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During the events of Paper Mario: The Rewind Chronicles, Peach has her own story parallel to Mario's. While Mario is busy in the Astral Kingdom, Baron Valdric uses this to his advantage to try and conquer the Mushroom Kingdom for himself. Peach must defend her kingdom on the home front by taking down each of Valdric's forts scattered around the kingdom and recovering the Mushroom Kingdom Royal Jewels which Valdric is trying to steal in order to take the crown.


Prologue: The Valdrian Invasion

Chapter 1 - A Prickly Situation

Chapter 2 - Tasty Trials in the Sugardome

Chapter 3 - Disonance and Direty

Chapter 4 - A Flowery Dilemma

Chapter 5 - Battle on the Borderlines

Chapter 6 - Braving the Waves

Chapter 7 - The Earth Clan

Chapter 8 - Chilling Tales in the Fjord

Chapter 9 - Peach Aims Skyward

Chapter 10 - Lightning in the Dark

Chapter 11 - A Steppe in the Wrong Direction

Chapter 12 - Showdown at Castle Valdric


Main Characters MarioPrincess PeachBowserKammy KoopaCronToccaTolleThe ShadesBaron ValdricAltariGasparKing Nevulus
Partners GoombeverlyArchieKatrina KoopaTutankaboomBandartNormanLanSgt. SniegsBuckVionaCoggsArh T.Midnight GuyBridgitLummyJammer IVFelicity FluttersHarharosTorieRatsukiArexDiyaL'AntonPianhildr
Mario's Chapters A Time Like No Other • A Royal Disaster • The City of the Sands • A Whirled West Adventure • Mario Takes the Stage • The Mountain Trials • A Scorching Skirmish in the Snow • Mayhem on the Crystal Blue • The Rayvolt Conspiracy • Full Steam Ahead • Hidden in Plain Sight • The Floating Citadel • The Rewind Chronicle
Peach's Chapters The Valdrian Invasion • A Prickly Situation • Tasty Trials in the Sugardome • Disonance and Direty • A Flowery Dilemma • Battle on the Borderlines • Braving the Waves • The Earth Clan • Chilling Tales in the Fjord • Peach Aims Skyward • Lightning in the Dark • A Steppe in the Wrong Direction • Showdown at Castle Valdric
Locations Astral CityKoopreniaBomankhWhirled WestCrescent ShadesTianye MountainsSurefire SnowfieldsPiranhipine IslandsFoggybog SwampSteamboat SkiesAstral UniversitySky CitadelEpoch HorizonToad TownSoleil SandsThe SugardomeTenortownShimmerock CliffsKingdom CrossingThe InfrontMidori MountainsFlashfreeze FjordsAltitude BordersThe ThunderspikesSunstained SteppeRuined Toad Town
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