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Paper Mario 4 is a game by Jet, Inc.. Please make no edits unless given permission by Peanutjon (tbc) or Micool26 (tbc).


It's Mario's birthday. He walks into his door and a bunch of Toads, Luigi and Peach jump out. Then Bowser lifts the roof and kidnaps the guests. Mario runs off to save them.

Playable Characters



  • Prologue: Mushroom Mayhem
  • Chapter 1: Riding to Mystery Island
  • Chapter 2: Mystery Crash
  • Chapter 3: Dinos and Mountains and Eggs! Oh my!
  • Chapter 4: Toadstool Town
  • Chapter 5: Shipwrecked on Phantom Island
  • Chapter 6: Shroomba Town
  • Chapter 7: Koopa Kingdom
  • Chapter 8: The Finale


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