Paper Mario : The Good and Evil
One of the series of the Paper Mario Sereis. The plot is to save everybody from the evil curse six powerful people call themselves 'The Dark Crystals' making everybody go good into bad. Mario, Peach, Luigi and Bowser is the only ones who can save the world, with partners and assistance.


Prologue: A New Beginning

 A sunny day that shines and spirits outside, but it was just a normal day and Mario and Luigi were both bored, soon they end up inviting Peach and guess who... Bowser! Yes, Bowser, he also pretty much had nothing to do as well for the rest. Peach brought in a delicious Strawberry cake she made from her castle. Both Luigi and Bowser were tempted but Mario was just not that eager to eat. What Mario was thinking was the adventures, help and wacky stuff he has done in the past, but he'll never forget the times of exploring with partners from the past and help from enemies too.
Out of now where a big gigantic rumble passes its way to Mushroom Kingdom as an earthquake and oddly dark clouds and lightning. For along time, a good friend of Mario called from his Game Phone, it was Goombella. She says " Mario! The entire world is put into jeopardy and destruction, and mysteriously enough some good people turns out ruining and being mean and rude to the place."

This soon became a new Mario, Peach, Luigi and Bowser Paper adventure.

More Coming Soon!

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