Paper Mario
4057 paper-mario-prev
SSB Mario Series
Availability Default
Series Paper Mario/Super Mario Bros.
First Appearance Paper Mario - 2000
Home Stage Paper Mushroom Kingdom
Final Smash Goat Sticker
 "Paper Mario Unfolds!" - Paper Mario's Official Introduction Tagline 

Paper Mario is a newcomer who appears in Super Smash Bros. Slam. He was announced as a fighter a little while after the game's official announcement. His moveset revolves around the use of stickers and his hammer, as well as some basic abilities similar to those of Mario. He is a default character, which means he can be played as as soon as a player starts playing the game.



  • Able to jump very high.
  • Fast ground speed.
  • Shortest duck in the game, allowing him to avoid lots of preojectiles.
  • An all-around fighter.
  • Can launch enemies easily with some of his attacks.


  • Very light, which means terrible launch resistance. 
  • Some of his attacks are weak.
  • Low range on most of his attacks.

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