Paper Mario Adventure is a game a part of the Super Mario Saga Series. It is made by XWare. It is a 3D/2D video game for the Nintendo DSe, it features 4 main characters:


You play as Mario who is trying to rescue the princess from King Bowser. There are a lot of secrets, traps, and battles. Most levels are in 2D but there are parts where it switches to 3D, but you can't control the dimentional.


Peach's Castle - Collect all Yoshi Eggs and retreve Hammer

Peach's Castle - Collect 100 coins

Peach's Castle - Grab the Metal Mushroom

Peach's Castle - Find the Gold Bar

Dry Desert - Collect Koopa Eggs

Dry Desert - Grab the Gold Bars (BETA VERSION)

Dry Desert - Collect 8 Red Coins

Mushroom Forest - Kill the Boos

Mushroom Forest - Collect 10 Golden Mushrooms

Mushroom Forest - Fight Kinopio



(BETA SECRET) Once you get all the Yoshi Eggs at Peaches Castle go inside the castle and throw yourself to the bright circle in the floor and you'll end-up underground!


Press B to jump

Press Up,Down,Left,Right to Move

Press A to use hammer

Run and then jump and hit B in the air to throw yourself

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