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Paper Timer is Timer's first game. Timer will have 7 partners.



Ludwig (unknown)

Bowser (boss Chapter 8)

Dashed Koopa (traveling saleman)

Zen Guy (badge seller)

Commander Koopa (boss Prologue)

Shroobster (attack teacher)

Toadtool (fortune teller)

NintendoZero (boss Chapters 1, 4 and 5)

Tatan (boss Chapter 2)

Luigi (boss Chapter 3)

Mick Cool (miniboss Chapter 6 doesn't recognize you)

Groudous Maximus (boss Chapter 6)

Giga Koopa (boss Chapter 7)


Adventure Mode: You play as Timer and must adventure through the new Paper Koopa Kingdom.

Party Mode: You can play as Timer and his partners and run around Paper Koopa Kingdom randomly and you can battle anyone you see. Unlocked after getting Piakoop in the prologue.

Party Mode Characters


Piakoop (prologue)

Cosmic (chapter 1)

Purple Koopa Bro. (chapter 2)

McBoo (chapter 3)

Lemmykoopa24 (chapter 4)

Esarbee (chapter 5)

Mick Cool (chapter 6)

Mick Cool




Mick Cool walks up and slaps the enemy. Price 0 FP.

Ice Ball Throw

Charges up and throws Ice Balls. Price 2 FP.

Super Slap

Charges and and slaps the enemy(ies) hard. Price 4 FP

Snow Ball Gathering

It's a long attack with 3 steps.

1.Uses snowballs to make a giant snowball.

2.Lifts up the snowball.

3.Throws it at the enemy(ies). Price 7 FP



Cosmic teleports to hard to reach area's and brings Timer with him


Warp Stomp

Cosmic teleports over the enemy and drops down on them. Price 0 FP

Tail Spin

Cosmic spins around the enemy, hitting them with his tail. Price 3 FP

Gene Seal

Cosmic warps enemies to Lemmykoopa24's Gene Prison. Price 5 FP

Tanooki Fury

Cosmic flies around the enemies and goes berserk with his tail attack. Price 7 FP


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