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Paper Mario vs. Bowser is a goofy Paper Mario manga created at the same time as Pokemon - Quest for Lance (this led to a crossover in Volume 14). It is based off of the first two Paper Mario games and also has original stories (in it's final arc, Bonus).


  • Mario, the hero of the manga along with Luigi. Similar to the Super Mario-kun manga, Mario is very mischievous and goofy. Debuts in Volume 1.
  • Luigi, the other hero of the manga. Luigi is a lot more serious and often gets hurt due to Mario's "battle strategies". Debuts in Volume 1.
  • Yoshi, Mario and Luigi's friend. Yoshi likes to stay at home and visit them when they least expect it. Debuts in Volume 4.
  • Goombario, a young goomba who thinks Mario is really cool. He is Mario's friend and follows him around throughout his adventures.
  • Goombella, another young goomba friend of Mario. She follows him around after he meets her in Rougeport. Debuts in Volume 8.
  • Bowser, the villain of the first chapter and another hero of the second, going along his own path. He acts quite evil but on the inside he is quite a nice fellow. Debuts in volume 1.
  • Peach, the princess who was captured by Bowser in the first arc. Despite this, she had her own adventures as a hero around Bowser's castle. In the second game, she is again captured, this time by the Shadow Queen. Debuts in Volume 1.
  • Grodus, the villain of the second arc. He is unknown until well into the arc, where he reveals his X-Naut legions. Debuts in Volume 12.
  • Shadow Queen, the true villain of the second arc. She has taken Peach and possessed her. Like Grodus, remains rather unknown until her ultimate reveal. Debuts in Volume 13.
  • Cranky Kong, an old friend of Marios. He shows up to tell odd stories about the good old days. Debuts in Volume 16.
  • E. Gadd, an expert scientist who built a time machine which ended up screwing up time. Debuts in Volume 16.


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Bowser Arc

X-Naut Arc

Bonus Arc

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