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This is the bestiary for all 201 enemies in Paper Mario: The Rewind Chronicles.

Tattle Log

Enemy names in Bold Text are main story bosses fought at the end of each chapter. Mini bosses are defined by italics while optional bosses are labelled in both bold and italic text.

Notes on enemies:

  • Any fire-based enemy will regain HP when hit by a fire type move, but will take double damage from ice-based attacks, like Sgt. Sniegs' Snow Surge. Similarly, any ice-based enemy will heal when hit by ice-based attacks and will take double damage from fire. Electric-based enemies will heal HP when hit by lightning, such as with the item Thunder Bolt, for example Ruff Puffs. Such enemies can also damage Mario and his partner when they are electrified as well.
  • HP-draining or stealing attacks from enemies like Fuzzies and Bandits will fail if the target is electrified.
  • Fire-based, explosion-based or lightning-based attacks will automatically detonate any enemies of the Bob-Omb species.

The descriptions used are the ones said by Goombeverly when using her tattle ability.

# Image Name HP ATK DEF Location Tattle
1 Goombatrc Goomba 2 1 0 Hey, that's a Goomba. These Goombas are wild and do not affiliate with anyone, but they're not very tough. Goombas used to be the best Alliance of the Toads, until Bowser came along and they betrayed them. Fortunately, we have nice Goombas that have learned to behave (Such as me~) and we'll be able to help you.
2 Paragoombatrc Paragoomba 2 1 0 That's a Paragoomba, Mario. These winged brutes can dodge your hammer attacks, but their wings are fragile, and break off easily. These ones have evolved to grow their wings back faster, so take them out before thay can grow them back. Oh, I'd love to have wings~
3 Spikygoombatrc Spiky Goomba 2 2 0 That's a Spiky Goomba: Goombas who wear spiked hats to repel jump attacks, how crafty. Use your hammer to take them out or else you'll get damaged. Sometimes, if there's a large tremor or earthquake, the hats can fall off and they'll continue as a normal Goomba~
4 Hgoombatrc Hyper Goomba 8 2 0 Mario, this is a Hyper Goomba, and it's like any other Goomba except for that icky green color, and the fact that it can charge. Hear out for that VAH-SHOOOOWWW and take it out since its attack'll be 8 for the next turn. If you can't take it out, then I suggest you run. VERY FAST.
5 Hparagoombatrc Hyper Paragoomba 8 2 0 So that's a Hyper Paragoomba, yeah? It's like a Hyper Goomba but with wings. Take it out fast and it won't be able to charge up and attack you with a beastly amount of damage. Otherwise it's just a normal Hyper Goomba but with wings... perhaps I could steal myself a pair?
6 Hspikygoombatrc Hyper Spiky Goomba 8 3 0 Meet the Hyper Spiky Goomba, a Hyper Goomba with a practical, but very confused fashion sense. It'll charge up like other Hyper enemies, and it'll attack with 9 damage. THAT'S TERRIFYING (if you ask me, ahem. Not saying you're not brave or anything, heehee.) so take it out fast!
7 Gloombatrc Gloomba 7 3 0 These Gloombas are Goombas toughened up by their dank and dark habitat. The darkness has caused their skin to turn a sickly blue... GROSS! They've got some power, I'll give them that, but otherwise they're just Goombas... but blue. And that color was so last month. Show it now mercy!
8 Paragloombatrc Paragloomba 7 3 0 Ah, the Paragloomba. Just Gloombas with wings, really. Living in the dark hasn't done wonders for its skin color... ick. Those wings are probably all moldy and gooey, too. YUCK, I'll pass on those. Anyways, take it out like you would a normal Paragoomba. It ain't so tough. Have at it!
9 Sgloombatrc Spiky Gloomba 7 4 0 These Spiky Gloombas spend their days crawling in the dark, which doesn't fare too well for these already sickly guys. You could say, they're a little blue? Haha, I'm sorry, I'll let myself out. Anyways, just stay away from its spike and you'll be A-Okay!
10 Grittygoombatrc Gritty Goomba 5 3 0 That is a Gritty Goomba, which is quite used to living in the sands of Parchedment. Watch out for its spike, and its sandy attack which will cause your attacks to miss! However, it's not so tough, so put it out of its misery... those bandages do not go with those boots!
11 Tanoombatrc Tanoomba 9 3 0 That is a Tanoomba. A cross between a Goomba and a Tanooki, these things are masters of shapeshifting and can shapeshift into you and us, your partners, using any attacks that we may have! Of course, it's nowhere near as good as the real thing, but it can use your attacks, so take it out as soon as possible!
12 Bloombatrc Bloomba 8 4 0 And here we have a Bloomba. These flowery Goombas look quite sweet, but that's what they need to draw you in and attack you with those thorns, and add your health to theirs! Make sure you trample all over these deceptive little things...
13 Gbloombatrc Gritty Bloomba 4 2 0 Say hello to the Gritty Bloomba, a type of flowery Goomba that lives in dry environments; it's very spiky and I don't recommend jumping on it. It's definitely pretty, but watch out or it'll take your health and add to its own! Fire attacks should cause it to crumble.
14 KoopatrootpaPMTRC Koopa Troopa 4 2 1 You should be familiar with these guys, right Mario? One jump and they'll flip on their back, which lowers their defense. These Koopa Troopas have been eating your jump attacks since the day you've been able to do so, so show them no mercy!
15 ParatroopaPMTRC Paratroopa 4 2 1 OH COME ON. Even Koopas have wings, and I don't! These things will lose their wings after one jump, and turn into normal Koopa Troopas. After this just dish out your usual three courses of pain: Jump, flip them on their backs, and attack while their guard is down.
16 ShadyKoopaPMTRC Shady Koopa 6 2 1 That's a Shady Koopa. Look at him, thinking he's so cool with those shades... Of course, he has quite a reason for thinking he's cool, since once he's flipped he can still attack us, with his attack power doubling! How tricky!
17 ShadyParatroopaPMTRC Shady Paratroopa 6 2 1 This Shady Paratroopa is a Shady Koopa with wings, as you can see. Jump on it and it'll lose those wings for a while, but don't wait too long or they'll grow back! Like its less lucky grounded cousins it can attack while on its back, dishing out double the damage, so be aware of that!
18 Dark Koopa 8 4 2 With that shell, attitude and shades, that is a Dark Koopa. Like any other Koopa, except it can attack from its back, and my spinning itself ultra-fast, it can MAKE US DIZZY! So watch out for that, yeah? Otherwise, it's just like any other enemy you've faced, so you can trample this easily, right?
19 Dark Paratroopa 8 4 2 This Dark Paratroopa is like any other Paratroopa. Jump on it to ground it, flip it over and treat it like any other Koopa. However, these Dark ones can attack on their backs, not to mention that they can do a Dizzy Spin, which'll confuse you and me! Take it out as soon as possible!
20 Tanooka 30 8 5 Village of the Red Leaves This is a Tanooka, a cross between a Koopa Troopa and a Tanooki! They're incredibly tough in both attack and defense, and they can shapeshift as well, so be careful! Don't use jump attacks because it will retreat into its shell, making it impervious to all damage as well as allowing it to use its Tail Shell attack which'll hurt quite a bit!
21 Koopatrol 6 4 2 This is a Koopatrol, a very high ranking member of Bowser's army and a very prestigious title for any Koopa soldier. That armor and those spikes mean that you can't jump and that it's pretty tough to defeat. Watch out for its charging attack; that spike is NOT something to underestimate.
22 Dark Koopatrol 24 6 3 These are Dark Koopatrols, a step up from the usual bunch, they're very tough to defeat with tough armor and very strong attacks! Watch out, these guys mean business and they're not gonna back down. Soldiers trained to the highest discipline... that's quite admirable actually.
23 Buzzy Beetle 5 3 4 This is a Buzzy Beetle. It's impervious to fire attacks and its defense is pretty high. Of course it needs some super-strong shield to protect that adorable little demeanor, heehee! Just jump on it and it'll flip over onto its back, and that's your chance to attack! Don't hesitate and give it all you got!
24 Parabuzzy 5 3 4 That... is a Parabuzzy: Cute, winged and not to be messed with, much like me if I had wings, heehee. Joking aside, the wings, like with most winged enemies will fall off after a jump, and they'll be flipped over, which leaves their weak spot out in the open! Don't wait for it to get back on its toes, just jump, jump and jump!
25 Spike Top 5 3 4 That is a Spike Top, a Buzzy Beetle with a spike on its head. As always with Spiked enemies, unless you got the badges, attacks or stupidity to jump on it, I suggest that you try other measures. It's resistant to fire, so it's quite tough to beat, especially with that large defense. Try to flip it over though; that way its weak-spot is revealed wide open for attack!
26 Spiky Parabuzzy 5 3 4 This is a Spiky Parabuzzy. Besides being cute beyond words, it's also a pain beyond words to get rid of. High defenses, a spike, wings and resistance to fire & explosions makes this thing a flying fortress! I suggest that items and special moves should be used to get rid of these annoying little rascals.
27 Boulder Buzzy 15 7 9 That is a Boulder Buzzy, a large, prehistoric Buzzy with a boulder (duh) for its shell. Its defenses are hard to pass by and it's resistant to most projectiles and attacks. Fire, ice and thunder will get you no-where! not to mention its steamrolling attack will cause us some damage, yeowch! It's quite a pain to get rid of, and you can't flip it on its back either. May I suggest that you use moves that can crumple it? That should take care of its defense!
28 Chain Chomp 7 6 5 This is a Chain Chomp, they're highly dangerous mutts with insanely sharp teeth and steel armor that makes them formidable opponents. Apart from the tear-you-apart-to-shreds thing, they're soooooooooooo adorable and I totally would want one!
29 Gold Chomp 8 9 6 Aiyee! That's a Gold Chomp, a very rare Chomp that's made out of solid gold! Besides being highly valuable, these are much more hostile than regular chomps and have the potential to attack twice in the same turn! They're incredibly tough, so take them out fast! Some say that if you beat one in a battle, you'll gain quite a lot of coinage!
30 Chain Champ 36 16 7 Champs de Chomps That's a Chain Champ, a huge, regal Chomp. While they're usually very docile, this one seems to be in a rampage, so be careful when attacking! It's got a lot of defense, so try and crumple it down, and its attack is insanely strong, It's slow though, so it only attacks once every other turn! Perhaps Winston's Shroud attack can help you dodge those ferocious teeth!
31 Fire Chomp 14 5 0 That is a Fire Chomp! It's a malicious looking thing that spits fire, so beware for burns. Unlike normal Chomps they have no defense to speak of, so attack them good and they'll be gone in no time!
32 Dull Bones 2 1 1 That is a Dull Bones, a skeletal Koopa Troopa. These things kinda freak me out... I'd like to stay away from them as much as possible. They throw bones to attack and can even build reinforcements! Take them out with moves that hit multiple enemies!
33 Dry Bones 7 5 2 This is a Dry Bones, a revived skeleton of a deceased Koopa Troopa. Once its HP goes to 0, it may get back up again. While not throwing bones to attack, they'll build more Dry Bones to help. I don't like the looks of these guys, they're pretty scary.
34 Dark Bones 20 5 3 This is a Dark Bones, the most dangerous of all the Dry Bones family. Some say that Dark Bones are reanimated from only the most malevolent of Koopas... The can build more Dry Bones and attack by tossing many bones outward. They'll also revive after a few turns if they get defeated, so take them out quickly along with everyone else!
35 Spiny 3 3 3 This is a Spiny, born from Spiny Eggs which Lakitu throw. They have tough defenses and a pretty strong attack. Their spikes prevent you from jumping onto them. If they're curled up in a ball then their defense doubles, so beware! ...They're kinda cute though, despite the spikes.
36 Gold Spiny 6 6 4 That's a Gold Spiny, thrown by Thunder Lakitus. They're more formidable than normal Spinies and they also have a lightning ball attack that'll shock you! Be careful when attacking and defending! It'll also sometimes electrify itself so you can't directly attack it without getting hurt!
37 Clockwork Spiny 4 6 6 That's a Clockwork Spiny. It's a mechanical spiny that is made by Lakitu Engineers. They don't have a very high HP, but make up for it in power and defense. They're also quite explosive, so beware with your fire and explosive attacks! Other than that, they can also curl up in a ball, which'll double their attack AND defense! Take them out with items quick when they do that!
38 Lakitu 6 3 0 That's a Lakitu, it rides on a cloud and attacks by throwing Spiny eggs. If it's holding a Spiny Egg over its head, DON'T jump on it! The Spiny eggs it throws hatch into Spinies when they touch the ground, so take it out real fast before anyone else or it'll spawn more Spinies for us to fight! ...Where do you think it keeps all those Spiny Eggs?
39 Thunder Lakitu 12 6 0 That is a Thunder Lakitu. They ride on thunder clouds and attack with Gold Spinies. Like any other Lakitu, they take the seemingly unlimited supply Golden Spiny eggs out from nowhere which will hatch when they touch the floor. This subspecies can electrify themselves for protection as well as use a thunder attack! Take them out before they literally rain on our parade!
40 Lakitu Engineer 15 6 2 That is a Lakitu Engineer. It's a crafty and intelligent Lakitu that attacks by throwing Clockwork Spiny Eggs that they crafted themselves, which is pretty cool if you ask me! I'd like to learn some engineering sometime... anyway, I digress, these things are TOUGH. They've got a bit of armor that gives them defense and they can attack with Thunder as well. Be careful!
41 Hammer Bro 7 4 1 Bowser Badlands (North) This is a Hammer Bro. He throws hammers. Duh. Anyways, they're very tough to beat and if they're low on HP they'll throw a barrage of hammers to try and get us down first, so be careful! It's always been a mystery on how they get their hammers. Video games like this one contain very little logic... whoops, I broke the 4th wall, I'll shut up now, heehee.
42 Boomerang Bro 7 2 1 This is a Boomerang Bro. Gee, I'll give you 3 guesses on what this guy throws! They attack twice, once on the way forward and on the way back! Like Hammer Bros, they'll throw barrages of their weapons if they're in danger. While not being tough fighters, Boomerang Bros. manage their own airline system. It's actually quite nice; the return flights are the best.
43 Fire Bro 7 3 1 This is a Fire Bro.He throws fireballs. Real creative. You might get burned if you get hit by their attacks, so be careful, k? They'll barrage fireballs if their HP gets low, like all of the Bros. family. You've known them since your third adventure in Super Mario Bros. 3, so continue to give your 3 dishes of pain towards them!
44 Ice Bro 7 3 1 A relative of the Fire Bro, the Ice bro prefers to take the chill route and throw ice balls. You might get frozen if you're not careful, so don't let your guard down! They don't barrage their weapons like the other Bros, but they'll use a very powerful ice ball attack with an even higher chance of freezing, that hits very hard, too!
45 Amazin' Flyin' Hammer Bro 7 6 2 The Amazing Flyin' Hammer Bro is not actually that amazing. I mean, they're airborne and their hammers do more damage and they throw more hammers as well as being more defensive, but I'm sure you can beat them. It's a bit arrogant to call yourself Amazing when there really isn't much to yah. Watch out when they rage or you'll have hammers all over!
46 Magikoopa 8 4 0 This is a Magikoopa. It uses a variety of magic to attack. The standard Magikoopa is more skilled at inflicting different status towards us, so take care when guarding! Their spells are tricky, but you'll be able to best these guys. I totally admire their passion for magic though, it must take years of study to be that good!
47 Red Magikoopa 8 4 0 This Magikoopa is Red, duh. It's a nice shade of red too! But I digress - this red variety specializes in attacking. it can boost its attack as well as its allies so make sure your guarding is up to scratch! It also can lower the power of our own attacks so be careful of that incredibly annoying tactic!
48 Green Magikoopa 8 4 0 This is a Green Magikoopa! It's... green. Yeah. Green Magikoopas specialize in defensive tactics. They'll boost their own defenses as well as their allies. They'll also remove any of our own defense boosts if we have any and also lower our defenses to the minus levels so we'll take even more damage! That's totally cheap! Take them out quickly!
49 White Magikoopa 8 4 0 White Magikoopas are the war medics of the Koopa Troop. They still pack a punch, but they specialize in healing their allies and making them invisible, which is totally annoying! I suggest you take these guys out first, because they'll totally give you a hard time. It's pretty cool to be both a cleric and front line attacker though, I kinda admire that.
50 Clubba 7 4 0
51 White Clubba 10 6 0
52 Piranha Plant 15 9 0
53 Frost Piranha 9 5 0
54 Putrid Piranha 12 6 0
55 Piranha Planet 50 6 4
56 Bandit 5 2 0 This is a Bandit, an average crook. I hate these guys! Seriously! I mean, why don't yah earn your own coins for a change, you losers! YEAH YOU HEARD ME OVER THERE! *ahem* anyways these guys shouldn't be too much of a problem. Just guard when they approach you or they'll steal your coins! If they steal anything, attack them and they'll drop them for you to collect again. Otherwise, they'll run away after a turn, so be quick and give them a good whooping!
57 Big Bandit 4 3 0 This is a Big Bandit, a cousin of your regular Bandit. They're no-good crooks who not only steal coins, but can steal our items as well! What a big nuisance! Make sure you guard or they'll steal something. As always, attack them or else they'll run away a turn after! Don't let these petty crooks get away! Serve them cold, hard justice!
58 Badge Bandit 12 5 0 This is a Badge Bandit. And these guys are jerks. J. E. R. K. S. JERKS! They steal coins like any other bandit but they'll also pilfer any of the badges you have unequipped! Beat it fast before it runs away and sells it on the black market... or wherever they sell it. Either way, if you lose a badge, you'll never know where it'll end up. Take them out before they do anything!
59 Snifit 12 6 0 This is a Snifit. Snifits are like Shy Guys, except that they can fire bullets out of their mouths and they generally look creepier than the otherwise cute Shy Guys. Take them out quickly before they do too much damage, since those bullets definitely will hurt.
60 Ice Snifit 10 5 0 This is an Ice Snifit; Snifits suited for the freezing weather. They throw snowballs instead of bullets - these make them slightly weaker than their normal cousins but they have the potential to freeze us, so be careful when guarding. Those parkas they have are actually really cute and in fashion right now... I might just go and buy some after we return to Moonview, heehee~
61 Snifaro 14 5 4
62 Shy Guy 5 2 0 This is a Shy Guy, Guys so Shy they hide their faces with Masks! Who knows what they all look under there, and why the whole species is shy. Even the Tattle Log has no answers! Are they incredibly ugly? Scary? Or just lacking in self confidence? Who knows, just give them a good attack and they'll scram and leave us alone! Those masks are pretty cute, though. I might buy one for myself, heehee~
63 Fly Guy 5 2 0 This is a Fly Guy. As you can tell, these Shy Guys can fly. Gee, real original, am I right? Heh. They use propellers to avoid ground based attacks. They drop rocks onto us to attack, so make sure to keep your guard up! If I can't get wings, maybe borrowing a propeller from one of these guys isn't such a bad idea....
64 Spear Guy 10 6 0
65 Shy Brigade 60 8 3 Steamboat Skies
66 Grim Guy 30 15 0
67 Abominable Snowguy 45 8 0 Paratroopa Peaks
68 Boo Guy 12 4 0
69 Boo 7 4 0
70 Dark Boo 9 5 0
71 Atomic Boo 40 5 0
72 Broozer 9 9 0
73 Dark Broozer 10 15 0
74 Duplighost 15 4 0
75 Eerie 15 5 0
76 Anuboo 6 3 0
77 Mad Piano 35 15 1
78 Lava Bubble 8 3 0
79 Ember 7 4 0
80 Phantom Ember 10 5 0
81 Nova Ember 18 12 0
82 Millennium Flame 35 8 0
83 Fuzzy 2 1 0
84 Forest Fuzzy 6 3 0
85 Flower Fuzzy 7 3 0
86 Crayzee Dayzee 8 3 0
87 Amazy Dayzee 20 20 1
88 Beanbot 2000 50 8 2 Woohoo Hooniversity
90 Pokey 5 2 0
91 Skellokey 5 3 1
92 Poison Pokey 8 4 0
93 Monty Mole 2 2 0 This is a Monty Mole. It's a common pest that ruins gardens and crops alike. They like to throw rocks at you from a distance or scratch you. I dunno about you, but I'd be very tempted to give them a good whack with your hammer and drive them away from here and into the ground.
94 Rocky Wrench 10 5 2
95 Love Bubble 8 4 0
96 Soul Bubble 12 6 0
97 Spirit Bubble 22 9 3
98 Coinbag 14 4 1 Rarely appears in any battle.
99 Golden Coinbag 14 9 4 Rarely appears in any battle in Steamboat Skies.
100 Roulettron 50 0 777 The Monty Carlo
101 Bob-Omb 4 2 1
102 Big Bob-Omb 8 2 1
103 Bob-Ulk 10 4 2
104 Time Bob-Omb 6 8 3
105 Bill Blaster 5 0 2
106 Bullet Bill 2 4 1
107 B. Bill Blaster 10 0 4
108 Bombshell Bill 3 7 2
109 C. Bill Blaster 15 0 6
110 Clockwork Bill 5 10 3
111 Banzai Bill 8 16 5
112 Mammokle 50 6 1 That's a Mammokle, a creature that lived within the last Ice Age, yadda yadda yadda, you get the drill. Let's get it over with and defeat it like every other enemy. Wait. WHAT? A MAMMOKLE?! HERE?! OH. MY. GOOOOOOOOOOOOSH!!! I never knew there were Mammokles still alive here in the Snowfields! It looks mad, so I guess we have to defeat it unless we want our games to be over. Forgive me, beautiful ancient beast! I barely knew yah!
113 HeliogonPMTRC Heliogon 9 4 0 This, Dear Mario is a Heliogon, and one of the very last! Please do be merciful, these little guys have had a very rough history... I don't know why they'd be so intent on attacking us. Anyways, ice attacks seem to be effective, but beware of their burning spear attacks!
114 Elite Heliogon 14 6 2
115 Blooper 12 4 0
116 Trooper Blooper 12 6 0
117 Electro Blooper 16 8 0
118 Gooper Blooper 60 5 0 Geyser Island
119 Sushi 12 10 0
120 Giant Nibbles 15 14 0 Cliffs of Plessie
121 Cheep Cheep 5 3 0
122 Swooper 7 3 0
123 Swoopula 9 5 0
124 Swampire 20 7 0
125 Ruff Puff 7 4 0
126 Ice Puff 9 4 0
127 Poison Puff 15 8 0
128 Smoke Puff 15 9 0
129 Ancient Thwomp 50 10 10 Tranquil Treetops
130 Bald Cleft 2 1 2 This is a Bald Cleft. They're rocky monsters that camouflage into the background and attack when you're not looking. These guys are literally rock solid. They can't be damaged by fire, but a POW Block might work. They've got strange faces and shiny heads... yeah. Not my type.
131 Cleft 3 2 3 Here we have a Cleft. They're big jerks who go around disguising themselves as rocks before attacking when their target is off-guard. They've got spikes on their head so they're a little tougher as well as having more HP and defense. Like with all spiked enemies, don't jump on 'em lest you want a foot full of spikes.
132 Hyper Cleft 4 3 3
133 Moon Cleft 6 5 5
134 Blaargoyle 50 8 2 Sky Citadel
135 Pionpi 8 4 0
136 Little Mouser 5 4 0
137 Dark Mouser 7 8 0
138 Bahamutt 16 8 0
139 Charmhammut 24 10 1
140 Angry Sun 40 5 0 Parchedment Sands
141 Cogger 14 7 2
142 Amp 8 5 2
143 Sockop Giganticus 55 5 0 Enchanted Glade
144 Wingitt 12 6 1
145 Swingit 12 7 1
146 Slingitt 12 6 1
147 ScubadilePMTRC Scubadile 4 4 0 This is a Scubadile. These ADORABLE little things'll attack you with those strong, sharp jaws. Be careful or they'll make a quick meal out of us. Lightning attacks seem to be quite effective. ...Perhaps, if we find a really nice one, can we take one home... please?
148 CrocodiverPMTRC Crocodiver 12 12 0 That's a Crocodiver, Mario. These aggressive, prehistoric jungle critters just love to take a bite out of everything - and that includes us! Sometimes they'll do a turbo attack which'll do 10 damage to us both, which will not be pretty! Take'em out quickly, with or without lightning.
149 Tollign 12 6 3
150 Knellign 24 12 6
151 GoombitPMTRC Goombit 8 8 8 These are Goombits, low resolution Goombas from the Throwback Landing. Their blocky forms and glitched coding have made these Goombas very tough in all Attack, Defense and HP! Unlike other Goombas, these ones just charge at you rather than using their headbonk attacks. Be cautious!
152 KoopixelPMTRC Koopixel 8 8 8 This is a Koopixel, a strange Koopa-like creature living in the Throwback Landing. They are low-resolution cousins to the Koopas we know today, and they're pretty tough. You can't flip them on their backs like normal ones; they'll just retreat into their shell, which protects them from all damage. If you you use a normal jump on them while they're in their shell, the shells will spin out of battle and knock out all of the enemies behind them, ending the battle if they're at the front! Handy, huh?
153 BitBroPMTRC Bit Bro 8 8 8 This is the Bit Bro, and they mean business! With double the attack of a normal Hammer Bro, these things will knock us out pretty easily if we're not careful. Did I forget to mention that these things attack twice in a turn? If you can't find a way to bypass their defenses and beat them quick, we'll be in a world of pain! Try to inflict them with burns, since that'll reduce their attacks to once per turn!
154 Piranha PixelPMTRC Piranha Pixel 8 8 8 This is a Piranha Pixel, and although its teeth at squared and not at all pointy, you still do not want to jump on these strange things, or get anywhere near them, since that'll hurt quite a bit! Even the hammer seems useless! They don't actually seem to attack you otherwise if you stay away from them though; in fact when it's their turn they'll just stand there like sitting ducks!... Er, plants! That's your chance to use long-range attacks to defeat these otherwise indestructible beings. Fire attacks do double damage on these things, too.
155 VirusPMTRC Virus 1 2 64 These Viruses attack in large groups. If you've forgotten your doctor skills already, you shuold know that matching three of the same color will defeat them instantly, rather than having to deal with that massive 64 defense! While their attack stats are measly, remember that attack in groups which will escalate the amount of damage, so remember that! The red ones will give you a burn, the blue ones will freeze and the yellow ones will make you dizzy. To change their colors, just attack with a hammer! If there's less than two on the field they'll just run off. If i were you, I'd save the hassle and just use a special attack on them all, ending the battle much faster~
156 Ninji 7 7 0
157 Dark Ninji 8 9 1
158 Raging Rambi 15 8 2 Starry Safari
159 Rex 15 6 0
160 Dark Rex 21 7 1
165 Constellaser W 16 5 4
166 Constite W 5 1 2
167 Constellaser Y 35 10 2
168 Constite Y 8 3 0
169 Hammus the Great 45 8 4 Grande Canal
170 Dorin 50 10 2 Timeless City
171 PrivategoompPMTRC Private Goomp 40 5 0 This is Private Goomp, one of Bowser's lackeys and a pretty depressing guy from the looks of it, but I think those pajamas are really cute... that fabric is really high quality! He's honed his headbonk attacks to do even more damage than an average Goomba, and he's a decent fighter, I guess, so be careful!
172 Corporal Paraplonk 35 5 3 This is Corporal Paraplonk, one of Bowser's Lackeys. For a Paratroopa, he's pretty tough, and his wings stay on even after you've stomped him good, so ground attacks are as useless as this guy's fashion sense: buckets, SERIOUSLY? He can sometimes pick up one of the other guys for a turn so they'll be impervious to ground attacks for a while. Otherwise, check his attacks, and you'll be okay.
173 Sergeant Guy 45 8 0 This is Sergeant Guy, another of Bowser's lackeys. Looking at the other two, he seems much more like a serious opponent, and his magic attacks pack quite a punch, so check your health! I suggest you take him out fast since he can heal himself and his allies as well as electrify them! Tricky stuff! By the looks of that shine, he also seems to care for his mask more than an average Shy Guy... good for him!
174 Kammy Koopa 50 7 1 This is Kammy Koopa. You've met her before, right? This old crone uses her magic to help Bowser, including an incredibly annoying healing move! Ugh! I suggest you take her out first before she does this, and also so I don't have to look at those icky moldy robes, just look at them: fashion sacrilege I say!
175 Bowser 75 9 2 That's Bowser, who you've fought like, millions of times already and probably will until kingdom come, so he needs no introduction. He breathes fire and jumps, like he did in your first encounter. That fire breath attacks us both, and can inflict a burn, so you better have a guard ready! If he jumps on you, you can't attack directly for a while, and he can also bite you, which poisons. Though he looks tough, time'll repeat itself with you sending that brute to Defeatsville, as always. Team Mario forever!
??? Koopert Koopert 10 2 1 That's Koopert, Katrina's bodyguard. He's a disciplined soldier who does his best to keep Katrina happy. Watch out for his sword attacks and his spike which leaves jumping attacks useles. He's actually quite noble and sweet, but since we're in the jousting tournament he won't hold back on us, and we shouldn't hold back on him. En garde!
??? KapproPMTRC Kappro 25 3 1

Battle Themes

Battle Themes & all Paper Mario CTC music is composed by Soupy.

Each Chapter has its own spin on the default Battle theme.

Battle Theme Chapter Music
Battle Theme Default Battle Theme
Paper Mario Wii U Fanmade Music Battle Theme02:43

Paper Mario Wii U Fanmade Music Battle Theme

Boss Battles

Vs. Boss Chapter Music
Grande Choomba Express 2 (Boss Battle Phase 2)
Paper Mario Wii U Fanmade Music Boss Battle Choomba Pursuit!02:07

Paper Mario Wii U Fanmade Music Boss Battle Choomba Pursuit!

Skytail Chapter 4
Paper Mario CTC Chapter 4 Boss Battle Music Vs Skytail03:07

Paper Mario CTC Chapter 4 Boss Battle Music Vs Skytail

Paperteer & The Mario-Nettes Chapter 5
Paper Mario CTC Boss Battle Showtime! Jamming with the Paperteer!03:01

Paper Mario CTC Boss Battle Showtime! Jamming with the Paperteer!

Cron Chapter 12
Paper Mario Wii U Music The Final Boss (fanmade)04:01

Paper Mario Wii U Music The Final Boss (fanmade)

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