Paper Mario: Twisted Time
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Developer(s) SuyoGames
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U, Infinity
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Japan 2013
25px-Flag of USA 2013
25px-Flag of Europe 2013
25px-Flag of Australia 2013
Italy 2013
Age Rating(s)
ERating 3Rating USK6 OFLC-G CERO A
Genre(s) Action Adventure RPG
Successor None
Media Included Wii U disc, Infinity disc.

Paper Mario: Twisted Time is a upcoming Paper Mario game and the successor to Paper Mario: Sticker Star exclusive to the Wii U and Infinity. The game is developed by SuyoGames and It has many elements from the previous titles. In this new Paper Mario title, a mysterious star fairy known as Staren crashes in the wonderful town of Paperia that Mario is visiting, the star fairy warns Mario about his world, which is becoming frozen in time, so they now have to find the 12 Time Gems before it's too late.  A sequel is being considered.


Prologue: Day Of Disaster

(The scene begins with a book opening)

This story begins in two seprate worlds, the Lyte and Shayde World, where a ancient battle took place, the Lytes and Shaydes went against each other, and the king of the Shaydes, King Phantamus nearly destroyed their world, untill the Queen of the Lytes, Queen Harmona banished King Phantamus into an eternal slumber, in a painting, but King Phantamus then unleashed a curse on the Lytes, turning them into Shaydes. King Phantamus later defeated all the Star Fairies, the guardian of the Time Gems, except for one, Starel, in which Queen Harmona protected. King Phantamus later took the power source of the Lyte World, the Time Gems, are froze time in the Lyte World.

After the disaster happened, Queen Harmona sent Staren to the Mushroom Kingdom, to find help to rescue the Time Gems,

So the story begins now, a star fairy will later meet a new stached friend...

Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toadsworth arrive in a big city known as Paperia, a place filled with blue paper like creatures (similar to the Beans from the first Mario & Luigi game). Just then, a mysterious fairy like creature crashes into Mario, the creature quickly gets up and apoligizes, the Star Fairy reveals himself as Staren, a Star Fairy from the Lyte World, and asks who are these people. Mario introduces himself, and the others too. Princess Peach asks what the Lyte World is, but Staren responds and says questions can be asked later, but soon after, a dark void opens and the Time Gems scatter across the Mushroom Kingdom, making Staren shocked. Staren tells Mario that those were the Time Gems, and they need to be saved as they are the power source of his home. Staren then asks if Mario will help him save his world, and Mario agrees, leading Mario on another journey, but this time, to save the Lyte World.

Chapter 1: The Adventure Begins

Mario and Staren are about to exit to their first area, Grassy Road, until Bowser Junior suddenly appears and almost smashes into Mario and Staren, Bowser Jr says that he saw those objects scatter across the Mushroom Kingdom and tells Mario that some of the Koopalings have gotten their hands on them, Bowser Junior then says to Mario that he won't let him even get one of those gem things, and a battle begins, during the battle, Staren introduces the battle system, and Mario must beat Bowser Jr, who has 15 Hp.

After Mario pummels Junior, he gets furious and flies away to some fortress far away. Staren then comments how Junior is a brat and calls Mario as they go into Grassy Roads.

After passing the peaceful Grassy Roads, Mario and Staren arrive in Goomba Forest where all the friendly Goombas seem to be hideing, and a Goomba with a tail is trying to fight a huge Goomba but is knocked back. Mario is shocked and Staren asks if this Goomba is okay, the Goomba tells Staren that he is okay, the Goomba introduces himself as Goomooki, a brave Goomba who is trying to be the strongest Goomba ever. Staren tells Goomooki that he and Mario will defeat the big Goomba bully, but Goomooki warns Staren and Mario that the Goomba is Gigooms, a big bad Goomba bully who has been attacking the Goombas, Staren tells Goomooki that there is no need to worry, and the battle begins, until Goomooki joins in to prove that he is a strong warrior, and he assists Mario in battling Gigooms. In this battle, Gigooms has 20 Hp, and has deadly power.

After Mario defeats the Gigooms the bully, the Goombas cheer and thanks Mario and Staren, and Goomooki also asks if he can join Mario and Staren, so he can help them defeat the bad guys. Staren suggests to Mario that they should get partners for help on their quest, and Mario nods, and Goomooki joins the team.

Later that day, the Goombas are having a festival, and Mario, Staren, and Goomooki are having fun, one Goomba then gives Mario a hammer as a thanks for defeating Gigooms the bully. Shortly after Mario and the others are having fun, Bullet Bills begin to crash into the ground, scaring the Goombas, one Goomba then calls Mario to look into binoculars, and much to his surprise, Mario finds a castle near Goomba Forest, and Larry Koopa is commanding some Koopas to attack Goomba Forest with Bullet Blasters. Mario then stops looking into the binoculars, and finds Bowser Jr laughing as the friendly Goombas are under attack, Junior tells Mario that he is waiting for him, and that he will never rescue those gems that were scattered. Suddenly, after, a Bullet Bill crashes into Bowser Jr's Clown Car and makes him fall, he then gets furious, and the scene later shifts to Larry laughing and the Koopas scared as they have hit Bowser Jr. The scene goes back to Mario and the others where Junior is annoyed and gets picked up by his Clown Car and leaves to return to Larry's Castle.

The Goombas tell Mario and Staren good luck and they hope their quest will succeed, and Mario and Staren continue their journey to save the Time Gems, their next target, Larry's Castle!

As Mario goes through the rest of Goomba Forest, he finds himself at Liquid Lake, and Staren suddenly has a vision, where nothing is shown but voices, the voices say "Where are you going?" and another voice says "I'm sorry...". The vision ends and Staren looks up and tells Mario to back away, as a big bridge appears to the entrance of Larry's Castle, and Bowser Jr appears and tells Mario that he doesn't stand a chance, and he commands some troops to attack Mario. Mario succeeds and defeats those few enemies and enters Larry's Castle. Mario then goes through a few traps and enemies and finds himself at a dead end, and the ground starts shaking, Mario falls into a mysterious pit, not knowing what will happen to him. So Mario later is woken up by Staren, and Mario finds himself in a jail cell with a few Papers (species), and Toads. One of the Toads tell Mario to be careful, as Mario notices a big Chain Chomp who is trying to attack Mario and the others, but is stuck and cannot move around that much. Staren then comes up with a crazy idea, he will trick the Chain Chomp to look at the jail door, while Mario uses his hammer to break the chains to free the Chain Chomp, the Toads are scared, but they believe the plan may work. As Mario frees the Chain Chomp, 2 Koopas come to check on the prisoners, the Chain Chomp breaks through the jail door and then starts chasing the Koopas, and later busts into a wall and escapes from the castle. The Papers (species) and Toads thank Mario for freeing them and leave to exit the castle, Mario and Staren also proceed to get to Larry and save the Time Gem.

As Mario and his partner go through more of Larry's dangerous puzzles and troops, he makes it to the top of the castle, and Larry suddenly appears and fights Mario. In this battle, Larry will have 20 HP, and will use his Magic Wand to deliver powerful attacks, he will also tackle Mario with his shell sometimes. After Larry is pummeled by Mario's strength, Larry cries and drops the Time Gem, Bowser Junior tells Larry that he is useless and grabs him and flies away. Staren then appears and cheers as Mario and him have got their first Time Gem, but just as Mario is about to get it, a white dragon with red dots all over appears and uses his claws to snatch the Time Gem the Time Gem, Staren then screams "What just happened, who is that monster!" The dragon reveals himself as Shroomgon, the Mushroom Dragon, and he tells Mario that if he wants this tasty gem back, he must fight him in his home, Shroomgon's Den, Staren then tries to attack Shroomgon, but Shroomgon flies away, leaving both Mario and Staren shocked and having to go through more trouble to get their first Time Gem.

A few minutes later, Mario and Staren exit Larry's Castle, they return to Paperia and everyone asks if Mario and Staren rescued the first Time Gem, Staren says that they haven't sadly, but Mario tells Staren to look at a scared Toad, Staren asks why the Toad is scared, the Toad tells Mario that a big dragon flew by Paperia into a den nearby, Staren then realizes that the dragon is obviously Shroomgon, but Mario tells Staren that they don't know where Shroomgon's Den is, but a Bandit whispers to Mario and Staren to come with him. Mario follows the Bandit into a underground place known as "Thief's Corner", where the Bandit takes Mario to The Chief, a smart bandit who knows his way around the Mushroom Kingdom, The Chief agrees to take Mario and Staren to Shroomgon's home, where they can battle Shroomgon, and so Mario went to his next target, Shroomgon's home.

The Chief then reaches Shroomgon's Den, and wishes Mario good luck, he also tells Mario that he will be outside waiting for him, but tells Mario to hurry up because he doesn't like waiting too long. Mario then enters a den filled with Draglets and Dragoombas, on the road to fight Shroomgon. After dealing with the dangerous enemies, Mario confronts Shroomgon and they battle to the death. Shroomgon will have 30 HP in this battle, so Mario has to be careful, especially with Shroomgon's dangerous attacks.

After a fierce fight, Mario defeats the wicked Dragon Shroomgon and he collapses and Mario proceeds to a room where the Time Gem is located, Mario then grabs his first Time Gem happily.

(End Of Chapter)

(Peach Interlude)

Peach wakes up and finds herself in Bowsers Castle of all places, not knowing exactly how she got there, (She was kidnapped shortly after Mario and Staren went on their quest to find the first Time Gem). Meanwhile, Bowser is told by Larry that he has failed his father, Bowser then gets annoyed at Larry but Kamek appears and tells that Mario only has 1 Time Gem, theres about 11 more, and that he (Kamek) will try to stop Mario as he continues to try to get more of those stupid gems. Bowser tells Kamek that he better, and roars at Kamek to find as much Time Gems as he can and bring it to him.

[Peach Interlude End]

(Starel Interlude)

Mario and Starel have returned to Paperia, and Starel suddenly has another vision, and notices a shadow, Starel is also there and whispers, "Ripzel?", but soonly after he does, the vision ends.

[Starel Interlude End]

Chapter 2: Passing The Heat Sands Of Salandria

Mario and Staren have returned to Paperia, and have heard news about a ancient gem that has landed in the ancient Pyramid of Salandria, a desert like town, Staren gets a bit hyper and tells Mario to hurry up, but suddenly, Mario and Staren look at a foggy like image, where a dark figure (which looks like a dark version of Mario) tells that he has come from the future to eliminate Mario and Staren, as they caused a disaster that completely froze time in the Mushroom Kingdom, a world of nothing moving, no Toad or anything, Staren tells the figure that he must be joking and theres no way that he and Mario will ever do that. The figure then tells where the second Time Gem is, which is actually the same place Mario and Staren were going to, the figure fades away and says, "Remember me as... V, Venexis..."

The fog clears with Mario shocked, Staren is as well, Staren then wonders if this is true, and whispers if it may have something to do with his, "secret". Staren then tells Mario that they may see Venexis in the future, but they should keep focussed on their main goal to rescue all the Time Gems, Staren then heads to a random place and flies back, realizing he doesn't know where Salandria is, Toadsworth appears and chuckles and gives Mario a map so he and Staren can find their way around Paperia, Staren then asks how is Princess Peach doing, but before Toadsworth can say a word, Peach appears out of nowhere and tells Mario that she's right here, Toadsworth is shocked as he thought that Peach was kidnapped as he talks to her, but as soon as Peach could respond, she dazes off, like she doesn't remember anything, and she suddenly looks at a image of two evil eyes, Peach tells that she wasn't kidnapped at all (even though she was) Toadsworth gets confused and just forgets about it, as long as Peach is not in danger, he is relieved. A demonic voice then appears, and dark clouds appear, a shadow creature appears and floats and says "Citizens of Paperia, My name is Ripzel, The Overlord of Darkness, I have come to conqueor your world, now that I have released the Time Gems, others shall use it and create chaos for my master plan, freezing your world's time!" The Paper's (species), and Toad's gasp and get scared, and Staren acts angry and says "So It was YOU who spread the Time Gems across the Mushroom Kingdom! How dare you!". Ripzel laughs and tells everyone that Mario and Starel will fail on rescuing all the Time Gems, and then his master plan will be set. Ripzel then disappears, leaving everyone worried and really scared. Staren then tells Mario that Ripzel must be defeated, and they must rescue the Time Gems before it's too late, Staren calls Mario as he heads to Salandria to find the second Time Gem.

Mario later entered the Maliko Marshes, the red hero later found a familar face, it was Kamek, he was messing with a yellow Koopa and made Swamp Piranhas surround him and attack him. Staren then gets angry and calls Kamek a blue nerd, Kamek gets annoyed and tells Staren that his named is Kamek, Staren laughs and says that Kamek is cruel, and tells Mario that they must pummel that rotten old Kamek. Kamek then gets surprised and charges into Mario, beginning a fight. Mario has to deal with Kamek, who has 20 Hp in this fight, he will shoot magic balls at Mario and also lower Mario's attack and defense at some times. Kamek is later beaten by Mario's strength, and he flees away to Bowser, swearing he will get revenge on Mario.

The Swamp Piranhas are then scared and they go underground and flee due to them being shocked that Mario easily beat Kamek. The Koopa then walks to Mario and thanks him very much, Staren then says that it was nothing really, and he is glad that the Koopa was okay. Staren asks who this Koopa is. The yellow Koopa gets surprised, he introduces himself as Kenny Koopa, the brave adventrous Koopa of them all! Staren gets a little weirded out, and says "Okay..." Kenny then asks who might this stached man be, he then says, "You... You're... Luigi!" Mario then gets annoyed and tells Kenny that he is Mario, Luigi's brother. Kenny then understands and tells Mario that he is sorry for calling him Luigi and he laughs, he then gets a little cocky and says that he and Mario will be the best team ever, they will defeat anyone who gets in their way. Mario then gets confused, and Staren tells Mario that he might want to join us. Kenny then screams "JOIN YOU GUYS! TOTALLY!" Staren then nods and says, "The more, the merrier!" So from there on, Kenny Koopa joined Mario's party and became a new partner of Mario.

Mario later enters Salandria to find the second Time Gem, he is greeted by a Dryite, which asks if Mario is searching for the shining treasure. Mario nods, and walks and finds a lot of Toads searching for the treasure, The Dryite tells Mario to ignore them and follow him. The red hero enters the main part of Salandria, with many Papers and Toads living there, Staren then appears and asks the Dryite what is that castle over there, the Dryite tells Staren that the castle is the home of Princess Sala, the princess of Salandria. Staren understands until he is pushed by a salamander like creature, who exits out with a princess who is trapped in a cage which is held by two Paratroopas, the Dryite tells Mario that the princess who is trapped is Princess Sala, Mario and Staren are shocked, but then the salamander introduces himself, as Salamandor, he was sent by Ripzel to destroy Mario and Staren, Staren then gets angry and tells Salamandor that he has a lot of nerve to work for that Ripzel creep. Salamandor laughs and tells Staren that he's only doing this for rewards, he also tells Staren that the precious Time Gem is locked up in a temple somewhere near Salandria, Staren then points out that he already knows that. Salamandor then tells Mario if he wants Princess Sala back, he has to find him, and Salamandor then flees along with Princess Sala.

Mario and Staren are then about to talk when Kenny appears and drags Mario to where Salamandor ran off to, and gets excited as they are on another awesome adventure! Kenny and Mario later enter a place called Deceit Peak, but the Dryite warns Mario and Kenny that there are tricks and traps in Deceit Peak, so they better be careful, Kenny understands, but says theres no way the adventrous Kenny Koopa will be tricked and won't fall into any trap, and charges into Deceit Peak, and later is hit by a rock. Mario then sighs as he looks at Kenny who has already fallen into some kind of trap, Mario then breaks the rock with his hammer and moves on, crossing the dangerous Deceit Peak, and Staren tells Mario that the jail cell nearby is where Princess Sala, Mario and Staren then bust in, ready to rescue the princess of Salandria.

Salamandor welcomes Mario, and tells his Paratroopa minions to attack, Salamandor uses his power to make the two Paratroopas even bigger and stronger, and a brawl begins. In this fight, these two Paratroopas have 9 Hp, they can attack twice in one turn and can create quakes, they can also hide in their shell for defense. Mario defeats those two Paratroopas and makes Salamandor a bit surprised, he frees Princess Sala, Staren then asks why did Salamandor free Princess Sala, Salamandor says he doesn't really care about her anymore, but that he is going to capture that Time Gem, the Dryite from earlier then appears to take Princess Sala back to Salandria. Salamandor then flees to some kind of temple, with Mario and Staren chasing him. The two arrive at a huge temple, and enter, to find Salamandor and defeat him once and for all.

Mario goes through dangerous traps and strong enemies like Pokeys and Dry Bones, climbing up this dangerous temple, on the road to collect the second Time Gem, when Staren accidently touches something and falls into a trap, Mario is shocked and later has to go through the temple without Staren. Meanwhile, Staren fell into a unknown area and finds Venexis there, Staren asks Venexis why he is here, Venexis tells Staren that his claim on that Mario and Staren will cause chaos in the future. Staren says that he doesn't believe any of that. Venexis then says if he doesn't believe him, then fine. Venexis then tells Staren that he knows his secret, Staren then gets scared, and says that he had to it, he couldn't do anything about it, he couldn't risk it. Venexis understands Staren and says that he still has to do something about it, Staren agrees, and sighs and he is stuck and can't find his way out. Venexis then tells Staren that he can help him this time, he teleports Staren to where Mario is. Mario is seen walking up the stairs and finds Staren, who tells Mario that he had some help and found his way back, he then returns to Mario's party, and the two head to where the Time Gem is.

Mario finds himself in the room where the Time Gem is supossingly located, he then finds Salamandor, who has become bigger due to the Time Gems power, he then laughs and plans on crushing Mario. Salamandor charges and a big battle begins. In this fight, Salamandor has 40 Hp, he can restore Hp by 5 sometimes in the fight, he can also create shockwaves and crush Mario with his fist. Salamandor's most powerful attack is his slam attack, which causes 4 damage. Salamandor has high attack power and defense, so this will be a big fight for Mario. After dealing with the superior salamander, Mario succeeds on defeating him, he tells Mario that he is a worthy opponent, he then tells Mario that he can take the Time Gem, and he then leaves. Mario then collects the second Time Gem, ending the chapter.

(End Of Chapter)

(Staren Interlude)

Staren and Mario are walking when Staren has another vision, Staren then appears to be looking at a door, where Queen Harmona's voice appears to be talking to Staren, telling him good luck, but a dark blob then attacks Staren and tells him that he cannot hide. Staren's vision then ends, and he wonders why he had a nightmare like vision this time, Mario and Staren then set of to return to Paperia.

[Staren Interlude End]

Chapter 3: Casabooca

Having returned from Salandria with their 2nd Time Gem, Mario and Staren arrive at find a blue Boo just floating around, he goes to Mario and is shocked, saying is he the real Mario, the famous hero? Mario nods, and the blue Boo introduces himself as Ross, a gentlemanly Boo, he invites Mario to his wonderful mansion located in Silent Hills, he also tells Mario that he have found something interesting, it's a gem.

Staren appears and asks if it fell from the sky when Ross found it, Ross says that it did fall outside. Staren then thinks its most likely a Time Gem, a object that he and Mario are looking for. Ross then asks what is a Time Gem, in which Staren replies that the Time Gem is a ancient object that can change time and is also one of the power sources of his world, the Lyte World, without it, Staren's world would be frozen in time. Ross is shocked and says that he will totally give it to Staren, as he doesn't want Staren's home to be frozen in time. Ross then says goodbye and awaits Mario and Staren's arrival at his mansion.

Mario enters the mysterious Silent Hills, and notices a big amount of fog, but then, glowing eyes pop out in the shady fog, the fog clears and shows, Venexis! Venexis is surprised to see that Mario and Staren have not given up, Staren says that Venexis is getting really annoying, and he tries to attack Venexis. Venexis immediatly stops Staren and laughs, he then says goodbye to Mario and teleports away. Staren is frustrated once again, and tells Mario that they need to stop him soon, Mario agrees, and the two heroes head to the mansion that Ross owns.

After navigating through the mysterious Silent Hills, Mario suddenly finds Ross outside, depressed. Staren asks why is Ross outside and not in his mansion, until a sound of Boo's cackling is heard. A Boo wearing a crown appears and says that the mansion is now his, and anyone who dares enter it will feel the wrath of him. Ross says now you know, and explains how King Boo kicked Ross out of his mansion, now he is stuck there. Ross then asks if Mario will help him, if he does, Ross will give him the Time Gem. Staren tells Mario that they have to, before King Boo does something with it. Ross then joins Mario's party, making him a new partner to the team.

Mario, Staren, and Ross attempt to enter the mansion, but just as they are about to enter, a magical blast almost hits Mario. Mario looks up and finds Iggy Koopa, another one of the Koopalings, Iggy jumps down and laughs how Mario is stuck outside, Staren comes out and says that he and Mario will get the Time Gem, nothing is stopping them. Iggy says that Bowser told King Boo to protect the Time Gem that he found and not let Mario and his little star friend get it. Staren tells Mario that they have to take a chance and knock this annoying Koopaling down. Mario nods, and a fight begins. In this fight, Iggy has 20 Hp, he will shoot green magical fireballs and use his shell to strike at Mario. After defeating Iggy, he teleports away and says that he will get revenge on Mario another day. Staren is happy that the annoying Koopaling is gone, he then tells Mario to come inside the mansion, but it's no use.

Mario and Staren feel like they could not get the Time Gem back, until suddenly, two Boo's are carrying a key to behind the mansion, they say that they better hide the front door key good, before that "plumber guy" gets it. Staren then tells Mario to come with him, so they can get the key. Mario walks to behind Ross' Mansion and finds his garden, and the two Boo's are shocked to find Mario, Staren then tells Mario that he will handle this, Staren then yells loudly and the Boo's get scared and drop the key in a well.

Staren then gets mad as the key fell in a mysterious well. Ross then points out that the well is actually the "Cursed Well", a sacred well with a portal that leads to a mysterious place. Staren then says that he and Mario have to risk it, for the Time Gem. Ross then comes along with Mario and Staren to find the key that was dropped. The two arrive in the Cursed Well, the key is actually right in front of their eyes, but something appears to be in the sewer water. Mario walks closer to the key, suddenly, a big Blooper pops out of the sewer water! The Blooper attempts to smash Mario with it's pesky tentacles, but Mario dodges the Bloopers attacks, and fights it. In this fight, Mario just has to deal with a 25 Hp Big Blooper, but it's attacks are dangerous, so blocking them is a good idea. Mario defeats the wicked Blooper, and it goes underwater and flees, Mario is happy for another victory because of that. Professor E. Gadd suddenly bumps into Mario, making him surprised to see one of his old friends.

E. Gadd greets Mario, and asks him what he is doing down here in this well, Staren appears and introduces himself and tells E. Gadd that they had to go down this well to find a key that some annoying Boo's dropped. E. Gadd brings out a key and says "This key?" Staren nods, and thanks E. Gadd for finding it. E. Gadd says no problem, and asks once again why they need the key. Staren explains that he and Mario are looking for ancient objects called Time Gems, which are the power source of the Lyte World, (Staren's home), and that King Boo has one, but he locked him and Mario out of a boo named Ross out of his mansion. E. Gadd is shocked, as he tells Mario and Staren that they have to go and stop King Boo soon, as he has revived a dangerous darkness known as Black Mist, which is able to copy and spread darkness everywhere. Staren says that this is bad, who knows what will happen if Black Mist gets his hand on the Time Gem. Staren then asks E. Gadd if they are able to escape this well. E. Gadd tells Mario and Staren that there is a way to escape it, but it's really tough. Staren then says that he and Mario have got to take a chance and do it. The two nod and ask what to do.

Dealing with pesky obstacles and enemies, Mario escapes the Cursed Well, with the key to victory. The red plumber then explores Ross' Mansion and fights some of King Boo's troops along the way, and also solving puzzles set up by the baffling Boo's.

Mario reaches the terrance of the mansion, and encounters a furious King Boo, who has found out that Mario has defeated his minions and is coming to take the gem. King Boo then finds Mario listening to his conversation. King Boo tells Mario that he has a lot of nerve to come here, and he also tells Mario that his time is up, and he charges an electrical field, preventing Mario from escaping, and starting a big brawl. This battle is a challenge, King Boo has a few dangerous attacks such as shooting lightning and turning big and attempting to crush Mario. King Boo has 25 HP, but he can restore 7 HP in battle.

After pummeling the wicked Boo king, he admits defeat, but he calls, Black Mist, something that E. Gadd told Mario and Staren to watch out for. Black Mist roars and uses the power of the Time Gem to become even more stronger, and the true battle starts! Black Mist will have 50 Hp, he is easier to defeat as he doesn't restore his health unlike King Boo, but he has massive defense and strong attacks. Some of his attacks can also poison Mario, so beating this boss quickly is a good idea. Sometimes, Black Mist will create giant arms and crush Mario and cause him to lose a big 5 amount of damage.

Mario finishes the deadly Black Mist after finishing a intensive fight with the help of his partners, Black Mist then explodes and the third Time Gem is revealed. King Boo wakes up and is shocked that Mario defeated Black Mist, and so are the Boo's. The Boo's are frightened and fly away cowardly. King Boo does so too, as he has no choice too. Staren is then excited about the third Time Gem that he and Mario has rescued, but he still is prepared for more trouble in the future. Ross thanks Mario for saving his mansion and allows him to take the gem. Mario then collects the third Time Gem and leaves Ross' Mansion.

(Staren Interlude)

The Interlude begins with Mario sleeping in some building in Paperia, Staren seems to be not asleep, and he thinks in his mind about Black Mist, who is revealed to be a dark force from the Shayde World, and he thinks Ripzel probably sent it. Staren then wonders what Ripzel might do next, and what is his conquest.

[Staren Interlude End]

(Bowser Interlude)

Bowser is told by Kamek that Iggy has failed to stop Mario. Bowser roars with anger, and calls the other Koopalings. Bowser tells Wendy, Morton, Roy, Ludwig, and Lemmy to destroy Mario before he ruins his plans at all cost. The rest of the Koopalings listen to Bowser and leave to find some Time Gems. After the other Koopalings leave, a black fog appears in Bowsers' throne room, he then gets creeped out, and he finds a shadow figure. Bowser then roars "Mario!!!" The figure asks if Bowser is crazy, making Bowser mad. The shadow figure reveals himself to be Venexis, a dark being who is intending on capturing the Time Gems. Kamek questions Venexis and asks why he looks like Mario. Venexis reveal that this is his disguise, and that he doesn't want to show his true form yet. Kamek understands Venexis' situation and is cut off by Bowser, who tells Venexis why is he here. Venexis tells Bowser that he can help Bowser, he can help him become the supreme overlord of the Mushroom Kingdom. Bowser then grins and says "I like the sound of that."

[Bowser Interlude End]

Chapter 4: An Orchestra Of No Other

After collecting their third Time Gem, Mario and Staren still have to collect 9 more, what else awaits them? Staren suddenly gets a message from Queen Harmona, the Lyte World Queen, she informs Mario and Staren that Ripzel has finally made a move, he is sending his minions, the Z-Eons. This shocks Mario and Staren, just think of what Ripzel is planning. Harmona tells Staren that he better watch out, Ripzel is very mysterious, especially launching an attack at this time. Staren tells Queen Harmona not to worry, as he and Mario will as much as they can to defeat the Z-Eons.

Worst to their luck, a cruel sound of lightning is heard, it's the Z-Eons, and Ripzel, they have invaded Paperia. Mario then battles two Z-Eons in a mini-Boss fight. All Mario has to do is knock out two Elite Z-Eons which have 11 HP in this fight, this fight isn't that hard. After defeating the two Elite Z-Eons, Mario advances to where Ripzel is laughing, Mario seems to be angry at Ripzel, and Staren says that Ripzel is nothing to fear as he tries to communicate with the Papers (species) and Toads on Paperia. The Papers (species) and Toads then calm down, and Staren tells Ripzel to stop his annoying minions. Ripzel answers Staren's pleed strangely. Ripzel then says that he will be going, he also tells Mario and Staren that he hopes to meet him at Montoadery's Mansion, if they want the Time Gem of theirs. Staren gets frustrated and tries to talk some sense into Ripzel, but he disappears.

The citizens of Paperia have now calmed down, but who is Montoadery, it looks like Mario has to go to the Toads' house to find the fourth Time Gem, and not let Ripzel stop him. Staren then wonders about this Toad, but Goomooki appears and talks to Staren about him, he says that Montoadery is a famous and wealthy Toad who has a party at his mansion sometimes, but it is like, impossible to get in without an invitation.

Goomooki comes out to say a word to Mario, telling him there could be a way, but it will be quite challenging. Mario listens to Goomooki, who reveals a shocking plan, to sneak into Montoadery's Mansion! Staren comes out with a gasp, he thinks that Goomooki must be crazy, since theres no possible way that they could get in. Apparently luck happens to Mario, as he overhears two of Ripzel's minions, the Z-Eons talking about the party, saying that they should just throw the invitation away, as they don't care about the party. The two throw their invitations on the ground and leave. Staren then dashes to get the invitation, but crashes into someone... It's Venexis once again! Venexis laughs and tells Mario that all hope is lost for him, the truth will be revealed later, and the Lyte World will be destroyed completely.

Staren is frustrated once again at the pesky Venexis, he demands Venexis to give the invitation or else. Venexis smiles and says "So what?" Staren tells Mario that it's time to show Venexis why he should stop his actions. A voice is then heard, it's no other than Wendy Koopa, another one of the Koopalings. Mario is curious why Wendy would be with Venexis, until she reveals that Venexis is helping Bowser collect all the Time Gems. Staren is quite shocked to think that Bowser would let someone like Venexis help him. Wendy then gets annoyed and fights Mario in order to take the Time Gems. This battle is simple, Wendy only has 30 Hp, she will use her wand to shoot rings that can do about 3-4 damage to Mario. Wendy can also duplicate herself to trick the player into attacking the fake Wendy. After the player defeats Wendy, she teleports and says that Mario hasn't seen the last of her.

Venexis applauds Mario on a well fought fight, he then tells Mario that he will be seeing him at Montoadery's Mansion, and he gives the invitations to Mario and Staren and leaves.

That night Mario and company arrived at Montoaderys' Mansion and were surprised with some strange paranormal activity, 4 instruments started floating ominously, and a dark voice is heard, the voice reveals himself as Strauss, the shadow composer of chaos, and he will unleash his wrath and destroy these instruments, he surprisingly uses the violin to send many Toads into slumber, and he hides all the instruments and disappears, now Mario must search for the four prized instruments of Montoadery.

The first instrument, the Topsy Tuba is actually upstairs, the way to find it is to listen to the sound closely, and watch your step too, the tuba will blast you off if it sees you. Mario needs to sneak behind it to defeat the bashful thing, and he has to battle it, each instrument has 25 Hp and 3 attack, but different attacks, so be prepared when challenging the paranormal tuba. Mario then collects the tuba after losing the paranormal effect that Strauss gave it and heads to find the next instrument, the Ghastly Guitar.

The Ghastly Guitar is located in the kitchen, but Mario must awaken a fat shy guy so he can move from the door. After that, Mario still has to deal with stuff, he must push back a giant refridgerator, so the player must awaken many Toads to push the refridgerator, it is a really easy task. Once that is done, the Ghastly Guitar will try to use kitchen ware to hit you, just dodge them and prepare to fight the instrument. The instrument has the same stats as the other instruments, so good luck. Mario collects the second instrument after it had the effect of Strauss taken away. The player now must collect the next instrument, the Picky Piano.

The third instrument is easy to find, just head to the music room, but you have to watch out for deadly notes that the piano is unleashing. Before Mario gets close to the piano, Bowser crashes into the music room, he says that he finally made it to the party, and that it was foolish for the almighty king to not be invited, he then is shocked to see Mario there, and then he remembers Mario has 3 Time Gems, so he quickly assaults him, and a big battle begins! Bowser has 35 Hp, but POWERFUL attacks too, especially his deadly fire breath attack. The battle will be challenging, so defense is very useful in this fight. Bowser is then pummeled by Mario, and he is knocked out and is sent flying from the way he barged in. Staren quickly tells Mario to take down the piano, but apparently it lost the paranormal effect, and Montoadery comes in and thanks Mario, and tells him to leave the instrument as it is.

The final instrument is on the third floor of the mansion, but Mario finds the wicked Venexis commanding the troops of Ripzel to guard the precious instrument. Mario then has to deal with multiple Z-Eons to guard the instrument. After making it to the door, Mario must fight the Vicious Violin (25 Hp, 4 Attack) AND 2 Elite Z-Eons as well, so this time the battle is serious. Mario finally has reverted the effects of Strauss and had saved the instruments. Until Strauss warps the instruments AGAIN! He tells Mario to meet him at the Terrance, and reveals he has a Time Gem!

Mario and Montoadery head up to the terrance, where Strauss welcomes Montoadery, confusing Staren, he asks if they know each other. Strauss explains that he and Montoadery were music buddies and Montoadery had won the Champion Symphony and won all the 4 most valuable instruments of the Mushroom Kingdom, Strauss says that he was vicious, and swore he would get revenge. Strauss then tells Mario he found this gem that turned him into his new form, that caused him to gain paranormal powers. Strauss then tells Mario if he wants the instruments safe, he must defeat him. The boss fight begins, Strauss will use the four instruments to attack, each of them has 5 Hp, and once one is defeated, they are warped back where they belong. Strauss has 30 Hp (50 in total counting the instruments) but can only be fought once the instruments are defeated. Strauss' attacks aren't too powerful, but the instruments' attacks are something to watch out for.

The player finally succeeds and defeats the shadow composer Strauss, he is suddenly returned back to his Toad form, and apologizes to Montoadery for all the trouble he has caused. Montoadery forgives him, and Strauss walks up to Mario and hands him the fourth Time Gem, thanking Mario for stopping his devious deeds. Staren then is excited as he and Mario have collected yet another Time Gem. The party then is over, and Mario and Staren head back to Paperia.

(Staren Interlude)

As Mario and Staren head back, Staren has yet another vision and finds King Phantamus in his vision, welcoming him to the side of evil, Staren is shocked and tells Phantamus he would never become evil. Phantamus then says "Well then, guess your world will be destroyed soon". Starens vision is gone, and he tells Mario that they must hurry to collect the Time Gems, as he fears the end is near for his world.

[Staren Interlude End]

(Bowser Interlude)

Bowser is hurt from his defeat and falls into a swamp. Now he must go through a 2D sidescrolling swamp/underground level and grab the flag. After that, Bowser meets up with Venexis, who tells Bowser that his new weapon is almost ready.

[Bowser Interlude End]

Chapter 5: Playtime, Of Doom!

A few days after the fourth Time Gem was collected, Mario woke up and found a gigantic toy box that had crashed into north of Paperia. The Toads were angry because there was no way to head out north due to the toy box blocking them. Lemmy came out of the toy box and giggled, it appeared that he has the next Time Gem that Mario and Staren were looking for, they tried to bust in, but the toy box miraculously sucked the hero in. Who knows what they are bound for in this huge toy world?

Mario had fell in the Tumble Toy Box, where he was encountered by many Shy Guys who wondered who the plumber was. Before they could even question, mysterious electrical spirits had appeared and scare the Shy Guys away. Mario was surprised and didn't know what to do. Staren told Mario that those monsters are "L-Etrik"s, ghost like thunder spirits who are known to cause many disasters and troubles relating to electricity.

The army of L-Etriks had unleashed their power and caused a power outage in the toy box, everything was dark, it was very hard to see. They all laughed and scurried away. Staren told Mario that they just have to find themselves around the toy box themselves. The right path to take is into the Chocola Harbor, where a Toad is needed to be helped out, he is a captain and the lighthouse has been trashed by some bad guys.

Heading up the lighthouse is very easy, but you will have to fight some L-Etriks along the way, and they can be annoying to deal with. Once you make it up to the lighthouse, the lights are on at the top, and the player finds Venexis, who is with two Z-Eon minions and Lemmy Koopa, who is toying around with a L-Etrik. Staren tells Mario that they must stop that pesky Lemmy, and so they challenge the circus crazed koopa. He is quite easy, though he has 30 Hp, and his attack power can grow or decrease. His attack patterns include star related attacks and hammer based attacks. After Lemmy is defeated, the two Z-Eons are pushed with fear as Mario defeated the dangerous Lemmy Koopa.

Venexis is pleased that Mario is getting stronger but warns the both they will meet a terrifying fate once they collect all the Time Gems. The L-Etriks and Venexis plus the others then disappear to who knows where, but the hurt one is still there. The L-Etrik introduces herself as Ampy and gives a big thanks since Mario saved her. Ampy joins Marios' party, and pledges to help Mario save the toy box. Mario then uses Ampy to fix the lighthouse and goes back to the Toad Captain.

The captain thanks the red plumber and offers Mario a trip to the Gear Garage, where the L-Etriks are hiding and have kidnapped some Toads there. Mario jumps on the ship and he and the captain head to the Gear Garage. When they arrive, they find some young clown faced character toying around with two L-Etriks with his dark powers, Mario also finds many L-Etriks trashing the place too. Staren then notices the clown character using a Time Gem! Staren tells Mario to grab that Time Gem from the clown. Mario confronts the clown who reveals his name, Crowley, and he doesn't like bullies. Staren asks if Crowley would hand the gem over, but Crowley gives a big no, and he screams out that Mario and Staren are the destruction duos that he had heard about. Crowley then uses a random beanstalk to climb up to a floating land that appeared out of nowhere!

Crowley then tells Mario and Staren if they want the Time Gem, they will just have to catch him. Crowley summons the L-Etriks to swarm the Floating Land in order to stop the red plumber. Mario then has to explore the Floating Land and fight many enemies along the way and avoid many obstacles set up by Crowley. Mario eventually meets up with Crowley at the train station of the Floating Land, where Crowley is trying to use the Time Gem for something. Crowley then says he remembers Mario from something he did in the past, Mario is confused until Crowley say the name, "Dimentio". Mario is shocked and Staren asks who is this Dimentio character. Mario explains about what Dimentio did and his plot that nearly destroyed the universe. Staren is surprised and wonders if Crowley is actually going to use the Time Gem to revive Dimentio. Crowley then explains that Dimentio and him were friends and they did some evil acts until Dimentio joined Count Bleck, and Crowley was abandoned, his friend was gone. Crowley later found out that Dimentio later had been destroyed by Mario and his friends, he then swore revenge to the red plumber, and now his vengeance has come. Crowley then tells Mario that he is next in line for the ride of doom. Crowley then jumps into the main train of the station, the "S.S Toyward", and so, the boss battle begins.

In this boss, there are 4 sections of the train that must be defeated, each section has 13 HP each. Crowley will sometimes use the Time Gem to restore slight health, so be careful. The train will have attacks like shooting out gears fast, and even surrounding itself on fire, rendering attacking useless. The player then succeeds on taking the train down, and Crowley. Crowley becomes sad, and tells Mario he will get revenge someday. The Floating Land begins to crash into the Tumble Toy Box, and Mario, Staren, and Crowley teleport out of the land. The three watch as the floating land falls into a gigantic gap. Staren is shocked and wonders if the floating land had originally been there. Crowley nods, and says that he had done it. Staren is annoyed, but Crowley tells Mario and Staren that the Tumble Toy Box originally was a smaller one, but that weird circus crazy Lemmy had made it larger to block a part of Paperia. Mario and Staren then exit the toy box and leave. They then use the Time Gem to restore the original location and size that the toy box was vandalized by Lemmy Koopa. Staren then tells Mario that now that the toy box is out of the way, their adventure will sill continue, and who knows what challenges they will face as they find the seven remaining Time Gems.


(Staren Interlude)

Staren tells Mario that he must make a quick trip to visit Queen Harmona. Staren heads to the Lyte World and finds the Lyte World coming into a dark era. Queen Harmona tells Staren that he and Mario must hurry, time is ticking, and the Lyte World will soon be coming to itself being frozen in time. Ripzel then appears as a hologram and tells Staren and Queen Harmona that their days are over, as Ripzel has found most of the Time Gems and there is no way that the red plumber Mario will save them, he is shown with many Z-Eon troops and commands all of them to invade many locations near Paperia to cause a lot of chaos. Queen Harmona tells Ripzel that he will be defeated, and she sends Staren back to Paperia. Mario is waiting for Staren and he finally returns, Staren tells Mario that their quest is becoming more dangerous now, as Ripzel has sent a large number of his troops to invade the Mushroom Kingdom!

[Staren Interlude End]

Chapter 6: Rocking Down In Rokk City

The chapter begins with Mario receiving a call from Professor E. Gadd, he tells them about a place called Rubble Ruins, where he seems to have located a Time Gem with his new machine, he explains he feels a massive energy source there, so they should get there quickly before someone finds the gem. E. Gadd tells Mario that they should use the Paperia Train to get there, it won't be easy getting there by foot.

Mario and Staren aboard the train, and as the train reaches the Rubble Ruins, it starts to get faster. Suddenly, Z-Eons pop out of nowhere and confront Mario. Staren says how Ripzel must be a step ahead of him and Mario, but one Z-Eon laughs and explains that the Time Gem thing was a hoax, it was never in Rubble Ruins. Staren is furious, and he and Mario challenge 3 Z-Eons to a brutal brawl. Mario defeats them, but Mario is then kicked off the train by the other Z-Eons and lands softly with his paper form into some weird hole. Mario and Staren is awakened by some living rock person. Staren begins to freak out and becomes frightened due to the fact that he has never seen this kind of strange species before. The living rock tells about the Rocs, ancient rock crocodile like humans who were trapped inside this "Rokk City" by an evil Roc named Scar. Staren starts to feel sorry for the Roc but he doesn't seem disapointed, as the Rocs seem to like their current home, but Scar is still being cruel to the poor Rocs.

Staren asks the friendly Roc his name, he introduces himself as the brave and great Rockwell, who loves exploring and adventuring. Rockwell then feels a little shy and asks if Mario would please let him adventure with him and help him defeat the evil Scar. Mario accepts Rockwell to the team and Mario gains yet another party member. Rockwell has now joined the team, but Scar appears to be using his band of evil Rocs who joined the mysterious villain himself.

Chapter 7: Lights, Camera, Action!

Chapter 8: Into The Storm

Chapter 9: Expedition On Solar Island

Chapter 10: A Voyage Through Seas

Chapter 11: Cold Crusade

Chapter 12: Fight Arena

Chapter 13: Fated Time

Chapter 14: Final Showdown


The gameplay is mainly similar to the original Paper Mario and The Thousand Year Door, it returns to its roots but with new features, such as the ability to use a combined move with one of Mario's partners.

The battle system is a bit more strategic this time around, Mario will find a lot of items that will help in battle like Cardboard Slabs, which provide Mario more defense, Yarn Slabs, which provide Mario more attack power, and Sticker Slabs, which provide Mario a more chance of an enemy missing when attacking.

Mario also gains a power called Time Twist, which is similar to Paperization from the predecessor, Staren will freeze time and lets Mario walk through certain puzzles like a fast moving conveyor belt, Staren can also reverse time and go to a previous time, but if Mario does Time Twist at a time where it is not needed, Staren will not do it.


Main Characters

Name Description Role
Mario The famous red plumber is on a quest again to save Paperia and rescue the Time Gems alongside his new friend Staren! Being the main character to control in game.
Staren The main partner in the game, he has a quite big story and role in the game. He is very similar to Goombario and Goombella, as he can Tattle when fighting an opponent. Being the Main and first partner of Mario.
Princess Peach Princess Peach, the damsel in distress, well, she's not kidnapped this time, but she will help Mario sometimes in the game. Helping the player will certain tasks and giving sidequests.
Bowser The fearsome Koopa King is back, and badder than ever. Bowser is trying to find all the 12 Time Gems and become the supreme overlord of the Mushroom Kingdom, but Mario and Staren won't let that happen! Being one of the main villains in the game.
Ripzel The major villain of the game. Ripzel is a cruel and clever being of darkness who wants nothing but to destroy the Lyte World. Being the major villain of the story.
Venexis A mysterious dark Mario lookalike who has crashed into the Mushroom Kingdom, confronting Mario many times in each chapter, what is his goal? Being a minor villain in the game.


Name Description Moves Recruited At
Staren The Star Fairy Staren is the main partner in the game, he is a star fairy from the Lyte World as is ready to assist Mario and help him out on his quest.
  • Tackle
  • Spinning Star
  • Stardust Shower
  • Meteor Crash
Goomooki The Tailed Goomba Goomooki is a brave tailed Goomba who joins Mario after he saved his little home and friends from Gigooms. Now Goomooki heads with Mario to make him proud as they rescue the Time Gems.
  • Headbonk
  • Tail Slap
  • Super Headbonk
  • Diving Tail Bonk
Chapter 1
Kenny The Koopa Kenny is a anxious and happy Koopa who loves adventure, so much, that he decides to join Mario and Staren on their quest.
  • Shell Attack
  • Drilling Shell
  • Giga Shell Breaker
  • Flight Of Kenny
Chapter 2
Ross The Blue Boo Ross is a rich Boo who had his Mansion taken over by the wicked King Boo, Ross joins Mario to save his Mansion and later help him collect the rest of the Time Gems.
  • Loud Scare
  • Disappear Daze
  • Blue Flame
  • Booifying Invasion
Chapter 3
Ampy The L-Etrik One of the mysterious electricity based monsters, Ampy is a kind partner of Mario and she will stop any opponent with her volting fury.
  • Turbo Tackle
  • Blinding Flash
  • Bolt Boost
  • Thunderrain
Chapter 5
Rockwell The Roc A Roc who really loves the face of adventure and exploration, he wants to show he is no ordinary partner to Mario. He is ready to fight alongside him anytime.
  • Pebble Bite
  • Rolling Rush
  • Crashstone
  • Roc Slide
Chapter 6
Lakitune The Lakitu Chapter 8
Glacina The Cold Spirit Chapter 11

Bosses (In Order)

Highlights signify main Chapter bosses.

Name HP Attack Location
Bowser Jr. 15 2 Paperia
Gigooms 20 3 Goomba Forest Clearing
Larry Koopa 20 3 Larry's Castle
Shroomgon 30 4/5 Shroomgon's Den
Kamek 20 4 Maliko Marshes
Giant Paratroopa (2) 10 (Both) 3 Salandria Jail
Salamandor 40 5 Azum Temple
Iggy Koopa 20 5 Ross' Mansion (Outside)
Big Blooper 25 3/4 Cursed Well
King Boo 25 4/5 Ross' Mansion
Black Mist 50 1/2/4 Ross' Mansion
Wendy O. Koopa 30 3/4 Paperia
Possessed Instruments 25 (Each) 3 Montoadery's Mansion (Second Floor, Kitchen, Third Floor)
Bowser 35 4 Montoadery's Mansion (Music Room)
Strauss 50 (total) 3/5 Montoadery's Mansion
Lemmy Koopa 30 1/2/4 Tumble Toybox
S.S Toyward 52 4/6 Floating Land
Scar 25 5.5 Rokk City
Morton Jr Koopa 30 3/4 Rokk City
Coropal 55 4/5 Scar's Canyon
Bowser Jr. 34 1/2/3 Hallyvood Theater
Doopular 30 3.5 Maniac Maze
Venexis 60 4.5 Hallyvood Theater


Main items

  • Jump Boots
  • Mega Boots
  • Gravity Boots
  • Hyper Boots
  • Max Boots (secret)
  • Hammer
  • Mega Hammer
  • Ultra Hammer
  • Star Hammer (secret)

Key items

  • Paper Medals
  • Symbol
  • Star Teleporter
  • Cooking Guide
  • Arcade Pass
  • Basement Key
  • Soul Book
  • Pyramid Scrap
  • Sticker Book

Regular Items

  • Coins
  • Bigger Coins
  • Mushroom
  • Super Shroom
  • Ultra Shroom
  • Waka Berry
  • Nuts
  • Super Nuts
  • Ultra Nuts
  • Poison Mushroom
  • POW Block
  • Star Shower
  • Lightning Cloud
  • Fire Flower
  • Ice Flower
  • Tanooki Leaf
  • Spiny Shell
  • Super Spiny Shell
  • Mirror
  • Stickers


Normal Badges

Name Info Location
Guard Bonus Each time Mario blocks an attack from an enemy, he gains a few amount of coins depending on the enemy and how strong they are. Paperia
Duplijump Mario is able to jump 5-8 times on an enemy for 3 FP. Grassy Road
Snag Jump This badge only works if the enemy is holding something (such as FP or Coins). Thief's Corner
Turn Heal This Badge is able to give Mario 1 Hp more each turn. Infinity Forest
Iron Bounce Mario is able to jump on spiked enemies like Spiny's if he uses this move. Shroomgon's Den
Resistance If Mario is in a dangerous area in a fight (or outside of a fight) (such as in poison water), he won't be hurt at all. Maliko Marshes

Partner only

Name Info Location
Sticking Up When Mario is in trouble, his partner will switch and attempt to block the attack with a 50/50 chance. This doesn't work if your partner is defeated. Grassy Road
Duo Daze Creates a substitute that stands in front of Mario, protecting him, if the enemy attacks the subsitute 2 times it will explode and deliver a small hit on the enemy. Salandria
Snag Your partner will grab an item from a enemy, sometimes it might not work, some enemies might not be carrying items. Silent Hills
Pass Your partner can choose to not attack at all in a turn, in the next turn, their attack will be more stronger. Cursed Well

Extra badges

Name Info Location
L Emblem Changes Mario's appearance to Luigi's Clothes and turns his hat green with Luigi's Emblem. Larry's Fortress
Mr. L Emblem Changes Mario's appearance to Mr. L's Clothes and turns his hat green with Mr. L's Emblem. ???
W Emblem Changes Mario's appearance to Wario's Clothes and turns his hat Yellow with Wario's Emblem. Pirate Island
Waluigi Emblem Changes Mario's appearance to Waluigi's Clothes and turns his hat Purple with Waluigi's Emblem. Mt. Eruption
Gold M Emblem Changes Mario's hat into a Gold color as well as his Emblem, this also doubles Mario's Coins, HP, and FP gained from battle. Montoadery's Mansion (All Star Pieces' need to be collected)


  • Paperia (Main Hub)
  • Grassy Road (Chapter 1)
  • Thiefs Corner (Chapter 1)
  • Larry's Castle (Chapter 1)
  • Maliko Marshes (Chapter 2)
  • Salandria (Chapter 2)
  • Deceit Peak (Chapter 2)
  • Azum Temple (Chapter 2)
  • Pirate Island (Chapter ?)
  • Mt. Eruption (Chapter 9)
  • Silent Hills (Chapter 3)
  • Cursed Well (Chapter 3)
  • Ross' Mansion (Chapter 3)
  • Montoaderys' Mansion (Chapter 4)
  • Tumble Toybox (Chapter 5)
  • Floating Land (Chapter 5)
  • Rokk City (Chapter 6)
  • Scars Canyon (Chapter 6)
  • Hallyvood Theater (Chapter 7)
  • Maniac Maze (Chapter 7)


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