Paper Mario: The Treasure of Kron is the fourth game in the Paper Mario series. It will be released for the Wii in 2011.


Chapters and Bosses

  • Prologue—Reaching for the Stars
  • Boss: Ergo (Unbeatable)
  • Boss: Ztar
  • Chapter 1 -- The Good, The Bad, and The Crumpy
  • Mini-Boss: Crawson
  • Mini-Boss: King Fuzznik & Gold Fuzzies
  • Mini-Boss: Dry Bones & Dull Bones
  • Boss: Lord Crump
  • Chapter 2 -- Into the True Blue Depths
  • Mini-Boss: The Ellomento Bros.
  • Boss: Gooper Blooper
  • Boss: Dreadhead
  • Chapter 3 -- A Champ's Return
  • Mini-Boss: King K, Jolene, and Prince Mush
  • Mini-Boss: The Iron Clubba
  • Mini-Boss: Bowser
  • Boss: The Smashinator
  • Boss: Dawk Hawk
  • Boss: Mecha Grubba & The Smashinator

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