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Yoshi's Story 2 is a game by It is for the DSj. It will be released December 25, 2010.


Many years ago, the Yoshis were turned into a book by the evil Baby Bowser. However, some Yoshis were born and survived this book turning-into. They were YoshiSashi, Libi, Ashi, Boshi, Wishi and Bishi. These Yoshis saved the day and returned home. Many years later, Baby Bowser attacked again, but he was now grown up. This is that story...

The 7 Yoshis were walking around the island and saw Bowser! His minion, Kamek, tossed a magic beam towards the island! The Yoshis ducked under a bush. They soon came out and saw they were paper!!! Bowser laughed evilly and flew away.

Yoshi affter being attacked by Bowser.

Beta Elements

This game was originally not going to be Paper Yoshi, and Sashi looked like Pink Yoshi from NSMBW. Also, Mario, Luigi, Blue Toad and Yellow Toad were going to appear. Also, the Happy Tree was going to be stolen again in this. And finally, Libi, Ashi, Boshi, Wishi and Bishi were originally not going to have names.

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