Enemy_name Class Information_in_Goombill's_tattle_log Coins Rarity
Goomba Land That's a Goomba, just like me! But what I don't like is that they seem to be the weakest members of the Koopa Army. 10 Common
Paragoomba Airborn That's a Paragoomba, basically a Goomba with wings. How come the bad guys always get the coolest things? 10 Common
Gloomba Underground That's a Gloomba, a Goomba that adapted to live underground. Cool! I wonder why they are blue, thoguh... 10 Uncommon
Spike Goomba Land That's a Spike Goomba, badically a Goomba with a spiked helmet. Again, why do the bad guys get the cool stuff? 10 Uncommon
Grand Goomba Land That's a Grand Goomba. Woah, how'd that Goomba get so big? I guess it ate a lot? 20 Rare
Goomba Diver Aquatic That's a Goomba Diver. They are Goombas that have adapted to live underwater. I wonder what would happen if that helmet got removed, though? 20 Rare
Koopa Troopa Land That's a Koopa Troopa. They're turtle like creature with high defense! I wonder what would happen if we flipped them on they're shells... 20 Common
Koopa Paratroopa Airborne That's a Koopa Paratroopa, but you can just call it a Paratroopa. They are Koopa Troopas with wings, which stinks because, like all airborne enemies, you can't use hammers on them. 22 Uncommon
Elite Koopa Troopa Land That's an Elite Koopa Troopa, basically stronger Koopa Troopas with red shells. It might take more than one stomp to flip them on they're shells. 22 Rare
Spiky Koopa Underground That's a Spiky Koopa. They are Koopa Troopas with cool blue spiked shells. I don't think jumping on them will work here. 24 Uncommon
Spiky Paratroopa Underground
That's a Spiky Paratroopa. They are Paratroopas with cool blue spiked shells. Oh, so THAT'S where they get those blue shells for kart races! 24 Uncommon
Lakitu Airborn That's a Lakitu. What's up with them? I mean, they float in clouds and throw spiked eggs. What's the deal with them? 26 Uncommon
Elite Lakitu Airborn That's an Elite Lakitu. Basically they are just Lakitus with blue shells. Wait, is it just me, or do they throw larger spiked eggs than regular ones? 28 Rare
Chomp Lakitu Airborn That's a Chomp Lakitu. These Lakitus are more "machiney" that regular Lakitues since they ride in clown cars. Wait, are those Chain Chomps they're throwing? 28 Rare
Whomp Castle These big dudes are called Whomps. They have a rock-hard personality. Be careful, if they trip, it could crush you flatter than a pancake! 30 Very Rare
Monty Mole Underground Those cute li'l guys are Monty Moles. They live underground and will follow anything that interests them. Odd, huh? 10 Common
Elite Mole Underground That's an Elite Mole. They are much tougher than they're cousins, the cute Monty Moles! Be careful, they're buck teeth can crush bones! 28 Rare
Mecha Mole Robotic That's a Mecha Mole, er go, mechanical dopplegangers of the Monty Mole. They're stats are WAY higher than a regular Monty Mole, but we can still beat 'em! Right? 30 Very Rare
Chain Chomp Land
That's a Chain Chomp. They have very dangerous jaws. But they are mostly tied up to a pole, so if we just keep our distance, we should be fine. 30 Very Rare
Mad Chomp Underground That's a Mad Chomp. I wonder what he's so angry about? He looks meaner than regular Chain Chomps, so we better be careful! 32 Very Rare
Hammer Bro. Land That's a Hammer Bro. These turtles look like football players, but they are menaces with the hammers they throw, so watch out! 10 Rare
Fire Bro. Land
That's a Fire Bro. They definetly look a lot spicier than they're cousins with those fireballs. We better be careful. 10 Rare
Boomerang Bro. Land That's a Boomerang Bro. Boomerang Bros. are like Hammer and Fire Bros., except they throw boomerangs instead. 10 Rare
Boo Haunted That's a Boo, circular ghosts who are very shy. They probably won't do much harm if we look at them. 15 Uncommon
Dark Boo Haunted That's a Dark Boo. Dude, what's with them being purple? I guess they're cousins make fun of them a lot. 15 Very Rare
Big Boo Haunted That's a Big Boo. Woah, it's huge! Almost as big as those Grand Goombas! But we can take it! Can we? 20 Rare
Broozer Haunted That's a Broozer. They're ghosts that just love to punch things! And maybe WE'RE the things to them! 22 Rare

More to come...


Name_of_the_boss HP ATK Coins Information_in_Goombill's_tattle_log
Bowser (1) 20 30 30 That's Bowser, you're nemesis, right Mario? He's that big brute who's always stealing the princess from under you're nose. But you always beat him!
R.O.B. 2546 and R.O.B. 2547 Each=30 40 2546=20
2546: That is R.O.B. 2546, a recently created member of Bowser's army. He is gaurding somehting along with his brother, so we better take them down!
2547: That is R.O.B. 2547, a rcently created member of Bowser's army, and 2546's brother. He is gaurding something along with his brother, so we better tkae them down!
Fawful (1) 30 30 40 That's Fawful. This crazy guy's got fury. Or chortles, whichever he says he has. If you ask me, he's a lunatic.
King Neptune 50 40 44 That's King Neptune, the king of the seas. Wait, we're fighting him? I thought Neptune was a nice guy! Oh well... let's do this!
Thorn 56 30 50 That's Thorn, aka the Maiden of the Plants. Wow, I can't believe we're fighting such a gorgeous being! I think I'm in love!
Fawful (2) and Midbus Fawful=30
Fawful: See Fawful (1).
Midbus: That's Midbus, a supposed rival of Bowser. I thought he was frozen after becoming Blizzard Midbus? Well, no matter. We gotta kick his sorry hog hiney!
Bowser (2) and the Koopalings Bowser=60


Koopalings=10 each
Bowser: See Bowser (1)
Koopalings: Those guys with Bowser are the Koopalings: Bowser Jr., Larry, Lemmy, Roy, Morton, Ludwig, Wendy, and Iggy. Wow, Bowser's wife had some litter, didn't she?
Cackletta First=100
First: That's Cackletta. I thought you beat her ages ago along with you're brother, Mario? Well, we can always do it again! Can't we?
Second: Woah! What happened to Cackletta? She looks supremo scary! Well, Mario, this is the final boss, so as dude heroes say, "let's do this"!
Victor, Lukas, and Giro* Victor=90
40 each Victor: That's Victor, the leader of the Goliath Thieves. Who knew that he and his teamates made they're lair down here in the Pit of 100 Trials?
Lukas: That's Lukas, the brains of the Goliath Thieves. He seems to be the one to plan all the routes and hack into the computers, stuff like that.
Giro: That's Giro, the brawns of the Goliath Thieves. He isn't the smartest member of them, though, so he should be easy to trick.
Scarecrow Ghost* 200 80 60 That's the Scarecrow Ghost. Wow, is he scary! He's been scaring off anybody who came down here for centuries! But we aren't scared! Well, maybe I am...

A * means it is an optional boss fought in the Pit of 100 Trials.

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