often visits Goron Village. She joins Link to find a way to keep the ice all around her village from melting during a sudden heat wave. She is nice, but tick her off and you will- ahem, take it away Ganon.

Ganon: DIE!

Joins in Chapter 3.


  • HP - 10 -> 15 -> 25
  • Defense - 1 -> 2 -> 3
  • Ability - Furry: Ana takes little to no damage from Ice, but tough damage from Fire


  • Horn Attack
  • Spin Horn
  • Frost Gem
  • Fur Coat
  • Frozen Fury

Chon the Chuchu

Chon is a chuchu who lives a relaxed life. He was bored and wanted adventure, so he joined Link. He is very excitable at many things. Joins in Chapter 4.


  • HP - 10 -> 15 -> 20
  • Defense - 2 -> 4 -> 5
  • Ability - Blobular: Occasionaly, Chon cannot take any damage for a turn


  • Head Slap
  • Blob
  • Slam
  • Blob Throw
  • Digest

Lavender the Zora

Lavender is a zora singer, like Lulu was. The zora babies were caught in a riptide, so she goes to save them. However, she was also in another riptide, and after Link helps her, she goes in the water again. Link goes after her, and helps to get the zora children. After that, she joins. She is kind, but silent and mysterious. Joins in Chapter 5.


  • HP - 15 -> 25 -> 30
  • Defense - 0 -> 1 -> 2
  • Ability - Gils: Lavender is healed by Water, but takes heavy damage from Fire


  • Kick
  • Fin Slice
  • Electric Kick
  • Fin-Rang
  • Water Spout

Stefan the Stalfos

Joins in Chapter 6.


  • HP - 10 -> 15 -> 25
  • Defense - 0 -> 1 -> 2
  • Ability - Undead: After defeat, Stefan will eventually return with 3/5 of his max HP, and won't stay down until after getting down a third time


  • Smash
  • Bone Throw
  • Slice
  • Spin Attack
  • Revival

Wallace the Wizzrobe

Joins in Chapter 6.


  • HP - 10 -> 15 -> 20
  • Defense - 0 -> 1 -> 2
  • Ability - Barrier: Wallace cannot take damage from Magical attacks


  • Wand Smack
  • Ice Ball
  • Fire Ball
  • Thunder Ball
  • Storm

Dalyne the Dodongo

While Link goes to try and win the "Fanciest Gentleman" thing at a ball hosted by Zelda, he finds an egg. He takes the egg to his room in the castle dorm where he will reside for a few weeks, and a few minutes later, it hatches into a Dodongo, which Link names. When Link is about to go, he finds that the Dodongo has grown legs and harder scales, but she is not yet full grown. Thankful for Link helping her, she joins. Joins in Chapter 7.


  • HP - 15 -> 25 -> 35
  • Defense - 1 -> 2 -> 3
  • Ability - Scales: She cannot take damage from Fire or Ice attacks, but takes more damage from explosions or electricity.


  • Tail Spin
  • Chomp
  • Fire Breath
  • Smokescreen
  • Meteor Breath

Gerald the Garo

Joins in Chapter 8.


Action Commands

  • Sword - You must press A at the right time to do a jump attack. The max power for the Slim Sword is 2, for the Iron Sword it's 4, for the Big Goron Sword it's 7, and for the Master Sword it's 10.
    • Spin Attack (6 MP) - You must spin the control stick when it appears, and the spin attack will be more powerful. It's basically an attack that hits all enemies. You can use it if the Spin Badge is equiped.
    • Blaze Slash (3 MP) - Fire elemented. You can use it if the Fire Power Badge is equiped.
    • Cool Slash (3 MP) - Ice elemented. You can use it if the Ice Power Badge is equiped.
    • Lightning Slash (3 MP) - Thunder elemented. You can use it if the Thunder Power Badge is equiped.
  • Bombs - You must count to 10 seconds then press A. For the first 5, there is a timer, but then disappears after. If you wait too long, it explodes on you. If you wait to short, it will take another turn for it to explode. Normal bombs have 5 power, Super bombs have 7, and Omega bombs have 11. The maximum bombs you can have is 5, then 15, then the highest maximum is 25.
    • Fireworks (3 MP) - Fire Elemented. You can use it if the Fire Power Badge is equiped.
    • Freeze Flare (3 MP) - Ice elemented. You can use it if the Ice Power Badge is equiped.
    • Generator Malfunction (3 MP) - Thunder elemented. You can use it if the Thunder Power Badge is equiped.
    • Mega Bomb (7 MP) - Hits all enemies. Can be combined with an element. Can be used with the Blast Badge.
  • Grappling Hook - There are two cursors going at different speeds switching going up and down at a curve. When they are in the direction of an enemy, you press A to do the most damage to that enemy along with the ones in front of it, and have the best chance to steal that enemy's item if it has one. The max power for the Iron Hook is 3, for the Steel Hook is 5, and the Silver Hook is 7.
    • Flare Hook (3 MP) - Fire elemented. Fire Power Badge must be equiped.
    • Frost Hook (3 MP) - Ice elemented. You can use it if the Ice Power Badge is equiped.
    • Zap Hook (3 MP) - Thunder elemented. You can use it if the Thunder Power Badge is equiped.
  • Bow - You have to line up a cursor with another to hit an enemy. If neither is on an enemy, it misses entirely. If only one is, then it will hit a random enemy. If both are on an enemy, but different ones, it will hit one of the two enemies. If they are both on the same enemy, then it is guaranteed to hit that one and will have max power. For Iron Arrows the Max Power is 2. For Steel Arrows it's 4. For Silver Arrows it's 6. The quiver can hold 15 arrows at first, then 25, then 35.
    • Fire Arrow (3 MP) - An arrow with Fire element. You can use it if the Fire Power Badge is equiped.
    • Ice Arrow (3 MP) - An arrow with Ice element. You can use it if the Ice Power Badge is equiped.
    • Thunder Arrow (3 MP) - An arrow with the Thunder element. You can use it if you have the Thunder Power Badge is equiped.
    • Light Arrow (5 MP) - An arrow that has holy power. Usable after obtaining the Light Pendant.
  • Sweet Treat (1 SP) - Same as in Paper Mario 2.
  • Earthquake (2 SP) - Same as Earth Tremor in Paper Mario 2.
  • Frost Fire (2 SP) - Link will charge up a small flare. 5 buttons appear on screen with a number. After they go away, you must press the button in the order of the numbers, 1-5. Link will shoot an orb of icy fire at the opponent, with 8 max power on all of them.
  • Firework Show (3 SP)
  • Ultra Charge (2 SP)
  • Sweet Feast (3 SP) - Same as in Paper Mario 2.
  • Power Trick (3 SP) - Same as in Paper Mario 2.
  • Starstorm (4 SP) - Similar as in Paper Mario, but a large cursor must be lined up to hit as many enemies as possible, and has 9 Power instead of 7.
  • Spin Spun (4 SP)
  • Flash Blast (5 SP)
  • Wing Flap - You must press the A button as many times as you can. It will do 1 damage, but hits multiple times. The max at normal rank is 4, and goes up by one each rank up. When powered up, it works like Power Bounce in Paper Mario, doing one less damage each hit until it goes to 1 damage each time. The enemy's defense is reduced by 3, but it doesn't go lower than -1 defense.
  • Tattle - You must press the X button when the cursor lands on the desired enemy. If it is on it, Sonata will go over it and reveal it's stats. However, if you don't do it at the right time, she may confuse it for a similar enemy.
  • Heal Pulse (4 MP) -You must press 5 buttons as they appear on screen (A, B, X, or Y) to heal Link and all of his partners. At Normal Rank, it heals up to 5 HP, and Super it's up to 7, and at Ultra, it's up to 10.
  • Charge (3 MP) - Increases the effect of other attacks by 2, but it cannot be stacked. However, it does not go down ever until 1-5 turns have passed, where it goes back to normal. It is more effective if you continually press A during the command.
  • Wing Slicer (5 MP) - You must press a direction on the Control Stick as it appears on the screen. After 5 times, Sonata will fly through all the enemies having 1 power plus 1 for each direction.
  • Tackle - Kappa will go and tackle a ground enemy. You must press the A button as many times as you can. At Normal Rank, it does up to 3 damage, Super Rank it's 5, and for Ultra Rank it's 7.
  • Bubble (3 MP) - Kappa will shoot a bubble that can hit any enemy. You must press the A button as many times as you can. It can do up to 2 damage at Normal Rank, 3 damage at Super Rank, and 4 at Ultra Rank. It can also poison or burn enemies.
  • Harden (2 MP) - It increases Kappa's Defense by 2, but it cannot be stacked. However, it cannot go down until 1-5 turns have passed. The command is the same as Sonata's charge.
  • Acidous Tongue (4 MP) - Kappa will spit a small amount of acid, doing 1 damage. He will then suck the blood from that enemy, where you have to press A as many times as you can. It can do up to 3 damage, healing him by the same amount, at Super Rank, and it can be up to 5 at Ultra Rank.
  • Acid Blast (10 MP) - You must press 10 Buttons as they appear on screen (A, B, X, Y, R, R2, L, or L2). If done successfully, Kappa will spit a large amount of acid on all enemies, doing 7 damage to them bypassing defense.
  • Punch - A cursor continually goes up and down in front of the targeted enemy curving toward Ray as he is going toward the enemy. When Ray is about to punch the enemy, both control sticks must be pushed in the direction of the cursor. Normal Rank Max 3, Super Rank Max 5, Ultra Rank Max 7.
  • Pound (3 MP) - You must rotate the control stick, and then press A right when he is about to hit. If it fails, then Ray does not attack. The max at Normal Rank is 5, Super Rank 8, Ultra Rank 10.
  • Spike (1 MP) - You must press A as many times as you can when Ray gets his spikes on the enemy. It does up to: NR 3, SR 5, UR 7.
  • Rollout (6 MP) - You must hold both control sticks left for 3 seconds, indicated by 4 stars that light up, the last one lighting up when you have to let go. It does at Super Rank up to 5 damage to all enemies, and at Ultra Rank 7.
  • Spike Pound (8 MP) - Ray goes to do a Pound attack, but the X button must be pressed 3 times before landing to execute the spikes. It has 10 Power if the X button is not pressed, and 15 if it is.
  • Horn Attack - Ana will go and charge at a ground enemy. You must press A with perfect timing. NR: 2. SR: 4, UR: 6.
  • Spin Horn (2 MP) - Ana will spin dive, which will hit all ground enemies. You must spin the control stick when a star appears. NR: 2 SR: 4, UR: 6.
  • Frost Gem (3 MP) - Ana will summon an orb of frost in between her horns. It will then hit an enemy. You must press A as many times as you can. NR: 4 w/ 2 turn Freeze SR: 6 w/ 3 turn Freeze UR: 8 w/ 5 turn Freeze
  • Fur Coat (3 MP) - Ana will stick up her fur by pressing the A button, which Link will go in. It's the same as Water Block from Paper Mario.
  • Frozen Fury (7 MP) - Ana will use her Frost Gem attack, but will make it larger, with a harder action command. It's the same, but it hits all enemies.
  • Head Slap - Same as Smack from Paper Mario. It reduces enemy defense by 3, but it doesn't go lower than -1 defense.
  • Blob (1 MP) - Same as Veil from Paper Mario 2. Chon will take Link into his body and hide in a blob.
  • Slam (2 MP) - Same as Mario's standard Jump from Paper Mario. NR: 4, SR: 7, UR: 9
  • Blob Throw (4 MP) - Same as Gulp from Paper Mario 2. SR: 6 to first enemy, 4 to second UR: 7 to first, 5 to second
  • Digest (7 MP) - Chon will take the enemy and try to digest it. You must press the A button as fast as you can. If the bar is less than 3/4 full, then it cannot succeed. The chance of it succeeding is how much the bar is full after reaching the 3/4 mark. If successful, then the enemy will be instantly defeated (Except bosses, who will take 7 damage instead), and Chon will recover the remaining HP of that enemy.
  • Kick - Lavender will go up to the enemy. You must have the control stick (Either one) to the left. When she stops, you must let go. NR: 3, SR: 4, UR: 6.
  • Fin Slice (2 MP) -
  • Electric Kick (3 MP) -
  • Fin-Rang (9 MP) - Similar to a Spin Attack, but does not have the risk of getting hurt by spikes, electrical charge, etc.
  • Water Spout (10 MP) - Press A as many times as you can to fill up a gauge. It has 10 sections, each giving 2 power to the attack.
  • Smash -
  • Bone Throw (1 MP) -
  • Slice (2 MP) -
  • Spin Attack (4 MP) -
  • Revival (8 MP) -
  • Wand Smack - Same as the standard Hammer or Shell in Paper Mario and PM 2.
  • Ice Ball (3 MP) - There are 4 stars on the screen. Once the last one lights up, you must press the button it shows (A, B, X, or Y). If succsessful, Wallace will summon an orb of frost. NR: 4 SR: 6 UR: 9
  • Fire Ball (3 MP) - The same as Ice Ball, but Fire, and the buttons are instead L2, L, R2, or R. NR: 4, SR: 6, UR: 9.
  • Thunder Ball (3 MP) - Same as Fire Ball and Ice Ball, but it's Thunder, and has Up, Down, Left, or Right for the button. SR: 6 UR: 9
  • Storm (8 MP) - It's a combination of Ice Ball, Fire Ball, and Thunder Ball. The action command is the same but 3 buttons must be press at the same time (1: A, B, X, or Y, 2: L2, L, R2, or R 3: Up, Down, Left, or Right). It hits all enemies. However, if there's an enemy that wouldn't be affected by it or healed by it, that element goes to another enemy and an element that was going to that enemy instead goes to the enemy that is immune to the first one. It will switch until every enemy will be hit by something it's not immune to. UR: 9 to all enemies.
  • Tail Spin -
  • Chomp (1 MP) -
  • Fire Breath (3 MP) -
  • Smokescreen (4 MP) - Basically Cloud Nine from Paper Mario.
  • Meteor Breath (8 MP) -


Story Summary

Prologue: Finding of the Legend

Link's house suddenly is peeled off of the ground, and fell there due to a tornado. He was carried away and woke up in the Lost Woods. In there, he found the fairy Sonata, who guides him out of the forest. Right when he was about to leave, a Skull Kid bumped into him. He said that he needed to capture him, and attacked. After the battle, Link finds a cave, with the Legend of Demons. It said that a young hero, with the power of the Goddess Stars, is to save the world during a time of war, devestation, and destruction from a great demon. He found the Hylia Amulet, which he took, providing him with the power, Sweet Treat.

Chapter 1: The King of the Swamp

Item: Bombs Link found that one of the Goddess Stars was in the swampy marshland near the river. On the way to the river, he saw a mysterious girl in robes going in the Castle Town right before the gates went up for the night. As the river was the only way to the swamp, he would need a boat. He spent the night at Lon Lon Ranch, and found in the morning thieves. After defeating them, Malon helped him get a boat to the river. He traveled through the river and got to the Deku Palace.

After exploring, he found he needed a deku to get in the temple where the Goddess Star was. After searching, he found no one. When he was training, he was arrested because he was doing it in a sacred area. In the dungeons, he found Kappa, a deku scrub slave. Kappa decided to join Link because it was a chance to escape from the harsh conditions he lived in. After sneaking to the temple entrance, Kappa had to spit some acid into a pipe to open the gates. After procceeding to do so, they went into the Marsh Temple. Inside the temple, Link finds a Bomb Bag with Bombs. After exploring, they get to the boss's lair, to battle Marshomp, King of the Swamp Monsters.

After battling, Link obtains the Star of Bravery, one of the 3 Stars of Courage. After obtaining the star, Link got the power Earthquake. When he procceeded to go back, the dekus explained that the Swamp Monsters were terrorizing the palace, but if they got help they would be killed. They rewarded Link with a Map, Compass, and 4 badges of his choice (Choices are Power Plus, Mana Plus, Heart Plus, Power Plus P, Heart Plus P, Thunder Power, Ice Power, Fire Power, Thunder Power P, Ice Power P, Fire Power P, Berserk, and Berserk P).

Chapter 2: The Mountain Everwhite

Item: Grappling Hook When returning to the Lost Woods, Link finds that 2 more stars are on Mt. Infernofrost. The mountain has one side that's volcanic and hot, while the other is snowy and cold. When arriving, he found that suddenly a frost had occured here, likely due to the fact that an ice star is there. In the forest nearby, he found a near frozen goron. He rolled it through the forest to the Goron Village (Which takes longer than it sounds). Link got him to a clinic so he can recover. The temple where the star was had a key that was broken into many peices in order to unlock the gates. Link went back to the Infernofrost Forest to find the 5 parts. After recovering them, he found that the goron was better, and the goron, Ray, joined him.

Upon climbing the mountain, Link gets to the entrance to the volcanic side of the FireIce Temple. Inside the temple, he found a Grappling Hook. When nearing the end, he found the dragon Gleeok. After defeating him, Link gets the Star of Calmness, and gains the attack Frost Fire.

Chapter 3: Just Stay Chill

Item: Bow & Quiver, Iron Sword Link left the temple and started toward the other side of the mountain.

Chapter 4: Slime. Just Slime.

Item: Hammer, Big Goron Sword now availble

Chapter 5: Nothing Right Here

Item: Magnet Gloves

Chapter 6: Can Sunny come out to play?

Item: Power Ring

Chapter 7: A Royal Ball

Item: Iron Boots

Chapter 8: Journey of Hope

Item: Light Pendant

Chapter 9: In the Light of the Sun

Item: Master Sword

Chapter 10: The Final Showdown






  1. Star of Bravery
  2. Star of Calmness
  3. Star of Anger
  4. Star of Intellect
  5. Star of Naivety
  6. Star of Resting
  7. Star of Brightness
  8. Star of Hope
  9. Star of Love

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