Paper Mario World is the 6th game in the Paper Mario series made for the NX by Nintendo.


Peach has been kidnapped and Mario is making his journey to Dark Land to rescue her from bowser,business as usual,right? Well you'd be wrong,when Mario gets there he finds out that not only has Bowser not kidnapped Peach,but he's nowhere to be seen either! A magikoopa explains that Bowser has been kidnapped,presumably by Princess Peach in vengance. Because of this a mysterious Koopaling has proclaimed himself acting king and is proclaiming war on the Mushroom Kingdom,meanwhile a similar occurance is happening in Peach's Castle. With no leads and war on the rise Mario must act quickly to find Peach and Bowser and figure out whats going on!


PMW's gameplay is similar to normal gameplay but features some unique elements. 


The biggest change is in battles,they are now done on the overworld in real time. Mario has 3 Power Move Slots in which he can put in moves he unlocks during his adventure to to bind them to the X,Y,or A button. Each enemy defeated gives Mario a small bit of XP.

Boss Battles

Boss battles are done within smaller areas than the normal levels. Bosses are obviously stronger than average enemies but they also have 3 power move slots like mario(barring the final boss,who has 5). They will always drop one of the moves upon being defeated.

Mega Moves

these moves are much stronger than normal attacks and can only be done after filling the Mega Meter,while mostly done in combat they can also be used outside of combat to unlock secret areas and whatnot.





The papery protagonist, famous plumber and hero across the Mushroom Kingdom. Per usual, he sets off to rescue the fair Princess Peach from being kidnapped, but things are certainly a little different this time, as his rival Bowser has also been kidnapped. Mario's quest is certainly a change from the norm, but this classic hero never backs down from adventure.


Sir Guy



Dakka Koopa

A mysterious and brutish Koopa Troopa who appeared after Bowser's dissapearance, he appointed himself acting king to a whole lot of objections. After proving himself by pummeling the life out of his opposition he now rules the Koopa Kingdom.

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