Paper Mario: The Mystical Artifacts is the first installment of the Paper Adventures series, created by PolishedBrain. It has the same gameplay of the first two
Paper Mario games, with turn-based combat, partners with their own abilities, badges, and much more. Unlike the first two games, though, this game has only six chapters instead of the usual eight. The creator, PolishedBrain, has stated that a sequel will be released soon.

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In this story, Mario must stop an evil demon known as the Skull King from destroying the entire universe. However, without the power of five powerful treasures known as the Mystical Artifacts, he doesn't stand a chance against the evil demon, so Mario embarks on a journey to find the Mystical Artifacts and defeat the demonic Skull King before it's too late. During his quest, Mario will make some new friends, who will help him collect the Mystical Artifacts.

Meanwhile, the Skull King finds out that he's not powerful enough to destroy the universe, though he learns of the existence of Dark Pearls, objects that contain massive amounts of dark energy. So, with this, the Skull King sends his minions to collect Dark Pearls, so that he can absorb their powers and become strong enough to destroy the entire universe.

The race for the fate of the universe begins...


Prologue: Return Of The Skull King

Chapter 1: Gloop Gloop Trouble

Chapter 2: Adventure in Icicle Caves

Chapter 3: Ztar Madnezz

Chapter 4: Big and Greedy

Chapter 5: The Volcano Of Doom

Final Chapter: Power Of The Mystical Artifacts


  • Bianca (Brock)- A female Brock who's a big fan of adventurers. She can tell Mario about their surroundings, characters and enemies.





3FP-Multi Slap

  • Bloobo (Blooper)- A young and cheerful Blooper. He uses his yo-yo to hit switches and catch items that Mario can't reach.


0FP-Yo-Yo Attack


3FP-Torpedo Attack

5FP-Tidal Wave

  • Ginny (Goonie)- A kind-hearted female Goonie who loves Shroom Shakes. She can carry Mario over gaps and other obstacles.


0FP-Beak Attack

2FP-Favorite Drink

4FP-Bag Bash

5FP-Get Out

  • Franco (Bulky Bob-omb)- An old and over-protective Bulky Bob-omb. He can blow up cracked walls and objects.


0FP-Body Slam


5FP-Charge Defense

7FP-Super Bomb

  • Cheeps (Cheep Cheep)- A friendly and nature-loving Cheep Cheep. She can carry Mario through bodies of water.


0FP-Belly Flop

2FP-Water Spray

4FP-Big Bubble

5FP-Super Water Spray



  • None

Chapter 1

  • Bowser (Mini Boss)
  • Big Urchin (Mini Boss)
  • Big Blooper (Boss)

Chapter 2

  • Master Blizzard (Mini Boss)
  • Ice Statue (Mini Boss)
  • Magice (Boss)

Chapter 3

  • Bowser and Kammy (Mini Boss)
  • Commander Z (Mini Boss)
  • Monztar (Boss)

Chapter 4

  • Bowser and Bowser Jr. (Mini Boss)
  • Chain Chomp (Mini Boss)
  • Queen Bertha (Boss)

Chapter 5

  • Magician (Mini Boss)
  • Magician (2) (Mini Boss)
  • Blargg Emperor (Boss)

Final Chapter

  • Giant Bowser (Mini Boss)
  • Dark Bones (Mini Boss)
  • Skull King (Boss)
  • Dark Skull (Final Boss)



  • Toad Town
  • Mushroom Fields (Hub)

Chapter 1

  • Gloop Bloop Village
  • Gloop Gloop Pathway
  • Gloop Gloop Lake
  • Gloop Gloop Ruins

Chapter 2

  • Icicle Caves
  • Big Igloo
  • Icecold Village
  • Magice's Temple

Chapter 3

  • Star Mountain
  • Starry Sky Village
  • Ztar Fortress

Chapter 4

  • Palmtree Harbor
  • Cheep Cheep Island
  • Coconut Village
  • Pebble Mines
  • Queen Bertha's Castle

Chapter 5

  • Choo Choo Station
  • Vulcanus Village
  • Big Bridge
  • Doom Volcano

Final Chapter

  • Skull King's Palace
  • ???


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