These are all of the side quests that can be completed in Paper Mario: The Shards of Time.

Toad Town Help Center

These are all of the side quests that are completed through Toad Town's Help Center, not unlike the Help Center in Rogueport.

Other Side Quests

These are all of the side quests that are completed through other means.

Replacement Shiny

Earliest Availability - Chapter 1
Earliest Completion - Chapter 3
Required Items - Starlight Gem
Reward(s) - Chill Out badge

After Mario and co. defeat Mega Wiggler and recover the Time Crystal shard from him, he falls into a depressive slump, lamenting the loss of his "shiny shard". Taking pity on the giant Wiggler, however, Mario offers to find a replacement for the Time Crystal shard. Elated, he asks for an object that "shines like a star at night".

The object he is referring to is a Starlight Gem, an incredibly rare type of crystal that is said to have fallen from the heavens. There is only one in the game, and it is found in the largest oasis of the Dry Dry Desert; the earliest time Mario can obtain it is during Chapter 3.

Bring the Starlight Gem back to Mega Wiggler, and he will reward Mario with the Chill Out badge; wearing this badge prevents enemies from making First Strikes.

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