Paper Mario
Paper Mario Jam
Paper Mario, the paper-thin hero.
Universe Paper Mario
Previous Smash Appearances Newcomer
Availability Starter
Final Smash Paperize

This article details Paper Mario as he appears in Super Smash Bros. Crusade, not the character as a whole. Please do not edit anything here unless it is categories that could be added or if the creator gives you permission.

Paper Mario makes his Smash Bros. debut in Super Smash Bros. Crusade, representing his own "Paper Mario" series. He was first revealed on July 2, 2015, as one of the first 3 newcomers to ever be revealed for the game. As with the regular Mario, Paper Mario is voiced by Charles Martinet, albeit with some different voice clips as well as some sound effects from the Paper Mario subseries.


Being made out of pure paper, it's only expected that Paper Mario is extremely light - only one other character has less weight than him. This makes him very dangerous to use, as he can be easily knocked out. Paper Mario has a decent speed on ground, but moves smoothly at higher speeds in the air. He's also one of the weaker characters on the roster due to his choice of weapon, but he makes up for this in his neutral special: the Copy Block.

Using the Copy Block, Paper Mario is able to produce up to 5 extra "copies" that will follow him around. The group of Paper Marios stick together for the most part, but each one slightly increases the width of their hitbox. Paper Mario's direct attacks do 1% less for every copy he has, but since there are normally multiple Marios performing the same attack, the damage will generally be higher unless you have the max amount of copies. Each copy also slightly weighs and slows down the Paper Mario group, and can only take about 6% damage before they fade away. Copies can also be sacrificed for a small extra jump. Once a copy fades, there is a cooldown of around 15 seconds before you can summon another.

When using the Copy Block, it becomes a question of offense with a few copies or defense with a ton of copies, as well as strategically timing your usage so that you'll be able to get the copies you need before your opponent attacks. Though Paper Mario's depth of attacks may seem rather basic and flat, the options that open up when using the Copy Block makes Paper Mario one of the most difficult characters to really master.


Standard Moves

Move Name Description Damage
Neutral Attack Punch 'n Peel Paper Mario jabs repeatedly with his right hand. For a finisher, he "peels" the area in front of him, knocking enemies back. 1%, 3%
Forward Tilt Hammer Swing Paper Mario brings out his hammer and slams it down. The sweetspot is exactly in the center of the mallet. 6%, 7% (sweet)
Up Tilt Watt Paper Mario holds Watt in his left hand and lifts him up, electrocuting anyone that comes into contact with him. 5%
Down Tilt Flashy Sticker Paper Mario pulls out a flashy sticker from the ground, potentially tripping opponents. 4%
Dash Attack Dash Socks Paper Mario drops to the ground and slides forward, crashing into anyone close by. 7%
Forward Smash Power Smash Paper Mario pulls out a Super Hammer and charges it up before smashing it into the ground. 5% ; 10% (charged)
Up Smash Spike Helmet Paper Mario puts on a Spike Helmet and charges up a spin jump. 1% (hits 1-4) ; 5% (hits 1-4 charged)
Down Smash Bombette Paper Mario pulls out Bombette and takes cover as she creates a explosion with a radius that engulfs Mario. 6% ; 12% (charged)
Neutral Aerial Stylish Spin Paper Mario spins in a circle twice. A fairly quick move, but has ending lag if not finished before reaching the ground. 5%
Forward Aerial Super Boot Paper Mario performs a simple kick forward. 6%
Back Aerial Hammer Throw Paper Mario throws his hammer backwards, flying in a straight line. Unaffected by Copy Block. 10%
Up Aerial Slim Kick Using Slim, Mario performs a backwards kick while spinning around. Hits multiple times. 3% (hits 1-2) ; 5% (hit 3) 
Down Aerial Thudley Paper Mario flips in the air with the help of the Pixl, Thudley, and then quickly descends towards the ground with a buttstomp. 7% ; 10% (back)
Grab N/A Paper Mario uses Thoreau to try and snatch an opponent. All throws and pummel are unaffected by Copy Block. N/A
Pummel Thoreau Thoreau squeezes the opponent. 2%
Forward Throw Arm Flailer Paper Mario spins his right arm around a few times as Thoreau mimics the motion, and tosses the foe ahead. 11%
Back Throw Semi-Toss Thoreau flies the other way in an arc and pile-drives the opponent. 10%
Up Throw Fleep Fleep appears and uses his powers on Thoreau, spinning the opponent around wildly until Thoreau unleashes them. 8%
Down Throw Shadow Attack Paper Mario is dragged into the shadows, and reappears later, stomping on the opponent. 10%
Floor Attack Barry Paper Mario summons Barry as he gets up and spins, creating a protective barrier that reflects projectiles. 1% (hits 1-6)
Trip Attack Bomb Squad A small bomb from Bobbery's bomb squad drops down and explodes, with Paper Mario jumping up from the reaction. Unaffected by copies. 7%
Edge Attack Spin Dash Paper Mario lifts himself up and propels himself forward with a small Spin Dash. 6%

Special Moves

Move Name Description Damage
Neutral Special Copy Block Paper Mario unfolds a Copy Block and hits it, creating a copy. N/A
Custom Special 1 POW Copy Block Creating copies now counts as an attack that shakes the very ground, unaffected by the copies. Paper Mario's attacks do 2% less instead of 1%. 12% 
Custom Special 2 Teamwork Copy Block Paper Mario can only use up to 2 copies, but his weight and speed aren't affected. N/A
Side Special Koops Shell Koops appears under Paper Mario and is kicked forward for a set distance before returning back. If the special button is held, Koops will stay in place after he travels forward until the command is unleashed. Unaffected by copies. 6% per hit ; 7% (return only, if charged)
Custom Special 1 Fire Shell A fiery shell is kicked forward. Has more power but won't come back. Unaffected by copies. 14%
Custom Special 2 Shell Shock A pixel shell that will stun opponents when kicked forward. It can't be stopped before coming back. Unaffected by copies. 5% per hit
Up Special Paper Airplane Paper Mario will jump up and fold into a paper airplane. He will then glide down in the direction he was facing, being able to tilt up and down to affect how much time he stays in the air and how much horizontal distance he gets. More copies means more weight, shortening the distance. 2% per hit
Custom Special 1 U-Turn Airplane The paper airplane will quickly descend and then rise up. Once the motion is complete, Paper Mario will immediately unfold and fall. 7%
Custom Special 2 Flurrie Airplane The use of Flurrie's Gale Force allows for much more distance to be covered with the plane, but it deals no damage. N/A
Down Special Sticker Paper Mario will peel a random sticker from his sticker book. It can either be a boot that boosts physical move power by 1.5x, a hammer that boosts hammer attacks by 1.5x, or a shell that boosts Side Special power by 1.5x. Mario can get one sticker for each copy he has at the cost of the copy, and each effect lasts roughly 7 seconds. N/A
Custom Special 1 Defensive Sticker Paper Mario has a new arsenal of 3 stickers: Mushroom stickers heal 15% over the course of 15 seconds, Leaf stickers grant weak armor for 7 seconds, and Tail stickers reflect projectiles for 7 stickers. N/A
Custom Special 2 Last-Chance Sticker Paper Mario's stickers have boosted effects (Power-boosting stickers increase power by 2x for 12 seconds, Tail and Leaf last 12 seconds, Mushroom heals 24% for 24 seconds) but can only be used once per stock, and needs all 5 copies to work. N/A
Final Smash Paperize Paper Mario gains the help of Kersti as he is lifted into the air. You can move him left or right, and pressing the attack button will cause him to dive. If he comes in contact with a foe, he'll peel them off of the stage, where they'll rapidly take damage. After 12 seconds, Paper Mario will return to normal, and the characters will be knocked away. 10%  (initial peel) ; 3% per second


  • Up: Watches Twink appear and fly around him.
  • Right: Looks towards the screen and shows a thumb up.
  • Left: Takes out his hammer and spins twice, before pointing it up.
  • Down: Folds into a tube, hops up and down twice, and then unfolds.

On-Screen Appearance

Paper Mario is shown flipped to the side (essentially invisible) before he flips back into view.

Select Sound

Paper Mario shouts "Oh yeah!"

Victory Poses

  • Paper Mario spin dashes into the screen, before striking a pose.
  • Paper Mario flies in through airplane mode but crashes into the floor. He then unfolds, sitting on the ground, and scratches his head in a confused manner.
  • Paper Mario watches the Star Spirits circle around him before he gives a thumbs up.

Losing Pose

Paper Mario claps with his hands up high.

Idle Poses

  • Holds his hand up to his head, looking around.
  • Dusts off his right arm.

Victory Fanfare

An orchestrated flourish of the Pure Heart Get theme from Super Paper Mario. (0:06 - 0:12)



Don't be fooled by his class-5 mustache and his iconic red cap: this is a Mario completely different from the other Marios. He likes to be called Paper Mario, and lives in a universe where everything looks like it jumped right out of a storybook. As a walking sheet of paper, Paper Mario is naturally very light and graceful in the air.


Paper Mario's Copy Block lets him make up to 5 copies. Each copy lowers Paper Mario's attack power, but lets him use the attack with the force of as many copies as he had. Using about 3 or 4 copies normally gives you a lot of strength. Copies can also take damage for you, and you'll need to wait for the Copy Block to recharge in order to get one back.


The Koops Shell lets you hold the shell in place after it's fired, readying to strike backwards even more powerful. This a trait no other custom shell has. The stickers that Paper Mario gets from his Down Special depends on what version of the move you use - the Last-Chance Sticker is the only custom that lets you potentially obtain all the stickers.

Battle Spire

With the help of Kersti, Paper Mario will be carried out of the background. Chase after players and use the attack button to peel them right out of the background! They'll be dropped down below, where they'll rapidly take damage depending on how long they were stuck down there. You'll get the most out of this move if you act early.

Pallete Swaps

Reveal Trailer - Beginning The Crusade

A flashing light is seen in the middle of the screen as it grows brighter and the edges extend to form the Smash logo. The screen then flashes to white and begins the trailer.

The trailer starts off on the empty Battlefield stage, where nobody seems to be fighting. Just then, a Smash Ball descends from the skies, slowly moving around as if it was expecting to get chased. Confused, the Smash Ball flees from the arena, flying through the blast zones and eventually making it into a pitch-black area. After some time, the item enters the Mushroom Kingdom, catching the attention of the local hero, Mario.

As Mario begins to chase the Smash Ball, the two embark on a game of cat-and-mouse through several different universes, including Hyrule, Dream Land, and Corneria. Eventually, the Smash Ball arrives back in Battlefield, having summoned the Original 8 from Super Smash Bros. As the Smash Ball flies away once more, the characters look around to see where it went, when they hear a slight noise. They look back to see nothing at first, but as that "nothing" flips into view, revealing a battle-thirsty Paper Mario. He runs after the Original 8, followed by a group of copies to make things even, and the battle begins.

Paper Mario is shown on a battlefield made out of paper, confirming the return of the Paper Mario stage. He watches Twink spin around him before running off and battling Mario. He manages to get a few hits in, but they do not faze the original Mario and he retaliates with a Forward Smash. Getting up from the attack, Paper Mario chooses to unfold a Copy Block and hits it once, creating a second copy that sticks right next to him. With a copy on his side, Paper Mario's attacks manage to knock Mario away.

A stack of 4 Paper Marios are then shown on a Mario Maker stage, using Koops as a shell to knock through a row of Goombas and eventually hitting Yoshi at the end. A stack of 6 Paper Mario manage to get launched by Samus's Charge Shot on Final Destination, losing a Copy in the process. Paper Mario sacrifices his copies for extra jumps to gain some height, and then transforms into a plane, swiftly dodging any other Charge Shots coming his way.

Stacks of 3, 4, 5, and 6 Paper Marios all charge up a Power Smash attack on 4 colored Kirbys, showing the difference of power that the stacks have. A single Paper Mario pulls out a sticker of a Raccoon Tail, which manages to scare Fox. The final scene shows Paper Mario using Kersti's help to paperize the Battlefield they are on. Paper Mario manages to peel the three fighters off as they take damage and eventually get knocked out. Paper Mario responds with a thumbs up and runs off, with the screen glowing in a bright flash, revealing the Super Smash Bros. Crusade logo.

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