I need more power! Quickly, while they're not looking!
Dazzle, Paper Mario Packsized

Paper Mario Packsized
Paper Logo
Game Logo
Developer(s) Kitty Curse
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
Single Player

3 Player

Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Rpg
Series Paper Mario
Predecessor Paper Mario Sticker Star
Media Included 3DS Gamecard
Paper Mario Packsized is the fifth installment in the Paper Mario series and the sequel to Paper Mario: Sticker Star. It features moving and playing with the screen in all different ways. It also brings back the sidescrolling from Super Paper Mario, but it does have battles. There will be old and new characters as well.


  • Western Eastside (main hub)
  • Grapple Gardens Chapter 1
  • Illusion Forest Chapter 2
  • Colassal Cactus Chapter 3
  • Boney Bogs Chapter 4
  • Grumble Volcano Chapter 5
  • Sinking Temple Chapter 6
  • Flawless City Chapter 7
  • Peach's Sky Castle Chapter 7
  • Plasma Dimension Chapter Finale


Each playable character can be out by themselves at a time. This element is from Super Paper Mario where you could play as Mario, Peach, Bowser, or Luigi.

Picture Name Description
Paper Mario Sprite



The hero of the Mushroom Kingdom who saves Princess Peach from danger. This time he will be saving an unknown princess from a shady person known as Dazzle.
Paper Yoshi



Yoshi aids Mario in Western Continent since he knows all about it including places, enemies, and things. He serves as the tattle and dash.
Paper Princess Peach

Princess Peach


Princess Peach is the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom. When she hears of Western Continent she is very shocked. She serves as she did in Super Paper Mario with her umbrella gliding technique.
Paper Bowser 1
Bowser Bowser, the king of koopas, tries to get rid of Dazzle as much as he can. He does not pay much attention to what Mario does on his adventure, but he does have his own segments.
Princess Eclair Princess Eclair, "the truthful leader of two countries" is kidnapped by Dazzle. Mario and friends try to save her while Bowser tries to find her a different way. She also has her own segments.
Dazzle Dazzle is a thief and a star piece collecter. He uses them to form the Ultra Star Diamond which he uses to take the world underground. He is the main villain.
Vivian 2



One of the Shadow Sirens who came with her sisters to Western Continent from Northeast Rogueport. She aids Mario the same way she did in The Thousand Year Door by hiding in the shadows below.



One of the Shadow Sirens and Vivian's older sister. She helps Mario on his adventure using an excuse as "I'm only making sure Vivian doesn't mess up." She has many spells to use such as blowing things up or burning things.
Pixl Queen

Ms. Pixl

She is a pixl who got lost in time and got stranded at Western Continent. She always flies next to the person who is being played, and she seems to have secrets... You can use her abilities to manipulate the screen.
Toadsworth Paper
Toadsworth He accompanies the princesses to Western Continent when they became friends. He stays with the hermit in the well.
Podler He used to work at a bar in Glitzville, but now he is the hermit in the well in Western Continent. He aids Mario & Co. by taking the same roles as Proffesor Frankly and Merlon in the last games.