Paper Mario Universe focuses on new, innovative gameplay. The new battle system adds a whole "new dimension" to gamplay.

"Bringing 2-D to a whole new level"


Battle System

This battle system is unique compared to any other game, yet it also builds on the first three Mario RPG's. What makes its stand out is the two-dimensional battle space that give players a whole new abundace of tactics and strategies to use during battles. The new 2D battle space will also make for epic boss battles that will be intricate yet decipherable for players. Instead of only individual enemies making battles difficult, composition of enemies and how they're laid out will also greatly influence how difficult the game is for players.

Battle Space

Instead of continuing with the traditional lane of 5 enemies, the battle space will now include two adjacent lanes. This will make the battle space a 3x5 grid with a total of 15 squares. Enemies can populate any part of the grid and so can Mario or his partners to make a move (a certain move or item has to be used to get them there). Any enemies in the front will block ground-based attacks, just like the previous games, but taller enemies or enemy spells will now also block air-based attacks.

Enemies can also take up more than one square. This means wider enemies, like Thwomps, will be able to block for multiple lanes.

The space for Mario and his partner(s) will be the same as the previous games, except there will be room for one more partner. The character in the front will block ground-based attacks and will also go first (unless changed by badges or status ailments).

Attack Types

  • Ground-Based (Basic Hammer attacks, Shell shot, Fire drive etc.)
  • Air-Based (Jump, Air dive, etc.)
  • Subterranean (Quake hammer)
  • Teleport (Boo's attacks, Vivian's Shade Fist, etc.)
  • Omni-Based (Special Attacks)

Attack AoE Types

There's 8 different types of attack AoE types. 'AoE' means "Area of Effect", which designates how a certain attack will affect the battle space. The AoE type will be combine with an attack type to determine how it interacts with the enemies with battle space. To exemplify: A Ground-Based, Single square would be something like a traditional hammer attack. As aformentioned, attacks can be made from within the grid (the character doesn't stay there). Certain AoE types can also be cast either direction.

  • Single square
  • Multi-square (Individual)
  • Shape (1x2, 2x2, 2x3, etc.)(Can be flipped either way if its not a square)
  • Line (Straight or from the side)
  • Double line (Straight or from the side)
  • Triple line (Straight or from the side)
  • All squares around
  • Entire grid

Attack Categories

Action Commands
















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