Paper Mario: The Sacred Book
Developer(s) UniversalGaming Inc.
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo ZGP
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Europe 14 January 2013
25px-Flag of USA 16 January 2013
25px-Flag of Japan 17 January 2013
Flag of China 21 March 2013
Story Mode, Minigame Mode
Genre(s) Adventure,
Media Included ZGP Optical Disk

Paper Mario: The Sacred Book (Paper Mario: The Scripture in Japan), is the sequel to the 3DS version of Paper Mario. Like the whole of the series, excluding Super Paper Mario, partners make an appearance and grants the player different abilities. Tattles return and newer enemies appear in the game!


Thousands of years ago, when the Mushroom Kingdom was founded by 4 of Princess Peach's ancestors, a book was written by the 4. This book was kept safe as it was believed to foretell the Kingdom's future. Only the Royal Family had access to that book! One of the events foretold was that one day... a monster would attack the Kingdom and steal the book. But this prediction was yet to come true... It had confused many, including Mario! In addition, a "dark" book was made by the 4 and that had different tales about the Mushroom Kingdom.

Several days later, the prediction had come true. Masked vilains had attacked the Kingdom in search of the dark book. It was unknown if was the army of Bowser or Super Dimentio. Peach read the book to find that Bowser would use the Dark Book to take over the world, however Dimentio would try to reform the Void. Moments later, Peace had been trying to lock the Dark Book in a safe, but it had flew out of Peach's hands out into the Kingdom. Suddenly, Peach realised that both books are gone!

A cutscene activates where both Dimentio and Bowser appear! They decided to become Allies and work together. The book is in their hands until they find that they suddenly fuse together, forming Dimser (Bowsentio in PAL regions). It's up to Mario and Luigi to find the pages and take back the Light and Dark Books and return the book back to Princess Peach, restoring the peace of the world. Scriptures from the book were torn out and scattered across the world.

A Toad comes to help Mario on his quest! Mario hesitantly agrees and the Toad (referred to as Mr. Toadly!)! The first chapter of the False Book is found in Peach's castle and all of a sudden, Mario gets warped to a different world and the journey starts!

Chapters and Areas

  1. Mushroom Kingdom (main hub)
  2. Shroom Colesseum (the "Pit of 100 trials")

Chapter 1- Mushroom Town

Welcome to Mushroom Town! We are a peaceful city and come in and enjoy the fun! We have lovely food and hotels!
Toadsworth, When you enter Shroom Village

  1. Shroom Village
  2. Shroom Shack
  3. Gloomsville
  4. Shroom Woods
  5. Goom Boom's fortress

Chapter 2- Riverside Forest

I love the river... Fun to swim in! The fishies are a pain, though...
Koopina, When you meet Koopina near River Rhomp before she becomes your 3rd party member.

  1. Troopa Tropics
  2. Magikoopa Maze
  3. River Rhomp
  4. Goomba Gardens

Chapter 3- Dusky Desert

Fuzzy King, Dig-Down Underground when you enter the Fuzzy King's "fort"

  1. Dawn Dune Desert
  2. Dusk Desert
  3. Sandy Palms
  4. Dig Down Underground
  5. Dusty Dune Desert

Chapter 4- Hurry Highway

Traffic Wart, allowing the cars to drive by

  1. Hurry Highway
  2. Racing Roundabout
  3. Uptown Level
  4. Dabble Downtown

Chapter 5- Spooky Swamp

Bloop Blop Bubble Bibble Pop! (Promise you will protect me and keep me away from the swamp?)
Bubbles, Bubbles requesting to join Mario's party in Koopa Cove

  1. Blooper Beach
  2. Underwater Cave
  3. Koopa Cove
  4. Spooky Swamp
  5. Lazy Lake

Chapter 6- Massacre Mansion

Mwee hee hee hee hee! Lord Bowser would be pleased when I defeat you... later... But since he no longer exists, Bowsentio would be pleased! GHOULS! ATTACK!
Kammy Koopa, Upon encountering Kammy Koopa in a "secret meeting" with a clan of Boos and Peepas and sees Mario

  1. The Gateway
  2. Blue Bomb Basement
  3. Freaky Foyer
  4. The Graveyard

Chapter 7- 8Bit Island

Hey, bros! Look, it's that moustachioed dude! HE HAS TO BE DEFEATED! For having a better moustache than me! *sniff*
Koopa Kaptain, Upon entering NES World 1-2

  1. Bloom Bit Field
  2. NES World 1-2
  3. Mushroom Mountain
  4. Bitlands Part 1
  5. Bitlands Part 2
  6. Dusty Dome

Chapter 8- Count Bleck's Rundown Fort

I see it's ye! What is the people like ye doin' here? And where is yeh fine lass [Koopina]?
O'Chunks, Upon entering and speaking to O'Chunks in Bleck Fort

  1. Bleck Gateway
  2. Bleck Museum Hallway
  3. Bleck Fort
  4. Dimentio's Dome

Chapter 9- Bowser Castle

It's Mario! WHY ARE YOU ON MY SHIP? FORGET THAT... I must finish what my dad started with you!
Bowser Jr., On Bowser's Airship

  1. Bowser's Airship
  2. Castle Grounds
  3. The Dungeon
  4. Bowser Jr.'s Fort
  5. Bowser Castle
  6. Kammy's Kastle

Chapter 10- Dimser Island

Gwahahahaha! It is I, the fair Bowsentio!
Bowsentio, In Bleckser Castle.

  1. DimserDock
  2. Dimension Beach
  3. Bowser Jungle
  4. Dimser Fort
  5. Dimser Castle


Mario has the same features from previous games, except with a few changes. He jumps slightly higher and the games features voice acting! In addition, Yoshi is one of the partners and Mario has the ability to ride on Yoshi! Like the main series games, Yoshi has his own controls.

Battle System

The battle system from the first 2 Paper Mario Games return in this game. In addition, Mario's hammer returns as well as the use of items and badges, renamed as "Stickers". The stickers can be changed in-fight.

Mario's Partners

Throughout the game, Mario, just like the past game, uses partners. His partners have purposes in both the overworld and battle. They can be upgraded by Merlon by giving him 3 Crystal Stars. Every partner knows two moves when he or she joins the party, learns the third after being upgraded to Super Rank, and masters the final move after attaining Ultra Rank.

Name Summary Abilities Description


Mr. Toadly

Mr. Toadly is one of Peach's most loyal servants. He is very shrewd and seems to understand any of his surroundings! He seems to be very hesitant in choices with Mario. Tattle
0 FP
Reveals enemy stats.
Head Spin
1 FP
Spins next to an enemy, stunning it then whacks them with his shroom cap.
3 FP
Jumps up in the air and lands on the enemy with a bellyflop.
4 FP
Protects Mario from 2 enemy attacks



Goombilly was a resident of Gloomsville and is an orphan. He'd lost his parents to Bowser and had lived on his own for many years. He loves to explore unique places and discover hidden treasures! Word goes that he's related to Goombario! Headbonk
0 FP
Hits enemy twice.
Goombarmy Stampede
2 FP
The Goomba Allies from the previous games trample over the enemies.
3 FP
Attacks enemy repeatedly for diminishing damage (minimum 1 per hit).
4 FP
Bites an enemy, poisoning it. Or if it is a Koopa Troopa, knocks the enemy onto it's back (shell).



Koopina is a rich Koopa who loves to explore different places. Unlike many Koopa Troopas, she has a pink shell and pink boots. According to Mr. Toadly, she was Koops' ex-girlfriend when she found out he has another girlfriend, Koopie Koo. She also seems to know a lot of martial arts, but doesn't like to use them... sometimes! She even wear's a diamond bracelet which she never takes off. Shell Toss
Hits the enemy with her shell.
Shell Sheild
1 FP
Summons a giant shell which defends Mario from Attacks for 1 turn.
Diamond Dash
3 FP
Throws a Diamond at 2 enemies, deducting 3 HP.
Omega Toss
4 FP
Similar to Shell toss, except hits all ground enemies and air enemies.



Smash is a Pixl who is Cudge's brother. He was one of the few Pixls that wasn't locked away or hidden for 1500 years as he was unaware of the 2 Prognosticuses. Instead, he lived in Construction Sites. His hammer-head seems to weigh him down... Hammer Smash
1 FP
Hits the enemy once.
Super Spin
2 FP
ONLY WORKS FOR AIR ENEMIES! Spins towards the air enemies and knocks them to the ground.
Super Smash
3 FP
Hits all ground enemies
4 FP
Whacks the ground creating an earthquake, causing the background to fall on the enemies.


See here

The game introduces 10 new enemies:

  1. Booksie
  2. Seamaargh
  3. PaperBot
  4. PitchFork
  5. Poko
  6. Geetar
  7. Catarat
  8. Gleemba
  9. Paragleemba
  10. Spike-Top Gleemba




Name: Stats: Tattle: Area:
Goom Boom

HP: 30



That's Goom Boom... the most gigantic Goomba to exist! And he's fat! Wowza! Max HP is... WHAT?! THE HIGHEST I'VE SEEN SO FAR! Max HP is 30! Attack is 4 and defence is 2... Why is his head flashing red?

Goom Boom's Fortress
Kammy Koopa

Max HP: 40 (1st)
70 (2nd)
150 (3rd)

Attack: 4 (first time)
6 (second time)
9 (third time)

Defence: 3 (first time)
7 (second time)
8 (last time)

First Battle: That's Kammy Koopa! One of Bowser's henchmen! Wow... she's an old bag! But unfortunately, her "magical" wand has lots of powers! HP IS 40?! Attack is 4, but with her magic, it can raise to 8! And defence is 3!

Second Battle: Hey, It's Kammy.... again! She seems stronger! But we have to be brave and beat her! She may be old, but remember, she can put up quite a fight.... Now, her Max HP is 70, Attack is 6 ... and defence is 7!

Third Battle: How many times do we have to fight this old hag? She seems to have learnt some new attacks! Max HP is 150!! Her attack is 9 and defence is 8! Good luck, Mario!

Freaky Foyer, Dusty Dome and Kammy's Kastle
Fuzzy King Dig Down Undergound


In Paper Mario: The Sacred Book, there are over 30 sidequests for the player to (optionally) complete. Various rewards are given!

Name Description Location Rewards Requirements



  • This game features the most enemies in the Paper Mario series, the original having 120, Thousand-Year Door having 124 and Super Paper Mario having 182 enemies. This game has a total of 191 enemies
    • However, some don't count the enemies that have no defence point (eg. Goombas, Gloombas and Gleembas), deducting the enemy count to 181.
  • This is the first Paper Mario game in which Peach being kidnapped doesn't occure straight away. However, she is kidnapped when the player starts Chapter 3 in which Mario receives an email from Toadsworth that she has "disappeared".
  • Although Dimser is the NTSC name and Bowsentio is the PAL name for the final boss, the names with "Dimser" in them stay in the PAL versions, (eg. Dimser Castle would've been Bowsentio Castle in the PAL versions)


None so far...


The author has said that there may be a possibility of a sequel, but nothing is known. It seems quite unlikely of a sequel for another year or so.

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