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Paper Mario(unofficail title) has been confirmed to have amiibo functinality. When you scan an amiibo, it will let you play as the amiibo you just scan. So far, nearly every amiibo has been confirmed except for the Mii Fighters.

Confirmed Amiibo Characters

Appearrence Name Description Amiibo Required Abilities
Coming Soon Mario Mario as he appears in SSB4 as close as possible Mario (Super Smash Bros Series) Mario has retained his moveset from the game.
Coming Soon Luigi Luigi as he appears in SSB4 as close as possible Luigi (Super Smash Bros Series) Luigi has his moveset from the game
Coming Soon Peach Peach as she appears in SSB4 as close as possible Peach (Super Smash Bros Series) Peach has her moveset from SSB For Wii U.
Coming Soon Toad His normal appearance in the Paper Mario series, but he's blue toad. Toad (Super Mario Series) He can run very fast
Coming Soon Bowser His normal appearance in the Paper Mario Series. You can scan either one He can breath fire, and scare enemies.
Paper Rosalina
Rosalina Her modern appearance, in Paper form. Rosalina & Luma (Super Smash Bros Series) She can do her signature "star spin" just like in Super Mario 3D World

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