Paper Mario: Wart's Revenge is a new game in the Paper Mario franchise. It is for the Wii U and 3DS. It is the first game since Super Mario Bros. 2 to bring back Wart, Subcon, and other similar elements.


Mario is sleeping, when he has a terrible vision of Shy Guys taking over the Mushroom Kingdom. Suddenly, Yoshi wakes Mario up and tells him that Luigi is missing. Mario, riding on Yoshi, goes to Luigi's House to investigate, but it is completely empty, besides a random door in the middle of the room. Mario opens it, and suddenly gets sucked into another dimension. Mario awakens in Subcon, where he is brought to the dungeons by the Shy Guys. He sees Luigi, who helps him escape through a secret Warp Pipe. They are attacked by Birdo, which leads into a boss fight. After defeating Birdo, Mario and Luigi discover the same door that was in Luigi's House, so they go through it and find themselves in Yoshi's Island, where everyone is running around like crazy because the Shy Guys are invading. Mario tells Luigi this is exactly what happened in his dream.

Meanwhile, at Bowser's Castle, Bowser tells Kamek that the Shy Guy Armada is invading his land, and they need to do something about it. Kamek tells Bowser about his new spell that can travel between space and time, creating wormholes. Bowser sends Kamek through the time portal, and Kamek goes back to the events of Super Mario Bros. 2, where Mario is sleeping and dreaming about Subcon. Kamek goes inside his dream and discovers Wart is an evil sorcerer who can use dark magic to control people's dreams. Kamek tries to stop Wart, but interferes in the dream, awakening Mario and forcing Wart out of the dream world. Wart goes into the real world, enraged, and decides that if he can't conquer the dream universe he can conquer the real one, sending his Shy Guys to take over Yoshi's Island. Kamek sees he's too late and the only way to stop Wart is to warn Mario. He goes into Mario's dream and shows him a terrible vision of Shy Guys taking over the Mushroom Kingdom, then he kidnaps Luigi and leaves behind a portal into Subcon at Luigi's House, leading Mario directly to Wart.





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