Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door is a 2011 animated film based around the 2004 video game of the same name. It is essentially a retelling of the original game, but with various changes to the plot here and there.


  • Charles Martinet - Mario, Luigi, Toadsworth
  • Samantha Kelly - Princess Peach, Toad, Toadette
  • Kenny James - Bowser
  • Tara Strong - Goombella, Vivian, Zess T., Toce T.
  • Tom Kenny - Kamek, Koops, Professor Frankly, Gus, Grubba, Larson, Parakarry
  • Kath Soucie - Flurrie, Ms. Mowz, Toodles, Francesca Pianta, Lady Bow
  • Clancy Brown - Admiral Bobbery, Charlieton, Cortez, Don Pianta, Flavio
  • Bill Fagerbakke - Marilyn, Gloomtail, Smorg, Rawk Hawk
  • Janice Kawaye - The Travelling Sisters Three, Toad Waitress, Petuni
  • Carlos Alazraqui - Vinny Pianta, Rocko Pianta
  • Dee Bradley Baker - Punio, Doopliss, Macho Grubba, Bonetail, Goose
  • Rob Paulsen - Yoshi Kid, Pennington, Garf
  • Jim Cummings - Lord Crump, Sir Grodus
  • Maurice LaMarche - Magnus Von Grapple
  • Jeff Bennett - Zip Toad
  • Frank Welker - Mr. Hoggle, Hooktail
  • Jennifer Hale - Shadow Queen, Beldam, Kammy Koopa

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