Paper Mario (unofficial title) is the upcoming 6th installment of the Paper Mario series for the Wii U, and is being developed by Timocomlita Ltd.

More info to be described . . . .


Still, to be described . . . ., but I can tell you the main characters.

Main Charcters

Image Name Description Abilities
Mario Showing PMTMF
Mario The Main Character of the story; Default for player 1 Mario can use his hammer to attack enemies.
79px-Paper Luigi Jump
Luigi The brother of Mario, he is a bit of a coward. However, his true strength can can shine at any given moment! Default for for player 2. Anytime he's on low health and he is at enemies he can't escape from, he pulls out the Poltergust 9000!
Peach SPM
Peach The princess and ruler of the whole Mushroom Kingdom has been kidnapped, wasn't Bowser. Peach appears in intermissions with Droppy (if the Wii U gamepad is turned on) captive in the Lunatic Castle. She needs to find a way to escape from there. Peach can use her parasol to float in the air, which is needed in some intermissions.


Main article: Paper Mario (Tentative Title)/Amiibo

This game has been confirmed to have Amiibo functionality. When you scan an amiibo with the game open, it will let you play as the amiibo you just scanned.

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