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This game is a fanwritten work by the user Trucky (tbc) - please ask permission before editing. 

PMTRC US Boxart2
Paper Mario: The Rewind Chronicles
Developer(s) Soupy
Publisher(s) Soupy
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) RPG
Release Date(s)
Switzerland flag January 10th, 2099
Japan Flag January 12th, 2099
Flag of Europe January 12th, 2099
Iceland January 15th, 2099
Flag of USA January 18th, 2099
Canada January 18th, 2099
Single Player
Age Rating(s)
ERSB: ERating Everyone
PEGI: 3Rating Ages 3 and older
Media Included Wii U Optical Disc

Paper Mario: The Rewind Chronicles is the 5th installment to the Paper Mario series, after Sticker Star, and is set in the time period straight after the events of Super Paper Mario. The game is split into Mario's main story, where he adventures in the Astral Kingdom as well as Peach's story, which documents her adventures in the Mushroom Kingdom. 

Mario's Story

For more in-depth coverage of the plot, see Paper Mario: The Rewind Chronicles/Plot

Prologue - A Time Like No Other

Mario arrives at the Astral Kingdom for its 800th Anniversary of its founding. When the national treasures, the Rewind Chronicles which have been passed down by the 12 founding members of the Kingdom, are threatened to be destroyed, the King asks Mario to retrieve each of the books, and entrusts him with the first Rewind Chronicle. Mario also meets a small spirit called Altari who lives in the first book and can sense where the next book in the series is.

Chapter 1 - A Royal Disaster 

Mario arrives in Kooprenia to have the Rewind Chronicle there be formally presented to him by King Koopree. Before the grand banquet, everyone in the castle is turned to stone by the King's advisor, Kappro as well as a few traitorous soldiers. Mario must help take the crown back and return everyone in the castle to normal. 

Chapter 2 - The City of the Sands

Mario arrives in Bomankh where the Mushlympics are about to begin. The next Rewind Chronicle goes missing right under everyone's noses and Mairo has to investigate this, along with the disappearance of Mushlympic athletes and rumors of corruption in the city. It is also here that Cron reveals himself to Mario, saying that the Rewind Chronicles must be destroyed. 

Chapter 3 - A Whirled West Adventure

The next Rewind Chronicle is revealed to be in the Whirled West. Unfortunately, a large heist of the historical building is committed and Mario must take pursuit to catch the culprit and get the Chronicle back from the theves.

Chapter 4 - Mario Takes the Stage

Mario arrives in Crescent Shades where he gets roped into playing a part in a play for the theatre in order to gain access backstage, where Altari senses the next Rewind Chronicle is. Things start to tense up when creepy things start happening in the theatre.

Chapter 5 - The Mountain Trials

Mario arrives in the Tianye Mountains and prepares to climb the mountain in order to get to the next Rewind Chronicle which is located in the Temple of Knowledge at the summit, guarded by revered monks and the grand dragon, Skytail. However, climbing the mountain is not easy as Cron's minions are hot on the group's tail as well as several other dangers.

Chapter 6 - A Scorching Skirmish in the Snow

Mario is caught between two warring factions of the Ledusi and the Heliogons in the Surefire Snowfields. The next Rewind Chronicle is revealed to be hidden beneath the battlefield, so Mario must find a way to stop the brutal war for peace as well as to collect the next book.

Chapter 7 - Mayhem on the Crystal Blue

Mario arrives in the Piranhipine Islands in order to dive for the Rewind Chronicle that sank in the depths of a ship long ago. In order to get a submarine to dive down there, Mario must help the locals by doing favors to climb up the social ladder. He also finds out that Bari's syndicate is active in the area and has to stop their crimes in the island.

Chapter 8 - The Rayvolt Conspiracy

When Altari can't sense the next Rewind Chronicle, Mario finds out through investigation that the missing one was actually experimented on in the past. Mario gains his permit to the forbidden Foggybog Swamp in order to get to the abandoned laboratory that housed it in an attempt to find it there.

Chapter 9 - Full Steam Ahead

Mairo arrives in Steamboat Skies, where the next Rewind Chronicle is held in the hands of Dr. Frankitu, who has been terrorizing all the air trade routes by unleashing his steam-powered robotic army on the area in order to steal valuables. Mario has to defeat the mad doctor to restore peace to Steamboat Skies and return all the stolen items.

Chapter 10 - Hidden in Plain Sight

After arriving in the Astral University, evidence reveals there's been a mole in Mario's friend group who has been leaking their movements to Cron since the Tianye Mountains. Goombeverly, Archie, Katrina, Tutankaboom, Bandart, Norman, and Lan all fall under suspicion, leaving Mario only with Sniegs, Buck, Viona, and Coggs to find out what's really going on. Meanwhile, some experiments on the Rewind Chronicle at the university has yielded terrifying results.

Chapter 11 - The Floating Citadel

Mario arrives in Sky Citadel, where the last Rewind Chronicle is. At first he is greeted coldly and nobody will help him. After finding the true whereabouts of the next Rewind Chronicle, it is an uphill struggle to gain the trust of the citizens and save the whole citadel from falling to the ground.

Chapter 12 - The Rewind Chronicles

Peach's Story

For coverage on Peach's Story, see Paper Mario: The Rewind Chronicles/Peach's Story

Peach's Story runs parallel to Mario's and the two interact with each other during interludes. Characters may travel from the Astral Kingdom to the Mushroom Kingdom and vice versa during the story, and actions caused by both of them have an affect on each other.


In terms of gameplay, The Rewind Chronicles returns to the main mechanics of the first two installments of the series. Like in The Thousand Year Door', Mario starts the adventure with the ability to use action commands as well as his hammer. Mario regains the ability to Spin Dash from the original as well.

Partners retain having their own HP bar from Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door as well, and can fall in battle. Items can thus be used on them during battle, too.

Paper Abilities

Like in The Thousand Year Door, Mario gains Paper abilities throughout the game. Instead of being cursed by Black Chest Demons however, Mario gains these abilities during the interludes where he gains them through the training of Merlon. When Mario first encounters a trigger for these abilities in the overworld, Merlon appears and explains them, training Mario on how to use these abilities. All the abilities from The Thousand Year Door return; Plane Mode has Mario turning into a paper plane to glide across large gaps, Paper Mode allows Mario to turn sideways and get through thin gaps, Tube Mode allows Mario to roll himself up and go through low passages, and Boat Mode where Mario can turn himself into a paper boat on certain docks to travel across water. Sticker Mode is a new mode in which Mario can transform into a sticker to attach to cliffs or other vertical surfaces, allowing him to get across them.


Returning from The Thousand Year Door and Super Paper Mario is the ability to get into the background to get to items as well as buildings which can only be accessed from the background scenery. Unlike The Thousand Year Door, Mario can use his partners in the background. He cannot move into a different screen or area from the background, however. Interacting with background scenery also affects the foreground. For example, freezing a waterfall with Sgt. Sniegs in the background will also freeze the river in the foreground.


After a chapter has been completed, an intermission section appears in which the player controls Luigi as he adventures throughout the Astral Kingdom in order to help Mario along by finding information. Luigi has his own partner, Gaspar, who has the hide ability. Gaspar is Luigi's only partner. While there are no battles in Luigi intermissions, there are still puzzles using both Gaspar and Luigi's abilities as they investigate the Astral Kingdom and the history behind the Kingdom and also the Stars.


As with The Thousand Year Door, battles take place on a stage, and are turn-based. Characters may interact with the scenery on the stage, such as the background, the audience and the occasional stage prop - the background may fall after a strong tremor, damaging all the characters on stage and possibly making them dizzy; the audience helps Mario gain Star Power and may occasionally throw items onto stage that may hinder or help Mario as well as doing things that affect the stage or the other audience members, and some bosses even use the audience to their advantage such as eating them to restore HP; and stage props may appear on stage at the beginning of the battle and can be used by either Mario or his opponents to their advantage, for example, attacking a crate may yield a helpful item or badge. The props differ depending on the location of the battle.

The audience system is also enhanced as the audience differs from chapter to chapter. For example, Cowboy Shy Guys and Bandits are exclusive to battles within the Whirled West.

New to the game, Mario now has two partners out in battle. His main partner, which travels with him in the overworld and a secondary partner, who appears only in battle allow the party to have more attacks. The secondary partner can be picked from outside of battle in the menu.

On the Offense

While Mario and his partners are battling, they can attack their enemies with more power by successfully performing the action command, which differs between attacks. Stylish moves return and are extra commands that please the crowd, resulting in more Star Power.

There are also combo moves for partners. To use a combo move, both partners must not have used up their turn in the current round. By paying a set amount of FP which changes depending on which partners use it, the partners can combine their efforts to produce a combo attack. The attack differs depending on the combinations of the partners on field. For more information, see Paper Mario: The Rewind Chronicles/Combo Attacks.

On the Defense

To guard against an enemy's attack, one must press A or B just before the attacking foe strikes at the right time. Guarding reduces the amount of damage Mario and his partner takes as well as preventing status effects from being inflicted.

Standard guarding is executed by pressing A and reduces the damage dealt by the enemy by 1 and protects against status effects. The player has approximately a sixth of a second to guard.

Super guarding is executed by pressing B and completely negates the attack in both damage and status effects. If the attacker makes contact while Super guarding, the attacker will take 1 point of damage, and sometimes deflect certain projectiles, such as body segments from a Pokey, back at the attacker. However, super guarding is much more difficult as the player only has approximately a twentieth of a second to perform it.

Leveling Up

Mario's Level

Star Points are special points that Mario gains after defeating enemies in battle, akin to experience points. When Mario accumulates 100 Star Points, he will level up, and get to choose to upgrade either his Heart Points (HP), Flower Points (FP) or Badge Points (BP). Upgrading his HP and FP will increase that stat by 5, and upgrading badge points increases it by 3. Mario's level caps at Level 99, although this is difficult since Enemies give out less Star Points the higher Mario's level is. However, it is not impossible as Mario will always receive one Star Point after battle regardless of his level.

Partner Levels

Partners may be upgraded through the use of Shine Sprites. Mario can collect these throughout his adventures and bringing three of them to Merlon will allow Merlon to upgrade one partner to Super Rank, increasing the power or potency of their moves, increasing their HP and teaching them a new move. Once Mario gets the Ultra Stone and brings it to Merlon, he will be able to upgrade the partners a second time to Ultra Rank, making them learn another new move as well as further increasing their HP and their attack power/potency.

The Audience

The Audience are characters that appear below the stage and spectate. The amount of audience members determines how much Star Energy is recovered. Stylish moves, and appealing moves increase the Star Energy recovered. 

The audience is made up of allies and enemies as well as exclusive audience members who differ depending on where the battle is set. For example, Pionpis and Aggons only appear in battles in Tianye Mountains. 

Some bosses and enemies may use the audience to their advantage as they can eat them to restore HP or use them to attack Mario and his partners.

The audience also participate in battle by affecting the characters on stage or others in the audience. They can throw helpful and harmful items at Mario's party or the enemies, while other can directly affect the audience members around them such as making them fall asleep, which makes recovering Star Power harder.

The audience now has an excite meter. The meter goes up or down depending on the battle. If Mario or his partners fail their action commands, the excite meter will deplete, making it harder to recover Star Power efficiently but also will make audience members more likely to heckle Mario and his partners by throwing hurtful items. On the other hand, if Mario and his partners are performing well in battle, the excite meter goes up and they will be more likely to help Mario.


The Bingo! or Battle Roulette is an in-battle event that occurs after Action Commands are successfully performed. A random icon will appear after an action command is correctly performed. If the player has two matching icons and performs another successful command, Mario can take the Roulette, and if the icon matches in all three slots, a special effect will occur, which is mostly (but not always) beneficial. Effects range from healing all Mario and his party's HP (Mushroom), Healing all his FP (Flower), Rewarding many coins (A Coin), Replenishing his Star power fully (A Star), Restoring all of HP, FP and SP (Shine Sprite), Healing all of his HP, FP, SP as well as giving a hefty coin reward (A Lucky 7) or cutting Mario's HP, FP and SP in half (Poison Mushroom)

If the Roulette matches all three, it also affects the audience. If Mario gets a Mushroom, Flower or Star, the audience will fill up by half its capacity. For the rest of the current turn and the following three turns, the Star Power gained from Action Commands and Stylish Moves (but not Appealing) will be doubled. The excite meter will also increase by a small amount.

If Mario gets a Shine Sprite or a Lucky 7, the audience will completely fill up. For the rest of the current turn and the following three turns, the Star Power gained from Action Commands and Stylish Moves (but not Appealing) will be doubled. The excite meter will also go to maximum.

If Mario gets a Poison Mushroom will cause all of the audience to leave and will put the excite meter to zero.

Main Characters

Name Summary



The main hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario travels across the Astral Kingdom in search for the Rewind Chronicles. He is an expert at jumping and the hammer, using both in battle to defeat enemies.



Mario's younger brother stays in the Astral Kingdom on his own adventure. Before he can go back to the Mushroom Kingdom with Peach, he meets a ghost called Gaspar who needs help in recovering twelve of his personal belongings he had while he was alive so he can move on. Fancying himself a hero, Luigi teams pu with Gaspar whilst also helping Mario on his quest as he unravels the mysteries behind the Rewind Chronicles, of which Gaspar seems to know his fair share about...
Altari A chipper fellow who was living inside the first Rewind Chronicle. He can sense the next book in the collection and helps Mario in his journey across the Astral Kingdom. He is rather goofy and clumsy, leading others to not take him seriously and berate him. However, he journeys on and does his best to aid the party. Living in one of the Rewind Chronicles though poses a lot of questions, and there is an air of mystery about him.
King Nevulus The King of the Astral Kingdom. While he would rather take things into his own hands, he must still run his country and asks Mario to recover the Rewind Chronicles on his behalf before Cron is able to locate them first and destroy them.
Matlida Archie's wife and an esteemed archaeologist. She first meets up with the party during Chapter 2 and follows them around on their journey, being quite helpful along the way. She seems to have struck a strong friendship with Altari, and the two are always seen together.



A mysterious figure who appeared one day with no official record of him existing until he arrived. He seeks to destroy the Rewind Chronicles so that they cannot be whole again, and almost seems to obsess over that fact. He trusts nobody but himself and his three minions, the Shades. He also seems intent on targeting Altari due to his connection with the Rewind Chronicles as well.
The Shades Cron's three trusted vassals. Opal, Obsidian and Onyx - they follow his every command and are strictly loyal to him and him alone. They are efficient at what they do and not much is known about them, even their origins...


Throughout the game, Mario, just like the first two installments, has partners. His partners have purposes in both the overworld and battle. They can be upgraded by Merlon by giving him 3 Shine Sprites. Every partner knows two moves upon joining the party, learns the third after being upgraded to Super Rank, and masters the final move after attaining Ultra Rank. A 5th move may be added through the use of a badge which can be won by clearing the trials set for each specific partner after Chapter 7.

Mario's Partners

Name Summary Abilities Description



Goombeverly is a history undergraduate in the University of Goom. Spending her research year abroad in Astral City, she accompanies Mario at the request of Professor Van der Goom, due to her research in the History of the Astral Kingdom and how it will help her in her studies. Personality-wise, she is sarcastic and is not afraid to speak her mind.

She has the same ability to uncover an enemy's stats through Tattle, like Goombella and Goombario. Also, she can translate some signs and other things for Mario as a result of her obsessive historical study of eras and their languages.

0 FP
Hits enemy twice.
0 FP
Gives information about an enemy and reveals its HP bar and any other weaknesses or battle tips.
3 FP
Headbonks a single enemy multiple times until the action command is missed.
Heel Stomp
5 FP
Stomps on one enemy with her sharp high heels. It will cause the enemy to crumple
6 FP
Jumps up high in the air and gains velocity when diving down, performing a very powerful headbonk that functions like a multibonk after impact.


The caretaker of the Starchives in Astral City. Although old, he seeks thrills and new experiences in his life, and he also likes to think of himself of the father of the group. While normally calm and a good voice of reason, he can show a fiercely sharp tongue if needs be.

In the overworld, he can hide Mario & himself from enemies by turning invisible as well as passing through some walls. However, Mario cannot move in this state.

0 FP
Spooks an enemy to cause damage.
1 FP
Hides Mario and himself for a turn, dodging enemy attacks. This attack cannot be used consecutively.
Fright Night
3 FP
Scares enemies away from the battlefield
Big Haunt
5 FP
Petrifies all enemies on the field, causing them to not be able to move.
Book Bash
5 FP
Hits a single enemy many times with a book, causing many hits of small damage which rack up. If pulled off correctly, the enemy is sent backwards to hit the enemy behind if there is one, causing more damage.
Katrina Koopa

Chapter 1

Daughter of King Koopree and sole heir to the Kingdom of Kooprenia, this happy-go-lucky Koopa Troopa is encountered in Chapter 1. Due to her father's doting on her, she is very spoiled and will throw a tantrum if she doesn't get her way. However, she has a great ability to cheer anyone up with her bubbly personality and tries her best to do this to everyone she comes across.

In the overworld, she uses the shell toss ability, identical to Koops' ability, which is to spin ahead an hit switches or retrieve far away items.

Shell Toss
0 FP
Slams her shell into one enemy.
Shell Slam
3 FP
Slams her shell into all grounded enemies.
Shell Fort
4 FP
Summons a shell wall with a set amount of HP to protect the party.
10 FP
Heals 10HP to Mario.
Lightning Shell
6 FP
Charges up an electrified Shell Slam that hits all grounded and low hovering enemies. Has a high chance of stunning an enemy.

Chapter 2

The Mayor of Bomankh. He tends to over-exaggerate and is quite forgetful, but he's loyal and will never forget good things done to him by his friends, or when it's time to eat, of course. He often causes accidents due to his tendency to not think things through, but he doesn't mean any harm whatsoever. He's a laid back character but takes the matters in his city very seriously.

In the overworld, he is the bomb of the game and can be used to explode walls and other objects.

0 FP
Explodes next to an enemy
Mud Bomb
4 FP
Throws a gooey, muddy bomb at an enemy which will deal damage and make their attacks miss occasionally for 3 turns.
Sand Spell
4 FP
Gives Mario and himself the "Dodgy" status
9 FP
Explodes and deals damage to every enemy on screen causing extreme damage.
Sun Bomb
9 FP
Summons an Angry Sun to explode and incinerate all enemies, giving a burn that will last until the enemy is defeated or runs away.

Chapter 3

A criminal outlaw from the Whirled West who specializes in heists. A renowned thief in Shyville. Although he doesn't look too friendly and will rob you blind at the drop of a hat, he wouldn't hurt a soul. After he is framed for a catastrophic bridge accident, he turns to Mario to clear his name. Along the way, he appreciates doing some good things for once.

Bandart's ability is to locate hidden pathways, blocks and switches like Watt from the first Paper Mario game, due to his expertise in staying hidden himself.

Quick Draw
0 FP
Shoots at a single enemy
3 FP
Steals an item or badge from an enemy while doing damage. Fails if the inventory is full.
Round Up
3 FP
Lassos an enemy, making it unable to move until it or Bandery is attacked.
Bill Blast
5 FP
Shoots at an enemy with a bullet bill launcher, doing high damage.
6 FP
Runs all across the screen, hitting all enemies for small damage and confusing them.


Chapter 4

The designated messenger of Game Overs for the Astral Region. Due to budget cuts, his scythe has been taken away and now he has to use scissors to do his work. He joins Mario on his quest because if Mario fails and time collapses in on itself, he'll have to file millions of paperwork for entry into the Underwhere or Overthere. He is diligent about his job, meaning that even Mario is not safe if he falls in battle. His personality is sarcastic and even a little bitter.

His overworld ability is to carry Mario over large gaps by floating, not unlike Parakarry.

0 FP
Cuts at a single enemy. Ignores defense.
3 FP
Gives Mario the "Float" status, so Mario can hit flying enemies with most of his attacks that usually have no effect for two turns.
4 FP
Throws shadows onto all the enemies, slowing their movements and making their attacks easier to guard against. Invisible enemies are also now made visible.
Number's Up
6 FP
Instantly removes an enemy from the battlefield. All enemies on the field will suffer the same damage equal to the amount of HP left by the enemy that was taken away. Does not work on enemies with high HP or bosses of any kind.
6 FP
Snips all enemies on the field with large scissors, ignoring defense.

Chapter 5

A Pionpi from Mt. Cleverest who puts on a meek and helpless facade when she actually can hold her own very well. In order to save her sweetheart, Shan, who has not returned after braving the mountains, she braves the climb to save him. She joins Mario when she learns that she cannot do overcome all the trials on her own and that teamwork may be needed too.

In the overworld, she can use her dao to cut down vines, trees, ropes and other things.

0 FP
Attacks an enemy with her dao.
3 FP
Unleashes a spinning attack with her dao, knocking the front enemy back into the one behind it for good damage. Ignores defense.
5 FP
Gives herself the "Counter" status. Any enemy that damages her directly receives damage equal to half of the damage she received, rounded down.
Sword Storm
6 FP
Unleashes a flurry of sword attacks that hits all enemies.
Lunar Ritual
7 FP
Does a mystic swords dance that does moderate damage and afterwards boosts her and Mario's attack power by 3 for up to 4 turns.
Sgt. Sniegs

Chapter 6

Sergeant in the Ledusi army, He is quite a prankster and he really wants to be seen as a worthy comrade - he doesn't even know how he got the Sergeant rank in the first place! Unfortunately, he is inexperienced and clumsy, and very absent minded. He always wants to do right, though. He sympathises with the Heliogons in their plight for land as the Ledusi have claimed Mt. Blanket as their own.

His attacks do double damage on Fire enemies, but fire attacks do double damage to him. In the field, he can freeze the surroundings which will change the environment around the group.

Icy Punch
0 FP
Punches a single enemy with a chilly fist. Has a slim chance of freezing the enemy.
Snow Surge
4 FP
Fires snowballs at all enemies on the field
7 FP
Makes the whole stage cold, freezing at least one, if not all enemies on the field while dealing moderate damage.
7 FP
Like Snow Surge, but with a higher rate of fire, causing more damage as well has having a high chance of freeze.
Frosty Fog
6 FP
Covers Mario and the party with a mist that lasts for 2-4 turns. During that time, enemy attacks will miss frequently as well as boosting the power of ice-related attacks.

Chapter 7

A Broozer working for Bari's mafia. He is aggressive to those who look down upon him and always pleasant to "the ladies". He is not the sharpest tool in the shed, but he gets the job done. He is assigned to Mario by Bari's wife Caiomhe to keep an eye on him during his stay in the Piranhipine Islands. Inside his violin case is an actual violin - a Shydivarius that he can actually play very well.

In the overworld he can push away and destroy large objects and blocks that Mario's hammer can't budge or destroy.

0 FP
Punches one enemy.
Knock Out
3 FP
Punches an enemy extremely hard, making them fly into the enemy behind and causing more damage.
6 FP
Plays the violin to raise the party's attack and lower the enemy's defense, depending which buttons are pressed.
7 FP
Deals high damage to all enemies through a flurry of punches and rage
Secret Song
7 FP
Plays a song which gives random negative status effects to all enemies while random positive status effects affect Mario and Buck.

Chapter 8

An Astralite scientist who once worked at the Rayvolt Laboratory. Ever since it was suddenly shut down without question years ago, she has striven to take back her research in the lab's depths and find out why the projects there were shut down. One of her inventions is a machine that creates mini-tornadoes. She is calculating and keeps to herself a lot, and seems to harbor a lot of guilt for things she'd rather not talk about. She joins Mario when she meets him at Foggybog Swamp, since he was also going into the abandoned laboratory. Seeing safety in groups, she and her ex-colleague team up with Mario. In the overworld she can use her gust machine to blow away loose scraps of paper, uncovering things within the scenery.

Swift Palm
0 FP
Slaps one enemy.
4 FP
Blows enemies away with her tornado machine. Does not work on bosses of any kind.
Super Twister
8 FP
Creates a tornado in the middle of the field that sucks up all enemies and causes damage to all of them. Afterwards, the order of the enemies is randomized.
5 FP
Blows away fog on the battlefield and gives the party the "Second Strike" status effect for a few turns, giving the party an extra turn if they defeat an enemy while the status effect is active.
Twister Trap
5 FP
Creates a twister that appears in front of the party. Any projectile fired at the team while the twister is active will be reflected back to the enemy. The twister has its own HP and will dispel if it drops to 0.

Chapter 9

Captain of his own airship fleet, Coggs is a headstrong and reliable Snifit with a thirst for adventure. His rival, Dr. Frankitu is always planning to shoot him down. He has his forgetful moments but he always pulls through. Has a bit of a pyromaniac tendency.

In the field, his ability is to set things on fire. This burns away scrap paper and loose paper bits, revealing new passageways, chests and other things of interest. The fire can also be used in puzzles.

0 FP
Shoots at an enemy.
Bombs Away
3 FP
Throws three time bombs at the enemy lines, which explode after 3 turns.
Steam Jet
5 FP
Shoots steam at all enemies, causing a reasonable amount of damage.
Flame Blast
8 FP
Shoots a steady stream of fire at all enemies, causing damage and burning them all.
Armada Attack
Calls on his fleet to shoot Bullet Bills and Banzai Bills at all enemies on screen, causing massive damage.
Arh T.


An avid artist and art student at the Astral University. Ever obsessed with details, she is the art director for the University's virtual world project and based the world on Mario's adventures, which she is a fan of.

Her overworld ability is to throw paint on the ground. With that, she and Mario can walk across slippy areas or areas with high wind to avoid slipping or being blown away. It is also used to stick to the ground in place for a few puzzles.

Paint Slash
0 FP
Attacks one enemy with a weak smack with a paintbrush, but it has a chance of blinding the enemy.
Paint Rain
3 FP
Gets a bucket of paint to throw at all enemies, covering them with paint that will blind them for a few turns.
Art Block
5 FP
Draws some blocks that turn real, which can protect the party from enemy attacks for a turn or deal moderate damage.
Arty Hearts
10 FP
Draws some hearts which turn real and will heal 10HP to Mario or herself.
10 FP
Draws some Bullet Bill Launchers that come to life and attack every enemy with a barrage of Bullet Bills, doing quite high damage to all enemies.

Aeon Stars

Aeon Star Location Power & SP needed Description
Crimson Chronicle The Starchives Refresh, 1 Replenishes up to 8 HP and FP for Mario's party members and himself.

Amber Chornicle

Kooprenia Castle Sandstorm, 2 If successful, blinds all enemies temporarily.
Jonquil Chronicle Bomankh Star Shower, 2 If successful, this power brings down stars that do up to 9 damage to all enemies on field.
Viridian Chronicle Whirled West Countercharge, 3 Mario and his party are temporarily electrified, so enemies that use physical attacks will get damaged as well as making their attack useless.
Turquoise Chronicle Crescent Shades Power Drain, 4 Decreases attack power of enemies while increasing defense and attack of Mario & his partners.
Azure Chronicle

Tianye Mountains

Bless, 5 Replenishes up to 25 HP for each party member and up to 25 FP.
Cobalt Chronicle Mt. Blanket Windy Whistle, 3 If successful, carries all enemies away from the battlefield, effectively destroying them. Will not work on enemies with 10HP or higher, Mini-bosses or bosses.
Violet Chronicle The Azure Abyss Time Out, 7 Does up to 15 damage to all enemies, as well as immobilizing enemies in time if they survive the damage. Does 7 damage to bosses and mini-bosses.
Rose Chronicle Rayvolt Laboratory Star Power, 6 Mario (or his partner, if they use this power) is invincible for 1-2 turns, and attacks double in power.
Bronze Chronicle Astral University Cloud Nine, 4 If successful, this power lifts Mario & co up on a cloud which allows them to hit flying enemies with attacks that cannot normally do so, and also dodge attacks from grounded enemies for up to 5 turns.
Silver Chronicle Steamboat Skies Stampede, 3 Calls forth a horde of Yoshis to trample all enemies on ground, doing up to 10 damage. An item can also be obtained if one of the Yoshis leaves behind an egg.
Gold Chronicle Sky Citadel Time Wave, 8 Attacks all enemies, defeating them instantly, regardless of HP. Won't work on any mini-bosses or bosses.


For a full list of items, see Paper Mario: The Rewind Chronicles/Items.

Items return from the first three installments and are objects that help Mario on his journey. They may be used to heal stats such as HP (Mushrooms) or Flower Points (Honey Syrup). They can also be used to boost Mario's stats like his attack, defense or even give him different status.  They may also be used to attack enemies and give them status problems. At first, Mario can only carry 10 items at a time, but an extra ten can be carried once Mario receives the Strange Sack. This brings his maximum storage space to 20. Mario can also store up to 50 items at any item shop located in the hub world.


For a complete list of badges, see Paper Mario: The Rewind Chronicles/Badges Badges are items which Mario may equip to gain an effect on himself or his partners, and can be bought from Stocc the Salesman, traded in for star pieces from Merline, won at the Marty Mall casino, stolen from an enemy in battle or found in blocks across the world. The blocks that contain badges are red, rather than yellow.

When Mario levels up, he may choose to increase his Badge Points (BP) which allow the use of badges. The more BP he has, the more badges he can equip. Stronger, more useful badges require more BP to equip while badges that change aesthetics usually require none, like the L Emblem or the Attack FX Badges.

Badge effects vary depending on the badge; they can add attack moves to Mario and his partners, increase the amount of coins after a battle, change action command times, refund used items and many more. The L Emblem and the W Emblem change Mario's clothing to Luigi's and Wario's, respectively, while putting them both on at once will give Mario Waluigi's clothing. The Fire Emblem changes Mario's clothing to that of his Fire powerup, and can be used with the other Emblems as well.

Badge effects can be stacked by equipping more of one badge; the damage output will increase but so will the FP requirements for the moves.

Enemies/Tattle Log

See Paper Mario: The Rewind Chronicles/Tattle Log for information on all 201 enemies present within the game.

Boss Fights

Grey signifies Chapter Bosses



The World Map

Name Description Sub-Locations
Astral City
Astral City
A historic town that was built as a port and is now the capital city of the Astral Kingdom. It houses the Starchives, a a vast library that houses many books. Many visit here for its cultural heritage and ancient architecture.
  • Astral Sea Port
  • Starchives
  • Divine Shine Shrine Island
  • Train Station
  • Old Town
  • Business District
  • Sewers
An enclave Kingdom to the east with a lot of history in its borders, including the very spot where the treaty was signed in which the Mushroom Kingdom gained its independence from the Koopa Empire. Now reduced to a small land area, the monarchy still rules in peace.
  • Shellway Path
  • Kooprenia Castle Town
  • Kooprenia Castle
Bomankh, a sky-high futuristic metropolis in the middle of a vast desert. While the skyline continuously rises, the city upholds its great history. It is the host for the Mushlympics for this year and a lot of eyes are scrutinizing the city. It is governed by Tutankaboom, the mayor.
  • Parchedment Sands
  • Bomankh Airport
  • Mushlympic Stadium
Whirled West Canyon
A quiet mining community. Virtually unchanged since its creation, walking through this town is like looking into the past, so it's a very popular tourist destination. There's a big crime rate in this city due to the large amount of bandit gangs.
  • Whirled West Canyon
  • Shyville
  • Shyville Falls
  • Moo Moo Farm
  • Choomba Station
Crescent Shades
A peaceful town with a large theatre that many go to see a show. It is a very well known place for strange, unexplainable ot paranormal events.
  • Crescent Shades
  • Crescent Shades Theatre
  • Crescent Shades Trail
Tianye Mountains
Tianye Mountains
A mountain range that holds the highest mountain in the world - Mt. Cleverest. Atop this mighty mountain resides Skytail, a revered dragon who hands out wisdom to those who brave the mountains and meet him.
  • Mt. Cleverest 
  • Cloudy Path
  • Temple of Skytail
  • Mt. Cleverest Summit
Surefire Snowfields
A tranquil area of land covered in snow, blanketed over by an aurora. It is the home to the last of the militaristic Ledusi species. Beyond their seaside town is the Snowflake Lake and Surefire Snowfields, which lead to Mt. Blanket, a tall mountain which is actually a dormant volcano, and has underground chambers where the almost extinct Heliogon species live.
  • Snowslide Point
  • Surefire Snowfields
  • Snowflake Lake
  • Mt. Blanket
  • Mt. Blanket Tunnels
  • Heliogonopolis
Piranhipine Islands
Piranhipine Islands2
An archipalego with white sand beaches, lush jungle and a laid back life for the locals. It is known for the huge deep marine sink hole in its waters that give access to many untouched underwater caves.
  • Port Evershine
  • Evershine Island
  • Starwell Island
  • Piranhipine Jungle
  • The Deep Crevice
  • The Shipwrecks
  • Underwater Cave
Foggybog Swamp
A swamp that houses an abandoned laboratory in which weird experiments were conducted by the scientists there. After an accident, it was evacuated. It also is connected to a deep abandoned mine where the crazier experiments were done.
  • Foggybog Swamp
  • Rayvolt Laboratory
  • The Lost Labyrinth
Astral University
Astral University
A prestigious institute of learning in the Astral Kingdom that specializes in modern technology. They are carrying research into a computerized world of their own, called the Throwback Landing.
  • University Campus
  • Forgotten Hallway
  • Research Lab
Steamboat Skies
A bustling community in Cog Canyon which is teeming with airships. It is currently being terrorized by the insane Dr. Frankitu.
  • Cog Canyon
  • Gearsforth
  • Steamboat Skies
  • Dr. Frankitu's Mansion
Sky Citadel
Sky Citadel
A floating citadel in the sky which is at risk of plummeting down to earth. It is a sacred place inhabited by Shy Guys and is extremely hard to enter as well as leave.
  • Sky Citdadel
  • The Cathedral
Epoch Horizon The place where the Tribe of Time laid to rest after sealing away their power. It has its own independent time, which is unstable. It is a mystical place few ever have known existed.
  • T-Dimension
  • The T-Gate
  • The Pinnacle

==  Pit of 100 Trials==

Like in the previous installments to Paper Mario, there is an optional challenge in the form of the Pit of 100 Trials. The Pit may only be accessed after beating the 12th Chapter and is located in the Astral City Sewers. Inside the Pit are enemies, which get progressively stronger. Beating him gets Mario the Return Postage Badge, the Nova Hammer and the Nova Jump badge.

See Paper Mario: The Rewind Chronicles/Pit of 100 Trials for more in-depth coverage.


View the whole Soundtrack at Paper Mario: The Rewind Chronicles/Music.


For a list of all the Quotes, see Paper Mario: The Rewind Chronicles/Quotes
  • "What do you mean, I talk too much?! I'm a Goomba, it's what we do!" - Goombeverly


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