Paper Smash Bros. Fight!
Paper Smash Bros Fight! Logo
Developer(s) Paper Productions
Publisher(s) Paper Productions
Platform(s) Portable Player
Release Date(s)
May 3, 2012
Solo, Multiplayer, Vault, and Settings
Age Rating(s)
E for Everyone
Genre(s) Action
Media Included Cartridge
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The 2D characters are back, and ready to fight yet again!



This is a list of the new characters.

Picture Name Moveset Series
Baby Bowser Bowser Jr.
Baby Bros Baby Mario Bros.
Paper Birdo Birdo
Prince Fluff Prince Fluff
Paper Pikachu Pikachu
Paper Jigglypuff Jigglypuff
Plusle and Minun Plusle and Minun
Paper Pokemon Trainer Pokemon Trainer Pokemon Trainer 2 Girl Version
Victini Victini
Paper Amy Amy
Paper Blaze Blaze
Paper Metal Sonic Metal Sonic
McBoo McBoo
Purple Purple


This is a list of the returning characters.

Picture Name Moveset Series
Paper Mario (Fight) Mario
Paper Luigi Luigi
Paper Wario (Fight) Wario
Paper Waluigi (Fight) Waluigi
Paper Peach (Fight) Peach
Paper Daisy (Fight) Daisy
Paper Rosalina Rosalina
Toad Guard Toad
Paper Bowser Bowser
Dr Paper Mario (Fight) Dr. Mario
Paper Mallow Mallow
Paper Geno (Fight) Geno
Paper Yoshi Yoshi
Paper Donkey Kong Donkey Kong
Toon Link (Fight) Link
Toon Zelda (Fight) Zelda
Toon Ganondorf (Fight) Ganondorf
Paper Kirby Kirby
Paper Meta Knight Meta Knight
Paper King Dedede King Dedede
Bandanna Dee Waddle Dee
Paper Sonic (Fight) Sonic
Tails (Fight) Tails
Knuckles (Fight) Knuckles
Shadow (Fight) Shadow
Silver (Fight) Silver
Fancy Pants Man Fancy Pants Man
Cutie Pants Girl Cutie Pants Girl
Koop and Wingz Koop/Wingz
Super Bob-omb Super Bob-omb
Paper Sword Guy (Fight) Sword Guy
Mini Ninja Mini Ninja
Mini Samurai Mini Samurai
Paper Unten (Fight) Unten
Paper Tabooki TaBooki
Mii (Fight) Mii
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Paper Smash Bros Fight Roster

The roster of the game!