Chapter 1: Grassy Fields

Chapter 2: Crystal Caves

Chapter 3:

Chapter 4: Atop the Tree Top

The chapter involves Mario and co. going into a jungle to reach the HUGE tree where many tree top villages hand and such. After the speaking to some of the tribes, Mario finds out that the thing he's looking for is a shrine inside the tree, so he goes to get it but then... someone has stolen it! So then the chapter quickly becomes a case of figuring out who stole it, who he is and where he is. At the end of it, Mario chases the person who stole it to the very top of the tree where he summons a giant tree boss to battle. Afterwards, Mario gets the thing he needs. Either the person who stole is working for the main villians OR he betrayed his own village in the tree tops and has some motives for it.

Chapter 5:

Chapter 6: Unexpected Racetrack

Mario and Co. are presented with a racetrack. They are forced to ride on it 

Chapter 7: The Plate Range

Chapter 8: The Vicious Valley

A place in the game that's more grimdark and less forgiving than other places.

Chapter 9:

Chapter 10:

Chapter 11: Tundra Labs

Chapter 12:

Chapter 14:

Chapter 15:

Extra Chapter 1: Mario's House

Extra Chapter 2: Luigi's House


  • After a few years, everyone's appearance has changed. (characters in my paper mario game) A portal opens and everyone gets sucked into it. The adventure begins.

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