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Paper Mario World
Developer(s) Spike1234
Platform(s) 3DS, Wii U
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
E (Everyone)
Genre(s) RPG

Thanks. Spike1234 (talk) 02:26, January 17, 2013 (UTC)



Platform: 3DS, Wii U

Style: RPG

Rating: E

Players: 1

Online: No


Once again, Luigi informs Mario of a letter from the princess. She's having a party! That can't end well. When the Mario bros. arrive, the party is deserted. They find a scared toad in one of the rooms who tells them that Bowser crashed the party and has taken the princess! Just then, Bowser bashes through the cealing in his clown car and hea has Peach (Surprised?). He then attempts to get rid of Mario once and for all. He is easily defeated, but then all of a sudden Kamek, the loyal magikoopa gives him super strength. He defeats Mario and knocks him out of the castle into a strange grassland. Mario, once again, must save the princess. But first, he has to find his way back!

Characters (Known)

Good Guys


          Our world-famous plumber is back in action! Once again, he must save Princess Peach from the clutches of the evil koopa king, Bowser. Will Mario be able to win this time?

PaperMario PMW


Mario's Moves: OVERWORLD: Walk- Control Stick, Jump- A button, Hammer- B button

BATTLE MOVES: Jump, Hammer, Badges, Items (touch screen/pad)



          Once again, Princess Peach is in distress! But that doesn't mean she's just going to sit back as Mario does all the work. Peach sneaks around Bowser's fortress to find out waknesses for foes Mario is soon to face. What a brave Princess!

PaperPeach PMW

Princess Peach

Peach's Moves: OVERWORLD: Walk- Control Stick


              The princess's loyal servant, Toad, is ready to help! He is willing to sell Mario items at his world famous Mushroom Kingdom Items Shop. There are many diffirent colored Toads, but this one is THE toad. . . . I think. . . .

PaperToad PMW

THE Toad... or maybe not


             The popular female toad, Toadette, is  here to help Mario once again. Toadette will explain any new moves or partners Mario comes across. She also runs the badge shop in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Paper toadette PMW




           Bowser kidnapped the princess . . . . again! Well, that's no surprise. This time, he's all sooped up with Kamek's magic. He's sure to win this time . . . or maybe not.

PaperBowser PMW



                It wouldn't be a Mario game without these classic underdogs. Watch out for their nasty headbonk. Other than that, they're pretty weak. There are many types of classes for gombas. There are regular, hyper, gloomy, para, and spiked goombas. Watch out, each one has its own special feature that will make them harder to defeat.

Papergoomba PMW

A Regular Goomba



The basic gameplay will have an overworld and battle system. The overworld has RPG style puzzles and some action elements to it. The battles are turn based, just like in TTYD and PM. Partners are also available. The battles are on stages like in TTYD, and there are crown interactions to build up star power. FP can quickly be gained by using items, or you can get one for every action command you pull off. So, for example, using a power bounce that costs 3 FP (just and example) can bring get you 12 FP max (with all commands) then you have earned 9 FP. This lets you always have the possibility of gaining FP back so you can use badges.

More information will be released.

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