This console is made by Paper Productions.

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A Paper Player Remote can be wired or wireless. It has multiple colors. (White, Black, Red, Green, Blue, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and the rare Red and White.) The remotes buttons are the A buttone, B Button, X Button, Y Button, Z Button, Control Stick, D-Pad, Camera Stick, Start Button, L Button, R Button, L2 Button, R2 Button, and it has a little screen on it that you can take out a "stylus" and draw on it, and it coordinates with the TV screen. The remote is based off of some other remotes/controls.


It comes in all different colors, which are the same colors as the remotes. It has a power button, reset button, eject button, Memory Card Slot, and the plug ins for the controller.


The Paper Player uses Discs. You can save your data in either the Console itself or a memory card.



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