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This is the soundtrack to Paper Mario: The Rewind Chronicles, all of which is composed specifically for the game by Trucky.

Main Hub

Music Title Location Played Music
Welcome to Astral City!

Astral City

Astral City - Music - Paper Mario The Rewind Chronicles-003:21

Astral City - Music - Paper Mario The Rewind Chronicles-0

Vast Library

The Starchives

The Starchives - Music - Paper Mario The Rewind Chronicles02:39

The Starchives - Music - Paper Mario The Rewind Chronicles

Deep Underground

Astral City Sewers

Chapter 1

Music Title Location Played Music
Verdant Fields Kooprenia Meadows
Humble Village

Kooprenia Castle Town

Halls of History

Kooprenia Castle

The Sorcerer's Spell

Chapter 1 Boss Battle

Chapter 2

Music Title Location Played Music
Dry, Dry Dunes Parchedment Path
Detective Mario Returns


Giant Stadium

Mushlympics Stadium

Jewel of the Sands


Bari's Gambit Chapter 2 Boss Battle

Chapter 3

Music Title Location Played Music
Whirled West Adventure Whirled West Canyon
Shy Guy's Lullaby Shyville
The Shy Guy Rag Shyville Saloon
Mindin' Our Business

Shyville Sheriff's Office

Whirled West Train Ride

During Train Cutscenes

The Shyville Shootout

The Shyville Shootout

Chapter 3 Boss Battle - Phase 1

Choomba Pursuit

Grande Choomba Express Chase!

Chapter 3 Boss Battle - Phase 2

Chapter 4

Music Title Location Played Music
Moonlight Blanket Crescent Shades
Grand Theatre Crescent Shades Theatre
The Deep Darkness Underneath the Theatre
Chilling Uneasiness Theme
Shady Woods Crescent Shades Trail
The Manor Crescent Shades Manor
Showtime Showdown! Chapter 4 Boss Battle Theme

Chapter 5

Music Title Location Played Music
Secluded Mountain Village Tianye Village
Sweethearts Theme of Love
The Climb Begins Mt Cleverest (Base)
Cave Ascent Mt Cleverest (Caves)
High Mountain Wind Mt Cleverest (Summit)
Temple Above the Clouds

Cloudy Path

Skytail Temple

Summit Battle! Vs Skytail! Chapter 5 Boss Battle Theme

Chapter 6

Music Title Location Played Music
Somber Snowfields Frost Hill
Aurora-Lit Skies

Snowslide Point

Snowflake Lake

Fire and Ice Declaration of War
Scorched Tunnels Mt. Blanket Caves
The Emperor's Wrath Chapter 6 Boss Battle Theme

Chapter 7

Music Title Location Played Music
Looking to the Vast Blue Port Evershine (Day)
Beach Fiesta Port Evershine (Night)
Faraway Islands Piranhipine Islands
Sailing Setting off to Sea
Deep Underwater Underwater Theme
Strange Caverns Underwater Caves
Blooper Barrage Chapter 7 Boss Battle

Chapter 8

Music Title Location Played Music
Firefly Way Foggybog Swamp
Decrepit Facility The Abandoned Laboratory
Deep Dark Down The Forgotten Mine
Remains to Be Seen Chapter 8 Boss Battle

Chapter 9

Music Title Location Played Music
Halls of Knowledge Astral University
Welcome to the Pixeldom Bytown
The Bits Compel Thee Pixel Tower
Bit by Bit Throwback Landing
Point of No Return World -1
A Glitch in the System Chapter 9 Boss Battle Theme

Chapter 10

Music Title Location Played Music
Clockwork Life Cog Canyon
Cloudtop Expedition Steamboat Skies
Nest of Evil Dr. Frankitu's Mansion
A Mechanical War Chapter 10 Boss Battle

Chapter 11

Music Title Location Played Music
Pinnacle of the World Sky Citadel
The Chamber of Mirrors Forbidden Chamber
The Pinnacle Cloudy Cathedral
Void of Light Cloudy Cathedral Catacombs
Ancient Beast Chapter 11 Boss Battle

Chapter 12

Music Title Location Played Music
Town of Time The T-Gate
Realm of Time The T-Dimension
Final Toll Chronos Castle
Countdown to Chaos Vs Cron
Finem Temporis Chapter 12 Boss Battle

Mystic Paintings

Music Title Location Played Music
Sky-High Slopes #04 Paratroopa Peaks
Springtime Stroll #05 Champs du Chomps
The Highlands #06 The Cliffs of Plessie
Autumnal Symphony #11 Village of the Red Leaves
Pristine Horizons #12 Geyser Islands
The City That Time Forgot #15 Timeless City

Battle Themes

Music Title Location Played Music
The Fight Must Go On Default Battle Theme
Mario the Knight Chapter 1 Battle Theme
A Desert Skirmish Chapter 2 Battle Theme
Duelling Marios Chapter 3 Battle Theme
Shadow Play Chapter 4 Battle Theme
Fight With Honor Chapter 5 Battle Theme
Between a Blaze and a Blizzard Chapter 6 Battle Theme
Ocean Assault Chapter 7 Battle Theme
Firefly Fight Chapter 8 Battle Theme
Pixelated Punchout! Chapter 9 Battle Theme
Sky High Antics Chapter 10 Battle Theme
A Matter of Light and Dark Chapter 11 Battle Theme
It's about Time Chapter 12 Battle Theme


Music Title Location Played Music
Sadness Sadness Theme
The Bari Family Theme of the Bari Family
Mischief Theme of Bowser's Elite Trio


  • The Whirled West Train Ride Theme is a remix of the Sunset Wilds course theme from Mario Kart: Super Circuit
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