Paper Wario is an upcoming fake game for the Wii and DS. (also DSi.) As a Coke Dimensions game, it cannot be edited without permission. Though it may not seem like it, the game is all in 2-D. The game will be released in late 2009 in Japan and USA, and Early-Mid 2010 in Europe and Australia. it will include a new character named Mr. W.


Wario and Waluigi are walking home from the bank, when Waluigi's stomach growls. Waluigi wants to go to Koopa King, but Wario wants to go to McGoomba's. They then split up.

  • STAGE 1-1: Paratroopa Road North (Fight off Paratroopas and reach McGoomba's!)

After reaching McGoomba's, Wario orders 6 Chicken McGoomba nuggets. They claim to be out and Wario reluctatantly heads to Koopa King.

  • STAGE 1-2: Paratroopa Road West (Fight off Paratroopas and locate Koopa King!)

Wario is at Koopa King, and he orders 5 chicken Koops. Waluigi is sitting at a table and Wario joins him. Suddenly, a black hole appears and sucks up their food, then them!

  • STAGE 1-3: Paratroopa Road East (Find Waluigi!)

Wario still cannot find Waluigi when a figure appears and identifies himself as Aaron the Dark Knight of Extreme Terror. He sends an army of Terrorites at you.

  • STAGE 1-4: Paratroopa Road South (Defeat 120 Terrorites!)

Wario gets to Aaron, but Aaron summons a robot to kep him busy.

BOSS! Charger Bot

The charger bot is defeated. Aaron flees, and is followed.

  • STAGE 2-1: Imperial Plains (Chase Aaron!)

Aaron is still fleeing, but Waluigi is still missing.

  • STAGE 2-2: Imperial Forest (Look for Waluigi while chasing Aaron!)

Waluigi is located, but is swiped by Aaron.

  • STAGE 2-3: Imperial Hills (Get Waluigi back!)

Aaron still has Waluigi. He calls you a persistant pest and sends Terrorites at you.

  • STAGE 2-4: Imperial Labyrinth (Find Aaron in the maze!)

Wario finds Aaron once again, but Waluigi is acting weird...

BOSS! Mr. Γ Waluigi becomes back to normal, Aaron has disappeared, and now Mario and Luigi come along. They offer a vacation. Waluigi says yes, and without Wario's opinion, the rejected brothers head to the Mushroom Kingdom. There, Mario and Luigi become kidnapped by Bowser. Waluigi is now an optional character/partner.

  • STAGE 3-1: Mushroom Boulevard (Get through!)

Bowser Jr. appears and torments the brothers about their ridiculous bad luck. He summons an army of Goombas, Koopas, and other members of the Bowser army.

  • STAGE 3-2: Toad Park (Save 30 Toads!)

All the Toads are saved, and Goombas defeated. Wario and Waluigi head on to Bowser's Castle.

  • STAGE 3-3: Castle Gate (Defeat the two Mini Bosses!)

The door is open, and the brothers head through.

  • STAGE 3-4: Bowser's Castle (Get to Bowser!)

Wario and Waluigi bust into the throne room. Bowser is there, and so are Mario and Luigi and a bunch of Toads. Bowser Jr. greets them. Then, he teams up with his dad for a boss fight.

BOSS! Bowser and Bowser Jr.

The Mario Bros. are safe, Bowser is beaten, and now BABY MARIO AND BABY LUIGI ARE STRAPPED TO THE TRACK IN BABY PARK RIGHT BEFORE A MARIO KART TOURNAMENT??????? Mario and Luigi are optional characters/partners.

  • STAGE 4-1: Road to Baby Park (Get to Baby Park!)

The four brothers are at Baby Park, and everything is fine. Until... Toadette comes in and races you?!?!?!

  • STAGE 4-2: Baby Park; Lap 1 (Defeat Toadette!)

Toadette comes to recognize the brothers and decides to have a little fun. She calls her Toad friends and you have a two lap race.

  • STAGE 4-3: Baby Park; Lap 2 (Finish in 1st Place!)

Lap two!

  • STAGE 4-4: Baby Park; Final Lap (Finish in 1st Place!)

Somehow, the Babies are not harmed by the cars, and they have been tied to the track the whole time. Then, Wario unties them. All seems well until Aaron returns and says that the Babies were setups.

BOSS! Aaron the Dark Knight of Extreme Terror

Aaron is taken down, but not once and for all. Not yet, anyway...he vanishes, and the group goes back to the Mushroom Kingdom. The two Babies and Toadette are now optional characters/partners.



More to come as the story is revealed


  • Paper Wario Theme - Title & Menu
  • McGoomba's - Paratroopa Road North
  • Koopa King - Paratroopa Road West
  • Black Holes - Paratroopa Road East
  • Aaron's Theme - Paratroopa Road South
  • Boss - Most Boss Fights
  • Imperial Lands - Stage 2-1 through Stage 2-3
  • Lost in the Labyrinth - Imperial Labyrinth
  • Super Mario Bros. Theme - Stage 3-1 and Stage 3-2
  • The Gate - Castle Gate
  • Super Mario Bros. Castle Theme - Bowser's Castle
  • Bowser Time! (Mario Party 7) - Bowser and Bowser Jr. Boss Fight
  • Name's Toadette - Baby Park; Lap 1
  • It's Baby Mario! - Baby Park; Lap 2
  • It's Baby Luigi! - Baby Park; Final Lap

More to come as the story is revealed


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