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This is a listing of tropes found in Pyrostar's (tbc) Paper Mario Eternity Trilogy, which consists of Paper Mario 5: The Rise of Shadow, Paper Mario 6: Wishing War, Paper Mario 7: The Eternity Kingdom, Paper Mario: Legend of the Sun Flower, and Paper Mario 3D.



  • Bigger Bad: The Pixl Queen is considered the Bigger Bad behind the whole trilogy, even being mentioned in the two side games.
  • Ceberus Syndrome: 6 and 7 are said to be infinitely darker than 5 was.
  • Doing It For The Art: Supposedly, the origin of the entire project was due to Pyrostar's dissatisfaction with Sticker Star. Especially the lack of partners.
  • Downloadable Content: Game 6 and 7 began as this before becoming standalone releases.

The Rise of Shadow

  • Big Bad: Lord Cloak prior to Toadea's Heel Face Turn..
  • Demonic Possession: A lot of bosses, primarily Arachtail, King Wu, Aurum Grodus, the doll that Manevolus inhabits, and arguably Toadea. Other bosses have shades of this crossed with Brainwashed and Crazy or Blood Knight.
  • Heel Face Turn: Toadea takes one pregame when she is corrupted by the remnants of the Pixl Queen.
  • Leitmotif:
    • Toadea has a rather upbeat tune that is remixed into her boss fight themes.
    • The Cozmo Shards themselves have a leitmotif played upon collection. A remix of said theme is played whenever a special attack is being used.
  • Loads and Loads And LOADS of Characters: There are an absolutely massive amount of partners in the first game. See Ragtag Group of Heroes entry for more details.
  • Ragtag Group of Heroes: Let's see, we have a psychic Toad who turns out to be the final boss, an adopted angel with incredible vocal chords, a bounty hunter rocket, a Japanese bomb who invented a method of exploding that didn't need Bob-ombs, a master ninja, a amateur armless boxer and his dog, a baby squid, a possibly-insane scientist, a living star who just happens to be a janitor, an alien invader who is too scared to do his job, an Mexican turtle mechanic, Super Paper Mario's final boss, an undead nerd, a priest made entirely out of ink, a not-insane-but-likely-evil scientist, an emo storm cloud, a jock made entirely out of granite, the reincarnation of an ancient being, a definitely-insane Shaman, a time-controlling robot, the princess of a mermaid kingdom, a Tanooki Toad who the group was saddled with, Bowser, a teenage ghost with possible kleptomania problems, a magic art student, a robotic Soul Jar containing a several-thousand year-old girl, a possibly-cannibalistic marshmallow, a reformed thief who owns a casino, a skilled chef, Antasma from Mario and Luigi: Dream Team, and THE MAIN VILLAIN!
  • Secret Boss: Antasma.

Wishing Wars

The Eternity Kingdom

Legend of the Sun Flower

  • Spiritual Sequel: It has virtually nothing to do with the plot of PM5 at all, but the development team is the same and the Eternity Kingdom is fleshed out more.


  • Spiritual Sequel: Falls into this for the same reasons as Legend of the Sun Flower but the Pixl Queen is explained in more detail instead.
  • 2.5D: While the overworld remains similar to the series standard, battles gain a planar aspect similar to Kirby: Triple Deluxe.
    • Not only can Mario and his partners move back and forth between these 3 planes, but by using the Copy command, they can create a 3D stack of characters that exists in all planes at once.

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