Paper Mario the power up transformation. (not to be confused with the character, Paper Mario) Is a ability with three uses. He can get the power-up from the Paper Mushroom. Please do not edit, ask permission of HammerBroBuddy if you wish to use it in your game!



With the power-up. Mario can defend himself from enemies by pressing the A button. He then will glue onto the wall and any enemies coming past will not be able to attack him.




Water (won't work)

Fire Piranha Plants (Will shoot fire at you anyway, the paper will be burnt, and you will lose your power-up)

Attack 1

With the power-up. Mario can also using either B and the Wiimote, or the stylus of the 3DS, draw around enemies, who will turn to paper and won't be able to move for good.


Good Attack


You wont get a coin

Attack 2

Using the scissors, Mario can cut areas of so enemies will walk into a hole.


Enemies will fall into


More jumping involved


Paper Kart!

The Paper Mushroom and transformation appears in Mario Kart: Race Track Rivals! as one of the eight added items


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