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This is a list of status effects in Paper Mario 5: The Rise of Shadow.

Helpful Effects

  • Huge- makes Mario/partner bigger and raises POW by 3. Marked by a large face icon.
  • Dodgy- makes Mario/partner able to have a 50% chance of dodging attacks. Marked by a Repel Cape icon.
  • Transparent- gives Mario/partner a 100% cahnce to avoid attacks. Marked by a transparent face icon.
  • DEF-Up- raises DEF by 3. Marked by a crystal and arrow icon.
  • Regen- makes Mario/partner regenerate 1 HP every turn. Marked by a glowing HP icon.
  • Efficient- makes Mario/partner regain 2 FP every turn. Marked by a glowing FP icon.
  • Revenge- causes damage to direct attackers. Marked by a crooked arrow icon.
  • Reflect- reflects ranged attacks back at their users. Marked by a mirror icon.
  • Electric- deals damage to any enemies that get close. Marked by a thunderbolt icon.
  • Fast-Forward- gives Mario/partner a chance to skip an enemy's tun. Marked by a green clock icon.
  • Turn x2- gives Mario/partner 2 turns to attack. Marked by a glowing x2 icon.

Harmful Effects

  • Poison- deals 1 damage per turn AND reduces accuracy. Marked by a skull icon.
  • Burn- deals 2 damage per turn. Marked by a flame icon.
  • Frozen- cannot move and deals 1 damage when it wears off. Marked by a snowflake icon.
  • Immobilized- like Frozen, but without the 1 damage. Marked by a red clock icon.
  • Rewind- gives enemies a chance to skip your turn. Marked by a blue clock icon.
  • Paralyzed- Mario/partner only has 75% cahnce to hit a target. Marked by a shaking face icon.
  • Dizzy- Mario/partner only has 25% chance to hit a target. Marked by a blue spiral.
  • Tiny- ATK goes down by 3. Marked by a tiny face icon.
  • DEF-Down- DEF goes down by 3. Marked by a crystal and down-arrow icon.
  • Enraged- ATK raised by 3, DEF lowered by 4. Marked by a smoke icon.

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