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During the events of Paper Mario: The Rewind Chronicles, Peach has her own story parallel to Mario's. While Mario is busy in the Astral Kingdom, Baron Valdric uses this to his advantage to try and conquer the Mushroom Kingdom for himself. Peach must defend her kingdom on the home front by taking down each of Valdric's forts scattered around the kingdom and recovering the Mushroom Kingdom Royal Jewels which Valdric is trying to steal in order to take the crown.


Prologue: The Valdrian Invasion

Chapter 1 - A Prickly Situation

Chapter 2 - Tasty Trials in the Sugardome

Chapter 3 - Disonance and Direty

Chapter 4 - A Flowery Dilemma

Chapter 5 - Battle on the Borderlines

Chapter 6 - Braving the Waves

Chapter 7 - The Earth Clan

Chapter 8 - Chilling Tales in the Fjord

Chapter 9 - Peach Aims Skyward

Chapter 10 - Lightning in the Dark

Chapter 11 - A Steppe in the Wrong Direction

Chapter 12 - Showdown at Castle Valdric


In terms of gameplay, Peach functions very similarly to Mario in the way she plays, from traversing an open overworld to having partners to help her in battle. However, Peach does not have a hammer like Mario and thus cannot break blocks on her own. Instead, she has her parasol which can be used to glide over wide gaps. In battle, the hammer option is replaced with the Parasol option, which acts like the hammer. It deals less damage, but pierces defense.


Peach's intermissions feature Bowser who is deciding on whether to help Peach for now and save his own kingdom, or ally himself with Valdric.

Peach's Partners

Name Summary Abilities Description
Midnight Guy


An enigmatic shy guy who is well versed with the history of the Mushroom Kingdom. Born between a family of great magicians and a family with a heritage of protecting the crown, he joins Peach on her quest as the guide to getting the Royal Mushroom Jewels. While an intellectual, he is quite a flirt and enjoys sweeping señoritas that Peach & co. meet along the way off their feet with a tango.

Being well-versed in all the Mushroom Kingdom, he is well-versed in knowledge about fighting different enemies and uses this knowledge in his own version of the tattle ability.

Jump Stomp
0 FP
Jumps on an enemy twice.
0 FP
Analyzes an enemy, revealing HP and stats as well as other tips and tricks.
3 FP
Raids the enemy. Deals double damage if the enemy is holding an item and steals that item.
Trump Card
5 FP
Chooses a random card, which inflicts a random status on the enemies.
Royal Flush
6 FP
Sends a hurricane of cards to attack all enemies.

Chapter 1

Hailing from Soleil Sands, she is one of the few local peoples who actually support Peach within her home district. When Peach arrives and the rest of the townsfolk heckle her, she adamantly defends her and helps her quell the tension in the area. She has a no-joke stubborn personality.

Her ability is to use her carpet as a floating platform, so that peach may reach vertical heights with ease.

Sky Slam
0 FP
Slams into an opponent from the sky. Can hit anywhere.
2 FP
Lifts Peach up on her carpet, dodging all ground-based attacks for up to two turns.
3 FP
Gives Peach and herself the "Dodgy" Status effect.
Wind Wipe
5 FP
Hits all enemies in the air and smacks them down to the ground for one turn.
Sky Frenzy
6 FP
Attacks all enemies on field while giving a chance of dealing the "Confused" Status effect.

Chapter 2

A Luma from Sweet Sweet Isles that has a feisty, headstrong personality. She is very fun loving and her main hobbies include playing, looking at the night sky and reminding people that she is not edible. When her father, Lummiere, is wrongfully arrested and put on trial, she joins Peach to clear her father's good name.

In the overworld, her ability is to charge forward. This can hit switches far away and get far away items, like the shell overworld ability of Katrina in Mario's story.

0 FP
Charges into an enemy.
Choco Charge
2 FP
Charges through all grounded/hovering enemies
Choco Wave
6 FP
A wave of chocolate hits all enemies and has a chance to immobilize them as the chocolate hardens.
Star Sprinkles
5 FP
The party is sprinkled with tasty star treats, which raise their attack for a few turns.
Sweet Surprise
6 FP
Lobs a chocolate boulder at all enemies. The boulders may contain items.
Jammer IV

Chapter 3

Once living in Bowser's Kingdom, Jammer IV moved to Tenor Town to live a peaceful life. When the Toads start being hostile towards the Bowser's Kingdom immigrants, he teams up with Peach to settle this feud once and for all and return harmony back to Tenortown. He is a marimba player and is quite airheaded, but his musical talents shine through.

In the overworld, his ability is to use a hammer, much like Mario due to Princess Peach not having one. It is an automatic Ultra Hammer that can break all blocks.

Mallet Blow
0 FP
Smashes an enemy with the hammer.
Musical Hit
2 FP
Throws a hammer that can hit enemies at the back or ones that are in the air.
Spin Sonata
6 FP
Sends forth two spinning hammers which knock enemies everywhere and deal damage.
5 FP
Throws hammers at all enemies, causing solid damage.
6 FP
Throws a hammer that hits all enemies twice; once at the front and again from the back.
Felicity Flutters

Chapter 4

A Flutter who takes care of the plants growing at Florolfa Meadows. When Baron Valdric starts to use the Florolfa River as a dumping ground which starts to pollute everything, she joins with Peach to take down the dumping plant and stop the pollution to save the flowers and life in the meadows. 

Her ability is to blow gusts of wind with her wings to blow away objects and loose flaps of paper to unveil secrets, like Madame Flurrie. Her wind power can turn turbines, too.

Wing Slam
0 FP
Slams into an enemy.
4 FP
If successful, blows enemies out from the field.
Floral Harvest
4 FP
Heals Peach and herself of any negative status conditions.
7 FP
Flaps her wings so fast that it creates a hurricane which hits all enemies on the field and making them bump into each other.
Life Seeds
5 FP
Sows seeds which grow heal 3 HP to Peach and herself for up to 3 turns.

Chapter 5

A Beanish who lives alone between the border of the Mushroom Kingdom and the Beanbean Kingdom. He was unhappy with his life in the Beanbean Kingdom and left suddenly without a trace, and found magic. At first he is apathetic to the conflict going on in the borders, but when the possibility of his hometown being attacked arises, he jumps into action and joins Peach.

His ability is to use thunder magic to detonate things, effectively being a "bomb" character.

0 FP
Strikes exploding thunder at an enemy. Pierces defense.
3 FP
Summons a thunder cloud which will strike enemies under it for a few turns during battle.
Ice Flare
4 FP
Brings on a blizzard which can freeze enemies.
Magic Boom
9 FP
Explodes all enemies with a powerful thunder blast.
Element Array
12 FP
Uses the elements of thunder, fire and ice to attack all enemies, randomly giving freeze, burn and stun statuses.

Chapter 6

An aspiring journalist from the Infront shores who joins Peach after being separated from her mother, whom she had just had a nasty argument before the cyclone hit the Infront. She is timid at first but is not above cracking witty commentary at enemies.

Her ability is to ferry Peach across water. As she is too large to travel with Peach in the land, she is always docked at the nearest water spot.

0 FP
Rams into an enemy.
High Tide
4 FP
Protects Peach with a wave that acts as a wall. The wave has its own HP and can take hits for Peach until it is removed from battle.
Surf's Up
7 FP
Sends forth a massive tidal wave that attacks all enemies. Torie ride the wave, causing double damage to the enemy on the back by landing on them.
5 FP
Attacks all enemies with a whirlpool. The whirlpool may switch enemy placements around.
9 FP
Attacks all enemies with a giant wave, dealing a first round of damage. While underwater, the enemies bump into each other, causing a 2nd wave of damage.

Chapter 7

A Ratooey who has been tailing Peach through her adventure so far and battled with her a couple of times. When Peach treads her home turf of the Midori Mountains, she takes it personally. Once Peach reveals the corruption within the Ninja Clan she serves, she turns tails and joins Peach to set things right.

Her ability is to hide Peach into the shadows. Enemies cannot see or touch the party while this is active, and the party can also avoid spikes and other traps, too.

0 FP
Throws a shuriken at an enemy. Pierces defense.
1 FP
Hides Peach in the shadows and puts forth a substitute so enemy attacks miss.
Star Surge
4 FP
Throws multiple shuriken at all enemies. Pierces defense.
Hidden Cuts
3 FP
Jumps into the background. When an enemy is about to attack Peach, she jumps in and deals damage equal to the amount the enemy would have done to Peach to the enemy, and cancels their attack.
Secret Art
5 FP
Paints a large mural on screen, changing the battlefield. All stage conditions are reset and the party's attack and defense are boosted while the mural is on screen. It also pleases the audience, bringing in more star points.

Chapter 8

A Rex who lives in Flashfreeze Fjords. He loves to make others laugh, even though he is a terrible comedian. He can be found in the Comedy Club, usually surrounded by silence. He joins Peach after one of his critics say he plays it too safe, and should travel to get out of his comfort zone. Also, he's the only one who can breathe fire in the entire town, which is what Peach needs to access the Flashfreeze Caverns. Fireball
0 FP
Shoots a fireball at an enemy. May cause a burn.
Flame Flurry
3 FP
Attacks all enemies with fireballs. Large chance of causing a burn.
Cracker Joke
4 FP
Does a comic routine that brings in audience members and confuses enemies on the field.
Cold Reception
5 FP
Tells a joke so bad it freezes all the enemies and deals damage.
5 FP
Charges Star Power at a large rate and blinds all enemies with the bright theater lights. The audience is more likely to help Peach after this move.

Chapter 9

The disciple of Kala, the messenger of Colors, Diya performs her duties to her every day. When the Temple of Colors is Sabotaged, she joins Peach to save Kala and the rest of the Altitude Borders from being colorless. She is solemn and soft spoken most of the time, and loves tranquility.

In the field, she casts a speed spell on Peach, making her run twice as fast which comes in useful for getting places fast, or solving puzzles with a time limit.

0 FP
Shoots a magic bolt at an enemy.
Speed Spell
3 FP
Gives Peach and herself the "Dodgy" status, making them more likely to evade attacks.
5 FP
Attacks all enemies with a thunder spell.
8 FP
Attacks all enemies with ice magic and having a high chance of freezing them all.
Heals Peach 10HP.

Chapter 10

A Lantern Ghost who carries a lantern staff around because he's scared of darkness and even his own shadow. Much to his chagrin he's also the gravekeeper in Thunderspike Village, although he gets along with the local Boos well. When they start disappearing, he musters up enough courage to join Peach and save his friends.

His ability is to shine his Lantern Staff to reveal hidden objects and doors as well as to light up dark areas.

Whacky Staff
0 FP
Hits an enemy with his staff multiple times.
Lights On
2 FP
Makes invisible enemies visible again and blinds enemies.
Bright Spark
4 FP
Causes a dazzling light to appear, dealing damage to enemies and giving them the "Dizzy" Status.
Light Trail
4 FP
Causes a sphere of light to appear around the party during battle for a few turns. Projectile attacks will be considerably weakened.
Nova Shine
7 FP
Attacks all enemies with a bright light, causing confusion and dizziness to all enemies at once while dealing large damage.


A Pianta who is one of the most sought-after sopranos of her generation. She is very full of herself and loves luxury. She first appears in Mario's story, but moves to the Mushroom Kingdom after Chapter 4. It is here that she starts appearing in the Toad Town theatre. After Peach does some quests for her, she joins the party. She is an optional partner.

Her field ability is to sing, putting enemies to sleep as well as having numerous effects on the terrain.

0 FP
Throws a prop spear at an enemy. Weak, but pierces defense.
3 FP
Sings all enemies to sleep.
High Notes
4 FP
Sings very high notes which pierce defense. Enemies high up in the air and ceiling receive extra damage.
4 FP
Allows Peach to attack again.
Final Note
7 FP
Brings along a whole Pianta Choir to sing along with her, filling up the audience and charging star power at a high rate. All enemies will be stunned as well.

Mushroom Royal Jewels

Jewel Location Power & SP needed Description
Mushroom Shield Toad Town Valor, 1 Peach and her partner heal up to 8 HP and FP.
Sunbeam Emerald Soleil Sands Sun Beam, 2 If successful, burns all enemies temporarily.
Shroom Quartz Sugardome Power Feast, 2 Sweets appear on the screen. Depending on which ones are collected within the time frame, Peach's Attack and Defense go up accordingly.
Scale Garnet Tenortown Inverse Scale, 3 All enemies and allies will get reverse buffs for the next 3 turns. For example, if Peach's attack stat is debuffed by two, she will instead have it increased by two.
Shamrock Sapphire Shimmerock Town Floral Frenzy, 3 A powerful attack on all enemies on the field, but is affected by enemy defenses.
Starlight Peridot

Beanbean Castle

Bean Barrage, 2 Beans are fired at enemies which cause random debuffs and also damage.
Wavy Amethyst Lulawaii Island Wash Out, 3 If successful, carries all enemies away from the battlefield, effectively destroying them. Will not work on enemies with 10HP or higher, Mini-bosses or bosses.
Sakura Ruby Midori Mountain Healing Wind, 5 Heals Peach and her partner up to 40 HP and FP.
Snowfall Diamond Flashfreeze Fjords Ice Flower, 4 For up to 3 turns, Peach (or her partner, if they use this attack) get an Ice Flower boost. Their attacks during this period have a chance of freezing the enemy as well as always being effective against fire enemies.
Cloud Topaz Temple of Colors Specrum's Song, 3 If successful, the HP of all participants in battle is shared equally. This is useful if Peach and her partner are both at low health and the enemies are at full health.
Lunar Beryl Sunstained Steppe Arrow Raid, 4 All enemies are attacked by a barrage of arrows, which pierces defense and may cause crumpling to enemies.

Enemies & Bosses



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