Paper Mario Wii U (Working Title) is the Wii U release and the 5th installment in the Paper Mario Series. It revolves around Mario going around the Mushroom Kingdom to collect seven mystical items dubbed "Pins."


The game begins with a short cutscene that takes place on the never before-seen Sticker Star, where many Kirsti-Like figures happily roam the grounds. However, soon after the cutscene's start, a purple object emerges from the ground and absorbs many of the citizens, then zooming off into the sky. The cutscene ends with a shot of the purple object, which looks strangely like the Sticker Comet, approaching the Mushroom Kingdom's Planet.

Prologue: Ruined Fest Returns

After starting a profile, the game places you in Decalburg, straight after the events of Sticker Star. Mario, Kirsti, Princess Peach, and Bowser are all there, surprisingly getting along okay. After figuring out the controls of the main game, Mario and the others say goodbye to Kirsti, as she has to leave for the Sticker Star. She hops into the Sticker Comet and lifts off to the sky.

However, havoc would pursue and ruin everyone's day. When the Sticker Comet reaches the clouds, a purple object crashes into it, causing it to fly towards the ground. After the Sticker Comet explodes onto the ground, the purple object floats to the stage that Mario, Peach, and Bowser stand on. It flashes and a purple Kirsti-Shaped figure appears, and it soon introduces itself as Lord Croun.

Lord Croun explains that the Sticker Fest could continue if anyone told him where seven items named "Pins" were. Of course, no one really knew where or what they were, so he threatened to destroy Decalburg. Mario, being the hero, tries to save the day, but the battle is an impossible one, so he loses. After Mario is defeated, Lord Croun blasts him off into unexplored land and that's where everything starts.

Chapter 1: The Power of the Pins

Mario wakes up in an unknown part of Warm Fuzzy Plains. A short cutscene starts when he pulls a Blue Toad out of a crack in the ground. The Toad says that Lord Croun blasted everyone out of Decalburg and scattered them across the land.

Since the place where Mario was blasted to was not far from Decalburg, he quickly arrived there and saved the Toads held there and the Princess and Bowser, who was stuck under the stage. However, Bowser figured that he could play his role any time he wanted, so he tried to kidnap her. Mario defeats Bowser easily, and after that, he drops a shiny object and runs away.

The remaining Toads, Peach, and Mario all try to discuss what the object Bowser dropped was, and quickly decide it was one of the "Pins" Lord Croun was talking about. Of course, they still didn't know what it was

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