Paper Mimi Director's Cut (Also Known as Paper Mimi DC) is a game exclusive to the Xmimi.

New Weapons

  • Super Gonzo: Another Muppet Reference, you may remember Super Gonzo from Sesame Street. This weapon is basically the game's equivalent to a Super Sheep. In other words, it's a flying Attack of the Kermit.

New Missions

Nitro Campaign 1: First Punic War

  • Requirements: Get a bronze in Basic Training
Mission Descripion Requirements Settings
The War Begins

There recently has been conflict in Punica. Our army hopes that you help us win this war.

Start with this first battle, where you kill the enemy with only Bazookas and Grenades.

Be careful, though! The enemy has Bazookas, Grenades, and Kermits!

Are you ready for the first punic war?

Hint: The map floods, so hit your enemy with a grenade to a point where they can't get out of a pit. The flooding will drown the enemy.

None (except for the main requirements) Theme: London
Battle at Jonestown

Sorry about the renaming. There are twin towers in this mission, and we don't want to get in trouble with the cops

Anyways, the enemy is going to blow up the twin towers at Jonestown!

Beat "The War Begins" with at least a bronze
Operation Carthrage

Anonymous has hired you to exterminate the enemy. There was not much money left over from the last operation, so you will have to make do with just bazookas, grenades, and mines.

The enemy has Kermits, Guns, and Gonzos in addition to your three weapons, so beware!

Beat "The War Begins" with at least a silver
Beat "The War Begins" with a gold

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