Paper Wiggler is a prequel/midquel to Paper Mario: Sticker Star, and it is likely to have a sequel.


Wiggler was a normal Wiggler that lived in the forest until the Shy Guy Troop poisoned all the leaves. He goes on an adventure to save the forest, but he falls asleep. Mario awakened him with a trumpet, and was separated by Kamek. After Mario defeated Gooper Blooper, he ate many leaves, but Wiggler fell asleep again and awoke on a mysterious island.


World 1: Prolouge

1: Shy Invasion 2: Bowser Jr's "Joy Land" 3: Snifit or Whiffit? 4: Hungry Wiggler 5: Shy Guy Lullaby Boss: The Poisonous Rebel, Mario

World 2: A New Friend

1: Mario and the Sticker Fairy 2: Searching for Segments 3: Poison Island 4: Shipwreck Sighting Boss: Gooper Blooper, The Real Poisonous Rebel

World 3: So Many Leaves

1: Leaf Jungle leveL sdrawkcaB ehT :2 3: Super Leaf 4: Wiggler Is Raccoon! 5: Too Soon To Be Raccoon 6: My Old Friend Spiny 7: Shell Shocked 8: Super Stumper Boss: Shy Spine

World 4: Wiggler's Dream

1: Puffy Cloud Universe 2: Candy Universe 3: Fly, Fly, Wiggler! 4: Outside of the Box Boss: Wiggler's Nightmare

World 5: The Island of Treestump

1: Familiar Masks 2: Cry Guy 3: Lie Guy 4: Pigsty Guy 5: Sly Guy 6: Why Guy? 7: High Fly Guy 8: Tie Dye Guy Boss: Venom Guy

World 6: Wiggler's Final Stand

1: Wiggler's Revenge 2: Bowser Jr and Prince Guy's "Toy Fort" 3: King Guy's Castle 4: When Kamek Came Back Boss: The Supermega Shy Guy Troop

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