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Paper Mario Land
Developer(s) Intelligent Systems
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) WiiU, Nintendo Reverse
Release Date(s)

2-Player 3-Player 4-Player

Age Rating(s)

Paper Mario Land is a game made by Intelligent Systems, Using the gameplay style of Super Paper Mario.


A few months ago, Mario and Luigi defeated Bowser . They thought it was over and could rest easy, but they actually drove Bowser to insanity. Bowser and the whole Koopa Troop led an attack on The Mushroom Kingdom and held Princess Peach and her castle subjects in Bowser's Fortress and turned the remainder into stone. So it's up to Mario to obtain the 7 Mushroom Crowns and save the Kingdom!



The heroic plumber returns to save the world!


Tired of being player 2, Luigi wants to prove himself by helping Mario obtain the Crowns.

More coming soon...


Mario's House

Toad Town

Peach's Castle

Bowser's Castle

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