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Paper Mario: The Rainbow Portal is the seventh installment in the Paper Mario series. Available for Wii X, released in the 13th October 2023 for Wii X. It's known is Japan as Paper Mario: The Rainbow Door.

Battle System

The background is the theatre, like in TTYD.


  • Wii X Pro Controller: Hold the Control Stick to the left, then release when the green light flashes.
  • Wii X Gamepad: Same as above, or tilt the Gamepad to the left and hold A, then release when the green light flashes.

Tricky Timing

  • Wii X Pro Controller: Press A before landing on an opponent
  • Wii X Gamepad: Same as above, or shake the Gamepad before landing, or press A and X at the same time.


Move the Cursor with the Control Stick.

Button Mania

Press the right button.


Press A at the right time


Prologue: The Legend Begins

Mario is in his house with Luigi. Parakarry delivered a mail from Princess Peach. "I am in Graver City, in a country called Graver Land! There's a treasure in this land. Come, Mario, let's find it!" And Mario travels to Graver City, but Peach seems to be mysteriously disappeared. So Mario searches for her in all the town. In the Main Square, some bandits are fightning with a Goomba. So Mario saves that Goomba. "I'm Goomblez! Thanks for have saved me!"

To be continued....

Chapter 1: Gold and Silver

Chapter 2: Warp Time

Chapter 3: A castle in the sky

Chapter 4: Live your message here

Chapter 5: The road for the Castle

Chapter 6: The Battle begins

Chapter 7: A theatre in a theatre

Chapter 8: Epic's Quest

Chapter 9: The Hand that knows all

Chapter 10: The Key to Success

Chapter 11: GLITCH

Chapter 12: Missing

Chapter 13: Dimensions and Universes

Chapter 14 (Optional): Pit of 100 Trials

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