This is a listing of all the music in Paper Mario 5: The Rise of Shadow.

Track Title
Let's Play (Title Screen)
Which One to Pick? (File Select)
A Friendly Tussle (Battle Mode Menu)
Minor Editing (Options Menu)
Best of Comrades (Toadea's Theme)
Brand New Partner (New Partner)
Idiot Sergeant (Sgt. Squiddly's Theme)
Never Doubt The Idiots (Sgt. Squiddly Battle)
Your Lord Approaches (Lord Cloak's Theme)
Fragments of the Cosmos (Cozmo Shard Theme)
Please Select Your Destination (Flipside's Portal/Selecting Destination)
Danger Approaching (Eventful Scene/Smognis's Theme)
Collection Time (Purple Coin Challenge)
Return to a Familiar Land (Flipside)
Paradise (Utropia)
Going Underground (Skystone Caverns/Underground Area)
Back to Adventuring (Arachnidium Citadel)
A Land of Myths... And Bombs (Wuhu Kingdom)
The Deepest Dungeon (Under King Wu's Castle)
I Know This Place! (Glitzville)
Prepare to Battle (Glitz Pit)
Electric Charge (Shy Guy Skyrise)
Mother of The Cosmos (Comet Observatory)
Galactic Adventure (Sky Station)
Absolute Nothingness (Blank Zone)
Reset (Mystik Ruins)
Throwdown Howdown (Ghostly Gulch)
Crossing the Wastes (Vast Desert)
Scoundrels and Skulls (Necromancer Ranch)
Starry Seas Ahead (Dimensional Seas)
Aurum X-ing (Cavernous Cavern)
Off to Class (University of Goom)
The Art of Combat (Dodge Brawl)
Cloak's Class in Session (Conquered University of Goom)
Autumn Town in Celebration (Cornerstone Town)
Malevolent Architecture (Booster Tower)
Desseted Town (Empty Cornerstone Town)
Undersea Beauty (Great Ocean City)
Impending Attack (Bonefin Caverns)
Chaos on the High Seas (The Sweet Stuff)
Village of Tanuki (Tanuki Forest)
The Koopa King's Return (Deep Woods/Bowser's Castle)
Inverted Forest (Negative Bowser's Castle)
Harsh Atmosphere (Smognis Industries)
Hands-On Exploration (Art Works)
Devoid of Color and Life (Monochroma Citadel)
A Long-Gone Era (Chronos Desert)
Eternity Kingdom Relics (Revenge Tower/Eternity Temple)
Sugary Sweet Summit (Candyland)
Hard at Work Cooking (Dark Chocolate Mountain)
Place Your Bets (Lucky 13 Casino)
Where all The Money Goes (Lucky 13 Attic)
Complete Ice-olation (Sheever Mountain)
Regal and Icy (Sheever Castle)
The Final Assault Begins (Cloak's Battlestation)
Toadea's Dark Realm (Dark Realm Lower Floors)
Fighting a Former Friend (Dark Realm Upper Floors)
The Fight of Your Life (Cavern of 200 Trials Entrance/Final Floor)
Just Warming Up (Cavern of 200 Trials Floors 1-50)
Difficulty Rising (Cavern of 200 Trials Floors 51-100)
Getting Hotter (Cavern of 200 Trials Floors 101-150)
As Hard as They Come (Cavern of 200 Trials Floors 151-199)
Time to Brawl (Battle)
True Power (Using a Special Attack)
Final Brawl (Battle in Chapters 19 and 20)
A Powerful Opponent Emerges (Miniboss)
Sonnet of The Swarm (Arachtail/Insectail)
Dynasty of Death (King Wu The 4th)
Return of The Macho (King Montezuma)
Error 404 (Viros)
Embodiment of Sorrow (Dark Star)
Elder Darkness (Lord Abar)
Umm.. What? (Brew Bones)
Showdown at Low Moon (Dead Eye)
Aurum Brain (Grodus)
Ready... FIGHT! (Master Hand)
Ancient Evil Stirs (Manevolus)
Monster from Another World (Molgera)
The Ocean's Ultimate Predator (Kingfin)
Pirate Queen (Captain Syrup)
The Mightiest Magician (Kamek)
Corrupt Intentions (Smognis)
The Perfect Painting (Master Piece)
Don't Drown (BEN)
Darkest Chocolate (Count Carob)
Crowd Pleaser (Popple)
Ice-Cold Brawl (Crysta R)
Bonus Boss (Antasma)
Final Boss (Lord Cloak)
Actual Final Boss (Wraith Toadea)
Mario's Final Stand (Sun Orb/Wraith Toadea Phase 2)

Credit for music goes to their respective creators.

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