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This is a compilation of quotes from Paper Mario: The Rewind Chronicles. The quotes are listed by character.


  • "Hey you! Yeah you, in front of the TV! Missed me? Well now it's time for Bowser to steal the show!"
  • "You may call me Lord Bowser, legendary Koopa of... legend! Darn it, who wrote this script, they're getting fired!"
  • "So Mario here's got his own Time Machine? Powered by Stars that hold vast powers that I can use to rule the world?"
  • "...Yeah sure, that sounds great. Just let me finish my dinner first"
  • "Of all the most crusty, ancient, boring, moronic hags that I know, Kammy... you're my favorite."
  • "You three idiots are on your last line!"
  • "Your sentiments are seriously making me sick, like blegh!"
  • "I, Bowser, the Mighty Koopa King, the Ruler of Darkness, am now going to destroy you!"
  • "Ugh! Those Mario Bros. are always a thorn in my side."
  • "Haggy, what is this place!? It's all pixelated!"
  • "Nobody, and I mean, NOBODY,  insults me and gets away with it!"
  • "I'm not so good at this mushy stuff... but... ummm... thank you, Haggy. I'm grateful... and stuff."
  • "See you later, airheads!"
  • "Oh come on, I'm helping this time, give me a break!"
  • "Yeah yeah, write me a thank you letter later, just get outta here!"
  • "Bwa ha ha! Only I could have thought of such a good idea!"
  • "What are you doing in my castle!? These guards, darn it, these guards!"
  • "I'm not sure either; these repeated home invasions and kidnappings should lead to restraining orders, not Go-Karting invitations."
  • "As if you know anything about the Mushroom Kingdom laws, haggy!"
  • "I'm the awesomest, don't you forget it, punk!"
  • "I ought to be tearing you to shreds right now if you didn't have that key!"
  • "PALS!? The Lord of Darkness needs no friends like you wimps"
  • "Taste the flames of wrath!"
  • "My brain hurts! I can't keep up with all these confusing mechanics!"
  • "Haggy! Frowny! Buckethead! Sergeant! Finish him!"
  • "I'd rather not waste my brawn and genius on you!"
  • "You're such an idiot! At least you'd blend in with my troops!"
  • "Green 'Stache! You okay?"
  • "You're 20 percent lies and 80 percent LAME"
  • "Weren't we married once, Princess!?"
  • "And who might you be, Four-wings?!"
  • "Bwahaha! Now you're a member of the Koopa Troop! Get me a drink and make it snappy!"
  • "Why should I do it? Because I GET THINGS DONE, that's why!"
  • "Kidnap Peach?! Hey, that's my line!"
  • "Me? A dullard? Hey wait, no you're a dulllard!"
  • "PEACH! I'VE COME --ahem come to ask you a question!"
  • "Until next time, Mario! Bwahahahaha!"

Chah T.

  • "Hey, it's me, Chah T! I'know everything there is about Moonview City's happenings. What can I say, gossip gets around fast!"
  • "Didja hear? Kraff T.'s so-called "genius" plans are actually plagiarized from famous movies? I never woulda guessed! O-M-G!"
  • "Didja hear? Cah T. isn't actually being a hurtful jerk on purpose! Her word choice is just unfortunate! Whoa!"
  • "Didja hear? Amp T.'s is actually feigning his soulless guise to get in character for a play! Selacious!"
  • "Didja hear? Fawl T. is making his inventions fail on purpose! I don't know why though!"
  • "Didja hear? Frew T. is thinking about opening a fruit juice stand! I wanna be first in line for that!"
  • "Didja hear? Gill T. isn't doing too well as a defense attorney. I wonder why..."
  • "Hear this! Harr T. isn't so cheerful when no-one's looking! She's actually a hge crybaby! Awww! I wanna hug her!"
  • "Did you hear? Hilary T. has her manager write her jokes for her! She delivers them well though."
  • "Did you know? Infinna T. has reached her limit!"
  • "Hear this! Jeh T. is thinking about moving away from the harbor and into the coffee house business!"
  • "Hear this! Kih T. is more a fan of dogs! O-M-G!"
  • "Didja know? Levi T. takes himself more seriously because he doesn't take anyone else seriously! Ohmigosh!"
  • "Have you heard? Miss T. stepped down from being a gym instructor to pursue her swimming career!"
  • "Did you know? Muss T. is actually the Toad with the most concern over keeping this clean! Wow!"
  • "Didja hear? Niff T. takes his sense of style from reading too many fashion magazines!"
  • "Ohmigosh did you hear about this? Neville T. is selling all of his ornaments in the Moonview Trade Sale!"
  • "Didja hear? Odie T. is now even with her sister. She got her back by playing a not-so-odd prank!"
  • "Oh my! Did you hear about Acute T.? The reason why his mind is so sharp is because he drinks a lot of Shroom Shakes!"
  • "Do you know Pahr T. the Arcade owner? He's acually very shy and puts on the party animal façade for business!"
  • "Did you hear about my Sister, Peh T.? She's become less of a trivial journalist and has now begun to make important discoveries!"
  • "Oh you should have been there when Uppah T. got TOLD when he decided to show off his "genius" for the billionth time!"
  • "Pura T.? Oh, well she's pretty much perfect. No scandals surrounding her as far as I know."
  • "Oh, Quallah T. is rumored to actually be a hoarder! I'm not surprised actually!"
  • "Quantah T. is starting a new business with Quallah T. I bet they're gonna have a lot of arguments!"
  • "Quar T. has trouble typing on his keyboard, I've hear. That's why he can't finish his novel!"
  • "Rahri T.'s collection of jewels are actually all pretty common! But don't tell her that!"
  • "Didja hear? Vitali T. is only so zealous because of his craving for the Burning DK energy drink!"
  • "Ricky T.'s job as a constructor isn't going well for him. I guess his unfortunate name is a contributor, yes?"
  • "Save T. is in a lot of trouble because she's been dangerously driving! What an ironic circumstance!"
  • "Shiff T. was framed for that crime apparently! I guess you really shouldn't judge a book by its cover."
  • "People say Snoo T. has been working with Goldbob on a huge expensive arts project!"
  • "As much as Spore T. is always scoring goals, he can't talk to girls! He's been meaning to ask a special someone out, you know!"
  • "Travis T. is so unfortunate! He must be the unluckiest Toad in the World! Rumor has it he's intentionally standing under ladders..."
  • "Rumor has it that Towse T.'s rivalry with Sall T. has reached new heights! There'll be a cook-off next week!"
  • "Didja hear? Sall T. hates using salt in her dishes because it's bad for you, but it's what people want! Whoa!"
  • "Arh T.'s been around the whole town looking for a special trinket that'll allow her to go into paintings! Talk about crazy!"
  • "Didja hear? Everyone in town's been avoiding Chah T. because of her gossi- hey wait a minute!"


  • "What do you mean, I talk too much?! I'm a Goomba, it's what we do!"
  • "Whoa, this is totally rad, don't yah think? Going through time... this is pretty exciting!"
  • "Hey, that is not how you treat a lady!"
  • "Excuse me... sir... Sir? SIR!!!"
  • "He's got all the power to destroy the Kingdom from back to front... fortunately his stupidity is larger than his ego and size combined."
  • "Yeah, and I have a feeling that your face is totally in need of a Headbonk right now"
  • "Use your hammer to take them out or else you'll get damaged. Besides, those hats are SOOOOO last year."
  • "THAT'S TERRIFYING (if you ask me, ahem. Not saying you're not brave or anything, heehee.)"
  • "Y'know, this place isn't so bad if it weren't for the fact that EVERYONE HERE IS A JERK"
  • "Yeah, sure. Use a fire flower on some fire enemies. THAT'LL WORK FOR SURE! ...not"
  • "and if I didn't make it clear; *ahem* ~♥... I DON'T LIKE IT!"
  • "If there's one thing I learned from you, Mario, it's to always aim high! I'll never forget that!"
  • "Yeah, U Goom represent!!!"
  • "That, is like, so totally cliché!"
  • "I really like Princess Peach's sense of fashion, y'know! That shade of pink is just to die for!"
  • "I see... perhaps we should go an alternate route"
  • "That's awful! I'd give yah a hug right now but you're on the other side of the screen"
  • "Shush, you're breaking the fourth wall; you know they'll get mad if they catch you doing it!"
  • "Boss battles like these are supposed to be difficult, y'know. Whoops, I just broke the fourth wall there, didn't I? Let's not speak of this again, heehee."
  • "Sometimes I just want to adopt a Chomp, they're soooooooo cute! ♥"
  • "Those Chrome Stars would make some very nice inspirations for jewelry..."
  • "Yeah, I tend to change outfits a lot depending on where I am... heehee"
  • "Everyone looks down on Goombas so much, it kinda breaks my heart..."
  • "I'm sorry but I really can't take you seriously"
  • "You adventured with Goombella once right? You gotta sit down with me one day and tell me of your adventures~♥"
  • "You mean give up on the world and let its time stop forever? Yeah, not gonna happen on our watch"
  • "The aurora in here is spectacular, I could just stare at it forever!"
  • "...Perhaps if we find a nice one, we can take it home... please?"


  • "I assure you, sir Mario, that my services are of the highest caliber."
  • "You are testing my patience, sir!"
  • "It is my first priority to protect the Princess!"
  • "For the last time, Princess, my job is to PROTECT, not drink tea nonchalantly as the servants to backflips..."

Odassa T.

  • "They call me, Odassa T! I'know everything there is about Sunsee City's happenings juicy news. Come often for some gossip sometime!"
  • "Alakri T.'s endeavors to try new things has ended again in failure! He should have known hangliding was a bad idea!"
  • "Anzayah T.'s worrying has gotten so bad that he worries if he'll ever stop worrying!"
  • "Aridi T.'s hometown of Dry Dry Outpost is pretty cool, huh? Rumor has it that he's got a 2nd Degree Card from the Toad Town Dojo!"
  • "Awn T.'s baking is the best! If you ask me, she puts Towse T. of Moonview City to shame! She can cook two ingredients at once!"
  • "Otora T. is your local policetoad, yeah? He's really friendly and does his best for his community. For the greater good indeed!"
  • "Boo T. was a pirate in his past life, as you can guess. People say he worked for the legendary Pirate King Cortez, himself!"
  • "Calammah T. is pretty darn unlucky. I wonder what'll happen if Travis T. of Moonview met her... ouch! It;d be painful most likely!"
  • "Cavah T. is really nice for a dentist! You needn't be scared by her. Her smile is enough to make all the guys speechless!"
  • 'Cherry T. goes the extra mile to collect coins for the less fortunate. If you help her a lot, she might give you some rare stuff!"
  • "Clara T.'s sister, Pura T. in Moonview often visits her. Join them for some tea sometime, they're really kind!"
  • "Duss T.'s job as a janitor isn't going too well for him. Help him clean sometime and he'll probably give you something in return!"
  • "Dynas T. is well-versed in ancient Sarasaland History. Talk to her about history and she'll share helpful stuff!"
  • "Fly T. is pretty erratic, isn't he? Well, it's all an act, rumor has it! I wonder why? Find out and something might happen..."
  • "Flew T. is the best floutist ever! Have her play you a tune sometime. Meet her after a concert and you might get something nice!"
  • "Onis T. never tells a lie. He's got a perfect memory too, which might come in handy sometime"
  • "Libber T. is a sweet Toad girl that hangs out by the Sunsee fountain. She's new in town so say hi when you can!"
  • "Spaw T. and Daw T. are always arguing about whether spots or dots are better. I don't see the difference, though."
  • "Velossa T. is a famous racer. i bet he can beat you in your own karting tournament, you know!"
  • "Way T. loves his food and is always first in line for Awn T.'s restaurant. In fact, he hasn't left in ages as he's too wide to fit in through the door!"
  • "Whit T. is as his name suggest, witty. He and Kraff T. of Moonview can probably come up with some cool scenes."
  • "Majora T. agrees with everyone else that the mask he has made and named after himself is a great one."
  • "Beau T. is a famous model, you know. She's elusive, but I've heard she hangs out in Moonview's Star Bar when the Moonview Orchestra is playing."
  • "Gravah T. is often falling down. maybe someone should tie up his laces! Hah!"
  • "Polari T. can either be all nice and sweet one moment and mean and nasty the next. She's attractive, yes but her nasty side repels people."
  • "Hawe T. is always arrogant. He might give Moonview's Uppa T. a run for his money!"
  • "Knaw T.'s complex riddles can be solved if you unravel all the tied strings behind your back."
  • "Brevvy T. is a student at U Goom. She's always complaining about how short her breaks are."
  • "Jolla T. takes his philosophy from the great explorer Marty Mole, who climbed all the peaks before ending his game before reaching Mt. Cleverest's summit. Hey, your Monty Mole friend has a pretty good cosplay of the guy!"
  • "Avidah T. is Alakri T. of Moonview City's soulmate. They both are always ready and eager to try new things. Maybe you should introduce them to each other."
  • "Brah T. is spoiled rotten. I bet he just gets everything he wants, huh? Well, he'll learn soon enough..."
  • "Tough T. is true to his name, but the tufts of hair on his hairstyle means that his opponents can't take him seriously. It works to his advantage it seems though."
  • "Twiss T. can't walk in a straight line at all! He's been looking for a place as equally disorientated as he is! Help him out, why dontcha?"
  • "I've got the Shroom Flu. Hey, didn't you used to be a doctor? Help me here, I'm sick!"


  • "Okay, so I did NOT think that through... if anyone asks... it was already like that."
  • "Rocks you say? Rocks fear me!"
  • "...if they were sentient"
  • "Mario, you do realize this is a scam, right?"
  • Ah, glorious! Simply glorious!"
  • "Well. That happened."
  • "It burns! Put my fuse out! Please!"
  • "Oh wait, my fuse is constantly burning."
  • "Here in the Parchedment Sands, the food is wonderful. You should try our Dry Dry Desserts! ... Get it? No? Okay then." 
  • "Other Bob-Ombs will explode when ignited or exploded next to... common sense really."
  • "I'm so sorry, "Your Highness" but I am not fluent in imbecile.
  • "You seriously cannot believe this buffoon's lies?!"
  • "If you even think of doing so I'll explode in your face so bad the soot will stay on your face for nine months"
  • "Persistent, aren't you? Begone!"
  • "We've got all the cards and we're ready to play! It's showtime!"
  • "This is an enigmatic place, don't you think?"
  • "I'm so hungry, I swear I cannot even function properly at this point!"
  • "I'm so full, I think I'm about to explode twice!"
  • "I'm neither hungry nor full up right now... should we get something to eat?"
  • "Don't you think for one second I took our adventures for granted."'
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