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Paper Mario and the Helm of Chaos is the fifth installment in the Paper Mario series, and the first to be on two systems: Wii and 3DS. This game has many similarities to Paper Mario and the Thousand-Year Door, such as the

X-Nauts returning as antagonists, and the use of paper abilities. This game returns to partners, and has no use of pixls or Dimentio.

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One day, Peach is taking a stroll through her gardens when an excited toad runs up to her. The toad tells her that they found a treasure chest. When Peach and the toads open the chest, they find a strange map. They wonder what the map leads to until they talked to Toadsworth. Toadsworth tells them that the map leads to the 12 Diamond Spheres. He said that the Diamond Spheres were magic gemstones that held immense power, and if misused, disastrous events could occur. According to the legend, the Diamond Spheres created a helmet of immense power, known as the Helm of Chaos. The helm was so powerful, that it could destroy the universe. The helm made a body, and was destroying the universe. But then, a group of heroes used the Diamond Spheres as keys to trap the helm in a chamber known as the Darkness Dome. But as the helm was being locked up, the helm predicted that when space-dwellers started to search for the keys to the dome(the Diamond Spheres), the dome would start to weaken. Peach asked Toadsworth how he knows this, and he says a blonde goomba dropped off a super-computer named TEC, and TEC told him this(yes, it is TEC from the Thousand-Year Door). Peach has TEC send Mario a message. Once Mario arrived, Peach explained the map, and the story of the helm. But just then, TEC says that the X-Nauts(yes, the X-Nauts from the Thousand-Year Door) have arrived, and are searching for the Spheres. Peach orders Mario to collect the Diamond Spheres before the X-Nauts do, and destroy the Helm of Chaos. She then assigns a blue toad named Toady to accompany Mario on his quest.

Toady Joined your Party!!


Field ability: Tattle-He will give info on anyone or any place


Jump: Jumps on the enemy. Damage: 1/2

Tattle: Tells you all kinds of things about the enemy

Mushroom Masher: Runs at you and punches you. Damage: 2 FP:2

Super Shroom: Heals you by 2 HP FP:2

TEC then leads them to the Darkness Dome via a pipe, and they discover that the first Diamond Sphere is in Skyseed Garden. If watered, the skyseeds from Skyseed Garden will hop to immense heights. They then go back to the hub (Peach's Castle), and take a pipe to Skyseed Garden.

Chapter 1: A Skyseedy Adventure

The pipe brings you to Skyseed Plaza, a small village that plants skyseeds. The mayor of Skyseed Plaza tells you that weird things have been going on in Skyseed Garden. The mayor tells you that the seeds are burning, and gigantic footprints trail through the garden. A world-famous detective investigated the garden, but he mysteriously vanished. So the mayor tells you that he will let you into the garden if you can get through Koopa Sewers alive. In the sewers, Koopas are the main hazard, hence the sewer's name.

Koopa Troopa



Attacks: Launches itself at you with its shell (does 1 damage)

Koopa Paratroopa



Attacks: Dives at you (does 1 damage)

At the end of the sewers, you have to face the Kolossal Koopa, a bigger then usual Koopa.

Kolossal Koopa



Attacks: Launches itself at you in its shell (does 2 damage)

Throws multiple shells at you (1 damage each)

Once you beat it, you must take a pipe back up to the town. The mayor then grants you access to Skyseed Garden, and gives you a watering can. When you arrive at Skyseed Garden, there will be a cluster of seeds that are bunched up in one spot. If you use the watering can on the seeds, they will leap away, revealing a trapdoor. The trapdoor leads into Rock Rock Cavern.

Rock Rock Cavern Enemies:

Stone Shells (Koopaa with rock shells)

HP: 3

Def: 0

Attacks: Launches itself at you (2 damage)

Koopa Troopas



Attacks:Launches itself at you (1 damage)

In the cavern, there are many hazards, such as boulders and enemies. At the end of the cave, you find the chapter's boss, a dragon named Stonetail.




Attacks: Slashes at you with its claw (3 damage)

Breathes fire (2 damage)

Once you bring Stonetail's health to five, he says "You like playing dirty, eh. Well, I can play dirty to"

Stonetail then eats a large part of the audience, and gets regains 10 health.

He can now make rockslides as an attack (3 damage)

After you defeat Stonetail, he barfs up a Micro-goomba named Mike. It is revealed that he was the missing detective that disappeared at Skyseed Garden. Thankful to you for freeing him, he joins your party.

Mike Joined your Party!!

HP: 15/20/25

Field ability: He can make you shrink so that you can fit into small holes and cracks


Headbonk: Jumps onto you headfirst. Damage: 2

Tosser: Mario tosses him at the enemy. Damage: 2

Minimize: Makes you and Mario invisible for the next turn FP 1

Group Smash: Summons many other Micro-goombas to attack a selected enemy. Damage: 3 FP 3

With the help of Mike, you can fit into a small hole in the back of the room. Inside the room, resting on a pedestal, is the Diamond Sphere.

The Diamond Sphere gives you the ability Earth Rumble!!

Once you collect it, the chapter ends.

Once you get the first sphere, the scene moves to Bowser's Castle, where Bowser and Kammy are plotting how to kidnap Peach when a magikoopa informs Bowser that the "annoying alien guys" have returned, and are searching for the Diamond Spheres so that they can get the Helm of Chaos. Bowser thinks that with the helm, he can kidnap Peach and defeat the Mario bros. So he and Kammy set off on their journey.

The scene then shifts to a new X-naut base, where you see Grodus' head on a robotic body. A trembling X-naut walks up to him and says that Mario is attempting to thwart them again, and that he has already retrieved a sphere. Grodus gets angry and orders the X-naut to get back to work.

The scene then goes back to Mario and Mike at Skyseed Plaza. They say goodbye and wish him a good journey. You then go back to the Castle, and TEC brings you to the dome, where you find out that the next sphere is in Piranha Leaf Forest. Peach grants you access to a pipe that leads to the forest.

Chapter 2: The Piranha's Golden Leaf

When you arrive, you here a scream in the forest. When you locate the scream, you see a Koopa cornered by a troll with a Piranha plant head.

Piranha Troll



Attacks: Charges at you (2 damage)

When you beat it, the Koopa introduces himself as Kooperon. Kooperon explains that he was touring the forest when a troll showed up and attacked him. He thanks you for saving him, and joins your party.

Kooperon Joined your Party!!

HP: 15/20/25

Field ability: Can launch his shell out to reach switches and items out of reach


Shell Toss: Launches his shell at an enemy. Damage: 2

Shell Slammer: Launches his shell through all enemies. Damage: 3 FP 2

Shell Shield: Protects you from most attacks for two turns. FP 2

Shell Shocker: Launches his shell through all enemies and shocks them for three turns Damage: 3 FP 3

When you make your way through into a city known as Piranha Metropolis. It looks nice, but something is wrong. Trolls were patrolling the city, which was very quiet. An old Piranha Plant invites you into her house and tells you what happened. She says that their old leader, Petey Piranha, was imprisoned by Piranho. Piranho used to be Petey's assistant, but he was exiled from the city because he was tampering with the Golden Leaf, the city's source of power and happiness. a few weeks after Piranho was exiled, he stole the Golden Leaf. With the power of the leaf, he created the trolls and captured Petey. When you ask what the leaf looked like, she said it was a pure gold leaf with a round gemstone in the center. Realizing that the jewel is the Diamond Sphere, you ask where Piranho is. The elderly plant says no one knows where he, Petey, or the leaf are, except the trolls. She tells you that a troll outpost is to the west, in the Treetop Canyon. Hearing this, you head off to Treetop Canyon.

To get to Treetop Canyon, you must get though Piranha Parkway, a dangerous jungle path.

Piranha Parkway enemies:




Attacks: Charges at you (2 damage)

Piranha Plants:



Attacks: Bites you (2 damage)

You will eventually come across a pile of boulders in the way. You must use Mike to get crawl through a hole in the log. A while after that, you arrive at Treetop Canyon, but the door is locked. A troll sees you and fights you. When you beat him, he drops a set of boots. These are the Super Boots, which allows your jumps to do more damage, and they allow you to ground pound. You can use the Super Boots to ground-pound through a section of the roof. You then jump into the new hole...into a circle of trolls. The trolls take you and bring you to the Troll Prison. You must use Kooperon to grab the key through the bars, and then you can escape. You must then make it through the big and maze-like outpost into the Control Room, where you find out Piranho, the Golden Leaf, and Petey are at Golden Valley. After they read this on the computer, a troll blocks your path, presses a self-destruct button, and escapes. You must then make it out in 1 minute and thirty seconds, otherwise it's game over.

Once you make it out, the building explodes, and you head to Golden Valley. You must head down another part of Piranha Parkway.


Trolls and Piranha Plants

Eventually, you will come across a big tree it the way. You must use Mike to squeeze into the tree, where you will use Kooperon to reach a hatchet. You then head outside, where you must use the hatchet to cut down the tree. Once you get past the tree, you arrive in Golden Valley. Once you make your way down to the bottom of the valley, you see Petey, chained against the side of the valley. Piranho, a purple version of Petey, is standing next to his cage, the Golden leaf in his hand. He yells "How dare you oppose the mighty Piranho. I will annihilate you!!"




Attacks: Summons a lightning bolt with the leaf (3 damage), may paralyze for 1-3 turns

Jumps on you (3 damage)

Breathes toxic breath on you (3 damage), poisons for 4 turns

Once he reaches 10 HP, he starts summoning fireballs with the leaf. (4 damage, burns for 3-5 turns)

After you defeat Piranho, Petey's chains snap, and he grabs the Golden Leaf. Petey then pops the sphere out of the leaf, and gives it to you as thanks.

The Diamond Sphere gives you the ability Extreme Effect!!

The scene shifts to Skyseed Plaza, where Bowser and Kammy are searching for Mario and the Diamond Sphere. Bowser then orders the mayor to tell him everything he knows about Mario and the spheres.The mayor said that a man clad in red and blue had retrieved the Diamond Sphere from Stonetail. Outraged, Bowser takes his anger out on Kammy, and breathes fire on her. They then head off to search elsewhere for the sphere.

The setting settles in the X-naut's new base, where you see Grodus ordering Lord Crump to continue searching around Acid Swamp, as it is only a matter of time before Mario finds out about it.

The setting changes to you and your partners at Piranha Metropolis. You must then make your way back to Peach's Castle, and once again head to the Darkness Dome. TEC tells you that the next Diamond Sphere is at Acid Swamp. You then enter a new pipe that leads to Acid Swamp.

Chapter 3: Gator Invaders

You exit the pipe in Swamp City, a city on the border of Acid Swamp. A magikoopa named Magikarly welcomes you to Swamp City. When you ask her about the Diamond Sphere, she says she doesn't know about them, as she just moved here, but the governor might. When you talk to the governor, she says that the Wigglegator may have it. The Wigglegator is a beast that lives in Acid Swamp. Occasionally, it charges into the city, eats some civilians and runs off. He also says it loves valuables, so if the sphere were here, it would probably have it. You are about to head into the swamp when Magikarly asks if she can help you. If you say no, she keeps asking if she can join until you say yes. When you say yes, she joins your party.

Magikarly Joined your Party!!

HP: 15/20/25

Field ability: Can fly you short distances over holes, gaps, and drops


Spell Blast: Shoots a magical ray of light at an enemy. Damage: 3

Power Increase: Makes your attacks do one extra damage point

Broom Summon: Will jump on her broom for 2 turns. Ground attacks will not hit you. FP:2

Energy Ray: Shoots a magic beam at you. Damage: 4 FP 3

You must then enter the swamp.





Attacks: Attempts to trample you. Damage: 3

Swampires (green swoopers):



Attacks: Drains two HP out of you and into it

Acid Piranhas:



Attacks: Blows poisonous breath at you. Damage: 3 May poison for 2 turns

You will then come across a river with a gate blocking a waterfall. You must then use Magikarly to fly over the river. After that, you will then make your way through a field of reeds.


Wigglers(see above)

Acid Piranhas (see above)

Swampires (see above)

Then, you will fly over many platforms carefully with Magikarly. You will then see a switch that is out of reach, so you must use Kooperon to hit the switch. The gate on the river will then open. You will be very close to the river when you will see a small raft. You must push the raft into the water. The raft will then carry you down the waterfall to an island with many blocks that you cannot break, and a chest. When you open the chest, you will receive the Super Hammer. With your new hammer, you gotta break the blocks and make it to a hill. You will see an empty riverbed. Hit a nearby sewage pipe, and it will fill the river with water, and it will reveal a hole in the hills. The river is shallow, so you can walk in it. You must walk into the new hole, where you will see a health block and a save block. Continue down the path, and you will find the Wigglegator.





Will run you over. Damage: 4

Bites you. Damage: 4

Shoots toxic seeds out of its flower. Poisons you for 3 turns

Once you defeat him, you can get the Diamond Sphere in the back of the room. The Diamonds Sphere gives you the ability Storm Surge!!

You then head back to Swamp City via a pipe in the Wigglegator's treasure room. When you return, you see something terrible. Lord Crump has taken over the city. When he sees you and your partner, he yells out, and a robotic suit emerges from the ground. He calls it Magnus Von Gladiator. He then rushes at you for an attack.

Magnus Von Gladiator:

HP: 30



Runs forward and punches you. Damage: 3

Flies upward and at you. Damage: 3

Once you beat him, he yells "Crud, you dumb video game heroes always win!!", and he runs away.

The scene changes to Piranha Metropolis, where Bowser and Kammy are looking for the Sphere. Petey mistakes Bowser for a troll, and he orders everyone to attack him and Kammy. The last thing you see are Piranha Plants surrounding Bowser and Kammy.

The scene changes once again to the X-Naut Base, where you see Grodus interrogating an X-Naut. He is furious that Crump had failed to defeat Mario, but he calms down when the X-Naut tells him that the Dome is weakening, and the Helm's prediction was referring to them, as they expected.

The scene changes back to Swamp City, where the citizens bid them farewell. They then head back to Peach's Castle, and from there, they head to the Darkness Dome. There, they find out that the next sphere is in the Tangle Towers.

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Partners and their Abilities:

Toady: The classic tattle ability

Mike: Allows you to shrink down and go into small holes and cracks

Kooperon: The classic ability that Koops and Kooper had

Magikarly: Allows you to fly over small gaps and holes

Diamond Sphere Abilities

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