This is a list of the badges in Paper Mario 5: The Rise of Shadow. Each badge will be sorted by category.

HP Badges

Name BP Needed Price Effect
HP Plus 3 BP 30 Adds 5 HP to wearer.
HP Squared 9 BP 150 Adds 15 HP to wearer.
Happy Heart 5 BP 60 Wearer regenerates 10 HP every other turn.
Heart Detector 3 BP 50 More hearts will appear after battle.
Mushroom Mania 5 BP 75 Successfully blocking an enemy attack gives you a mushroom. Quality of mushroom depends on enemy's stats.
Just Hearts 2 BP 100 Items and moves that heal and grant other effects will now heal twice as much, but at the cost of no additional effects.
Toxic Heart 4 BP 125 Being poisoned will actually cause wearer to regain 5 HP per turn.
Vital Force 7 BP 80 If on Danger or Peril, wearer will siphon health from nearest partner.
Daredevil 1 BP 20 Raises all stats by 10, but wearer will die instantly if HP drops to 1/2.
D'oh, I Missed 5 BP 55 If an attack misses you or you miss an enemy, the wearer gains 25 HP. (Can be abused by using hammer move on a flying enemy.
0 BP- HP Model 0 BP N/A All HP-related badges no longer cost BP.

FP Badges


BP Needed

Price Effect
FP Plus 3 BP 30 Adds 5 FP to max.
FP Squared 9 BP 150 Adds 15 FP to max.
Flower Detector 3 BP 50 More flowers will appear after battle.
Happy Flower 5 BP 60 10 FP is restored every turn.
Free Flower 4 BP 80 All moves cost half-normal FP.
Fiery Flowers 5 BP 105 All moves that cost FP have an added chance of burning.
0 BP- FP Edition 0 BP N/A All FP-related badges no longer cost BP.

Stat-Raising Badges

Attack Badges

Name BP Needed Price Effect
Quake Jump 2 BP 15 Press A every time Mario hits the ground to deal 1 damage on ground enemies with each succesful jump. Pierces defense. Costs 2 FP.
Iron Stomp 2 BP 20 A slightly more powerful jump attack that can stomp spiked enemies. Costs 3 FP.
Line Jump 3 BP 20 Attacks all enemies in a row 3 times each. Decreases POW with every successful attack. Costs 3 FP.
Infinity Jump 5 BP 500 Jumps on a single enemy an infinite amount of times, with 1 damage per stomp. Costs 15 FP.
Onihammer 4 BP 250 Deals 75 damage to a single enemy if Action Command is permored correctly. Costs 10 FP.
Kill Jump 5 BP 150 Performs a standard jump attack perfectly. Costs 2 FP.
Kill Hammer 5 BP 100 Performs a standard hammer attack perfectly. Costs 2 FP.
Auto Jump 3 BP 200 Jumps on a random non-spiked enemy and pierces defense. No Action Command required. Costs 5 FP.
Zerohammer 4 BP 125 Deals 6 damage and powers up next hammer attack. Stacks 3 times. Costs 6 FP.
Gravhammer 3 BP 175 Causes an enemy to levitate helplessly in the air. Costs 1 FP.
Glass Jump 2 BP 75 Incredibly powerful, but can occasionaly break and hurt Mario. Costs 5 FP.
X Hammer 3 BP 80 Damages all enemies equally if Action Command is perfect. Costs 2 FP.
Restoro Jump 3 BP 70 Restores 30 HP and 15 FP per hit. Costs 4 FP.
Tanukihammer 1 BP 160 Slaps and enemy into the audience. Costs 7 FP.
0 BP- Battle Edition 0 BP 100 Makes all attack badges cost no BP. FP remains the same.

Other Badges

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