This Article is Under Construction! Paper Mario Galaxy: Legend of the Paper Hearts is a video game only playable on the Nintendo 3DS. It was created by Dude Co.



Hilly Hills Galaxy

Hilly Hills Galaxy is a galaxy like most first world levels from the Mario Bros. games.

Levels: Mt. Shroom, Green Fortress, Haunted Hills, Air'Shroom Skyway, Bowser's Airship

Mini-Bosses: Goomboss(Air'Shroom Skyway)

Bosses:Bowser Jr.(Bowser's Airship)

Enemies:Boos, Goombas, Shroobs, Koopa Troopas, Paratroopas, Paragoombas, Mecha-Koopas

Time Twist Galaxy

Time Twist Galaxy is supposed to look like an 8-bit Mario game. The enemies are retro to.

Levels:Pipe Maze, 8-Bit Fortress, 8-Bit Airship, Bowser's Castle

Mini-Bosses: Boom-Boom

Bosses: 8-Bit Bowser

Enemies: 8-Bit Goombas, 8-Bit Koopa Troopas, Bullet Bills, Banzai Bills, Hammer Bros.

Hungry Hungry Galaxy

Hungry Hungry Galaxy is made out of junk food. The enemies are mostly Shy Guys and Bob-Ombs.

Brain Drain Galaxy

Eerie Moon Galaxy

Goopy Gunk Galaxy

Big Brawl Galaxy

Silver Sea Galaxy

Paper World







Image Name Description
Mario Mario is ready to smash and bash Bowser! He has to save Rosalina and gather the Paper Hearts!
Image Name Description
SSBN Paper Bowser Paper Bowser The main boss of the game. He kidnaps Rosalina during the Star Festival. You will battle him in Paper World.
Fatguy Hungry Guy Hungry Guy will eat anything when he's hungry. Which is all the time. You will battle him in the Hungry Hungry Galaxy
BowserjrPMSS Bowser Jr. Is Bowser's nephew who can't stand Mario. You will battle him in the Hilly Hills Galaxy, Brain Drain Galaxy and Paper World.
8bitbowser 8-Bit Bowser Bowser's gone retro! You will battle 8-bit Bowser in Time Twist Galaxy. It'll be a blast from the past!
Paperkingboo Eerie Boo Eerie Boo is the leader of all of the boos in Eerie Moon Galaxy. You will also battle him there. Are you afraid of ghosts?
Dark Spike Shroob ToxiShroob This guy is toxic! He's the one who poisons the swamp in Gooey Gunk Galaxy. Defeat him andthe waters will return to normal!
Rawk Hawk He's back! Rawk Hawk is ready to duel Mario again, this time in the Big Brawl Galaxy!
Paper Shadow Mario Shadow Mario/Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr. makes Shadow Mario to do his dirty business! He will be draining the intelligence of the citizens of Brain Drain Galaxy!
x200px Gooper Blooper This Blooper is huge! Battle him in Silver Sea Galaxy. He's guarding the final piece of the Paper
Giga Cherry Bob-Omb A mini-boss in the Hungy Hungry Galaxy. When he explodes, candy will fly out of it.
Bouldergeist This eerie ghost is resurrected. He is a mini-boss in the Eerie Moon Galaxy.
Goomboss This guy is the king of the Air'Shroom Skyway in the Hilly Hills Galaxy. He is a mini-boss.
Boom-Boom 8-bit Boom-Boom is ready for battle in the 8-bit Airship. He is a mini-boss in the Time Twist Galaxy.