Paper Mario (Smash XDS)
Paper Mario folds in!
Universe Paper Mario (sub-universe of Mario)
Smash Appearances
Smash XDS
Official Debut Paper Mario (N64, 2000)
Availability Starter
Final Smash Earth Tremor, Papercraft Fire Mario
Home Stage Paper Mario II

Paper Mario is the alter ego of Mario in the Paper Mario series. He was the first newcomer revealed in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo XDS. He has two Special Sets, like most characters, and like most characters, a Custom Set can be made.

(So basically, you got Neutral B, Side B and Down B from Set X that you prefer over Set Z's. You, however, prefer Up B from Set Z. The game allows you to put Set Z Up B over Set X Up B, mixing movesets. Can be used in online modes.)


  • High combo ability. +
  • Good recovery. +
  • Extremely low weight. -
  • Slow walking speed, average dashing speed. -
  • Is floaty, with low falling speed. -
  • Has high air speed. +
  • Low projectile use, due to the Battle Spinner. -
  • Battle Spinner's effects are perfect for Free-For-Alls. +
  • Paper Airplane can be easily gimped, but is great in recovery. N
  • Ground Pound leads to death when used to air-edgeguard. -


Knockback exists in 8 ratings: Super Low, Low, Low-Medium, Medium, Medium-High, High, Super High, Extreme.

Neutral Attacks

Neutral Attacks

Move Damage Knockback Description
Jab 1.5%, 1.5%, 5% Low (Final Hit) Swings the hammer, swings it again, then slams it to the ground. The attack is particularly fast.
Side Tilt 7% Medium Swings the hammer while extending it.
Up Tilt 9% Low-Medium Summons Fleep, the Flipping Pixl, above its head, causing a damaging square to appear around Fleep.
Down Tilt 4% Super Low Throws a sticker at the opponent, while crouching. The sticker is fast and makes foes trip.
Dash Attack 8% Medium Slams the hammer to the ground.
Floor Attack 6% (front), 7% (behind) Low-Medium Istantly spins the hammer low to the ground, similarly to his down smash.
Edge Attack 9% Medium Slams the hammer on the ground while getting up.

Smash Attacks

Move Damage Knockback Description
Side Smash 16% - 23% Super High Cudge appears, waves up itself, then slams itself to the ground at full force.
Up Smash 15% - 22% Super High Swings the hammer vertically, sending foes flying upwards.
Down Smash 14% - 21% (forward), 13% - 20% (backwards) High Spins the hammer low to the ground. Great for edgeguarding.

Aerial Attacks

Move Damage Knockback Description
Neutral Air 5% (Paper Mario), 5% (if all stickers connect) Medium Spins in the air, throwing stickers everywhere.
Forward Air 11% Medium-High Swings the hammer overhead in a downward arc. Has a meteor smash effect.
Back Air 4% (early), 11% (explosion) High Throws Boomer, the Bomb Pixl, backwards, which explodes after a while.
Up Air 11% if all hits connect Medium-High Faces upwards while spinning the hammer multiple times. It is similar to King Dedede's.
Down Air 10% Medium Drops the hammer downwards. Even while the hammer is still falling, Paper Mario can use another hammer to fight normally.

Special Attacks

Special Set X

Move + Name Damage KB Description
Neutral B: Battle Spinner Depends Depends

A spin appears above Paper Mario, showing three different icons. They spin for a while, after finally stopping. The value of the reward depends if the icons are the same in 2/3 or in 3/3. After using the Battle Spinner, Paper Mario must wait before re-using it, depending on the results.

  • Mushroom: Heals 10 or 20 damage. (5 sec)
  • Fire Flower: Turns Paper Mario into Fire Paper Mario, that can throw Fireballs, causing 8% each, for a limited time. Can't use the Spinner while in Fire form. (10 sec)
  • POW Block: Every opponent on the ground or everywhere takes 14% or 26% with medium or high knockback. (15 sec)
  • Thunder Bolt: Every opponent on the air or everywhere takes 14% or 26% with medium or high knockback. (15 sec)
  • Poison Shroom: Takes 10 or 20 damage. (0 sec)
  • Star: Becomes invincible for a limited time. Can't use the Spinner while invicible. (20 sec)
Custom 1: Rapid Spinner Depends Depends While the rewards are halved (and 1.5x for Poison Shroom), the waiting time is halved too. The Star and Fire Flower icons's time is halved too.
Custom 2: Super Spinner Depends Depends The rewards's effects are doubled (and halved for Poison Shroom), but waiting time is too. The Star icons power you up, with two icons increasing a bit stats, while three icons double stats.
Custom 3: Dangerous Spinner Depends Depends The icons are limited to Poison Shrooms, which appear very often, and Thunder Bolt. If two Thunder Bolts appear, the opponent gets 100% damage. If three appear instead, the opponent is OHKO, no matter its damage.
Side B: Hammer 14% High Swings a hammer that can deflect projectiles. When used on the air, Paper Mario throws the hammer instead, commanding its trajectory. Does not count as a projectile.
Custom 1: Power Smash 23% Super High Swings a stronger hammer, but takes longer to swing. When used in the air is stronger and meteor smashes.
Custom 2: Piercing Blow 16% High Swings a hammer that istantly breaks the opponent's shield and is slightly stronger, but doesn't reflect projectiles at all.
Custom 3: Eek Hammer 2% per hit Super Low Is generally fast and weak, but it can be used multiple times, good for juggling.
Up B: Paper Jump Attack 5%, 3%, 3%, 3%, 7% (21%) Medium-High (Final Hit) Does a high jump. If lands on the opponent, Paper Mario'll be able to strike 4 more times, but just before each stomp, he must press B, or else the attack fails. The final stomp is stronger and launches foes.
Custom 1: Power Jump Attack 24% Super High When landing on an opponent, Paper Mario can do a single, powerful strike. Does not go as high.
Custom 2: Hopslipper Jimp Attack 21% if all hits connect - Each attack is weaker, but it can strike up to 10 times, if good enough at it.
Custom 3: Easy Jump Attack 5%, 3%, 3%, 3%, 7% (21%, same as default) Medium-High (Final Hit) Does not cover horizontal distance at all, but striking becomes easier.
Down B: Ground Pound 11%, 4% (shockwaves) High Thudley makes Paper Mario slam to the ground at high speed. When used on the ground, Paper Mario will simply jump before falling. When landing, sends shockwaves from both sides. Has a spike effect.
Custom 1: Ground Shock 5%, 10% Low-Medium (slam), High (shockwaves) The slam itself isn't as powerful, but upon landing sends bigger and stronger shockwaves.
Custom 2: Homing Pound 15% High Does a ground pound that automatically homes into opponents below him, similarly to Sonic's Homing Attack. When landing, does not send shockwaves at all.
Custom 3: Grounding Pound 9% Medium-High Has a meteor effect, and buries opponents really hard upon landing on the ground. It is slightly weaker.

Special Set Z

Move+Name Damage KB Description
Neutral B: Copy Block - - Pulls out the Copy Block. Press B again to hit it. After that, pulls out a number of Copies equivalent to the number that appears (ranging from 1 to 10). The Copies power up Paper Mario's damage, knockback, defence, weight, speed and jump. The more copies, the more stat boosts. Copies disappear after a while.
Custom 1: Power Copy Block - - Pulls out copies that only power up damage and knockback, but the results are 3x better. Does not last as much.
Custom 2: Agility Copy Block - - Pulls out copies that only power up speed and jump, but the results are 3x better. The animation before activating, though, is longer.
Custom 3: Resistance Copy Block - - Pulls out copies that only power up defence and weight, but the results are 3x better. Can't get more than 6 copies.
Side B: Spinning Dashell 13% if all hits connect Medium (Final Hit) Summons Dashell, the Dashing Pixl, and dashes forward at decent speed, spinning in the motion, resembling Paper Mario (N64)'s spin dash.
Custom 1: Straight-Forward Dashell 6% Low Does a dash that hits a single time and sends foes flying upwards at high speed.
Custom 2: In-Place Dashell 17% if all hits connect High (Final Hit) Instead of dashing forward, stays in place, but is more powerful.
Custom 3: Jumping Dashell 13% if all hits connect (same as default) Medium (Final Hit) Isn't as fast, but can jump-cancel while dashing, good for an aerial follow-up.
Up B: Paper Plane - - Paper Mario trasforms into a Paper Plane, letting him fly freely for a limited time. Can be easily gimped.
Custom 1: Metal Plane 10% High The flying time is reduced, in exchange for damage when passing through an enemy.
Custom 2: Paper Speedplane - - Is much faster, but directions are limited to up, up-right, and up-left.
Custom 3: Paper Jet - - Flying time is increased and goes at higher speed, but must be fully charged in order to use it.
Down B: Barry Barryer 8% Low Summons Barry, the Barrier Pixl, to create a spiky barrier ring that reflects projectiles, damages opponents, cancels enemy's attack, and lasts 3 seconds. Paper Mario can't move while using the move.
Custom 1: Piccolo Song 8% (heals) - Summons Piccolo, the Curing Pixl, to heal 8% of Paper Mario's total damage.
Custom 2: Slim Sideway Turn - - Summons Slim, the Sideway Turner Pixl, to sideways turn. The effect lasts 5 seconds and Paper Mario is totally invisible and invincible during these, but can't attack.
Custom 3: Dottie Shrink - - Summons Dottie, the Shrinker Pixl, to turn Paper Mario small as a dot for 5 seconds. During these, Paper Mario is so small that can't even take damage, but can't attack.

Final Smashes

Name Damage Description
Papercraft Fire Mario 12% (dash), 20% (fireball), 42% (drop) Toadette and other Toads appear, building Papercraft Fire Mario. Paper Mario controls the papercraft, which can move around, fly, dash forward, shoot fireballs, or crash its entire body on the ground. After a while, the papercraft will disappear.
Earth Tremor Total damage of 98% Jumps on a massive star that bounces multiple times, causing the ground to tremor.

Grab & Throws

Move Damage Knockback Description
Grab - - Throws forward Thoreau, the Hand Pixl, to grab opponents from afar. Has excellent range.
Pummel 2% - A fast headbutt.
Forward Throw 9% Medium Swings the hammer like a baseball bat to the opponent.
Back Throw 3%, 7% Medium Throws the opponent backwards, then uses Art Attack to encircle once the opponent for further damage.
Up Throw 4%, 0.3% per sticker Medium Throws the opponent upwards, then throws a bunch of stickers for further damage.
Down Throw 2%, 8% Low Slams the opponent to the ground, then hits them with the hammer to send them flying upwards.



  • Side: Shakes his finger.
  • Up: Makes a jump, cramples himself in midair, falls down slowly and lands on the ground before turning back to normal.
  • Down: Makes a thumb up.

Stage Entrance

  • Jumps out of a Paper Warp Pipe.
  • Flips at the stage.

Idle Animations

  • Falls asleep.
  • Takes a deep breath.
  • Leafs through his sticker album.

Victory Animations

  • Shakes his finger, than adjusts his hat while closing his eyes.
  • Puts on the Hopslippers and bounces several times, before bouncing off the screen.
  • Does a thumb up, while Kersti, Tippi and insertColorSplashpartnernamehere float around him.

Losing Animations

  • Claps while closes his eyes.
  • Faints.
  • Angry, slams the hammer on the ground, causing cracks on it [the ground].

Victory Fanfare

  • The victory theme heard in The Thousand-Year Door. 0:00 - 0:08


Paper Mario [from Start]

(Paper Mario artwork in 3D)

Paper Mario is Mario's paper-thin form in the Paper Mario series. In this series, Paper Mario embarks on different adventures to save Princess Peach or the entire universe, fighting Bowser, The X-Nauts, Count Bleck, and _. He has also made partners in his adventures, which all have different abilities. While his most used weapon in this game is his hammer, he can also use Pixls, throw stickers, pound the ground, jump, and many more attacks.

  • Paper Mario (N64, 2000)
  • Paper Mario: Color Splash (Wii U, 2016)

Paper Mario (Alt.) [Classic]

(Paper Mario using the Battle Spinner)

Paper Mario's Battle Spinner comes in handle for sure. It can heal damage, give damage, make Paper Mario Fire Paper Mario, or make Paper Mario invincible. His Copy Block lets him create copies of itself, which power up his stats, but disappear after a while. His Paper Jump Attack, Paper Mario will do a high jump. If lands on a opponent, Paper Mario will strike 4 more times, with the final stomp launching foes. Foes can't move while constantly jumped on.

  • Battle Spinner - Neutral Special, Set X
  • Copy Block - Neutral Special, Set Z
  • Paper Jump Attack - Up Special, Set X

Paper Mario (Alt. 2) [Adventure]

(Paper Mario makes a Ground Pound, while Thudley does the same)

Paper Mario carries some Pixls into battle. In his Ground Pound, Thudley makes Paper Mario slam downwards at high speed, and upon landing sends shockwaves. Barry's Barry Barryer is a... well, barrier that reflects projectiles and blocks enemy attacks. In Spinning Dashell, Paper Mario dashes forward, while spinning, hitting multiple times. Has the same effect on the air, aiding recovery.

  • Ground Pound - Down B, Set X
  • Spinning Dashell - Side B, Set Z

Paper Mario (Alt. 3) [All-Star]

(Paper Mario flying in Paper Plane mode)

One of Paper Mario's recovery moves is the Paper Plane. In this form, Paper Mario will be able to fly freely in the air for a limited time, but is quite vulnerable while doing so. When grabbing, Paper Mario will throw Thoreau to grab opponents. His Hammer can deflect projectiles, and when used in the air, the hammer will be thrown instead. It will not be counted as a projectile, so that it can't be reflected.

  • Paper Plane - Up B, Set Z
  • Grab
  • Hammer - Side B, Set X

Paper Mario (Follow-Up) [Master Orders]

(Paper Mario slamming Mario to the ground with the hammer)

Paper Mario's main combo trigger is the Down Throw. After that, he can follow up with Up Air, Neutral Air, Up Smash (at low %), Forward Air, Side B Set X(air), and Up B Set X. He can also do Up Throw to Neutral Air, Up Smash to Up Air, Up Smash to Up B Set X, Side Smash to Side B Set Z, and some more.

Papercraft Fire Mario [Crazy Orders]

(The Papercraft throwing Fireballs to Bowser, Bowser Jr., and the Koopalings)

Final Smash 1 is Papercraft Fire Mario. Toadette and other Paper Toads build the papercraft, and Paper Mario jumps on it. This papercraft is able to throw huge fireballs, dash forward at high speed, dealing damage, or crash its entire body to the ground for MASSIVE damage. The Papercraft can't be damaged, and can fly. After a while, the Toads carrying the Papercraft will run out of energy.

Earth Tremor [Core Orders]

(The giant Diamond Star does a tremor to Mario, Peach, Luigi and Yoshi)

Final Smash 2 is Earth Tremor. Sounds scary, uh? Anyway, Paper Mario takes the Diamond Star found in Hooktail's Castle and activates its power. The star becomes giant and bounces multiple times on the ground, causing some sort of waves on the ground to heavily damage and launch opponents. The star will slam a few times, with the waves getting bigger and even bigger, before turning back to normal.

Role in Ultimate Chaos


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