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Paper Mario: The Musical is the fith installment in the Paper Mario Series, and is the first game in the series to have it on both 3DS and Wii U.


A snazzy broadway producer, asks Mario to be a part of his own musical franchise. The catch is, he needs to find co-stars. In the end Bowser is the Broadway Producer, and kidnaps Peach. Mario and his co-stars rescue her.


Character Species Bio
Luigi Human Mario's lanky brother
Toadline Toad A sassy waitress who works at the Toad Cafe
Captain Bones Dry Bones A detarmined pirate who has his own crew
Sensei Gom Goomba An old and fiesty ninja with a high hatread for pirates
Janjo Yoshi A young and enerjectic Yoshi with a passion for adventure
Stella Luma A shy Luma, that doesn't like to be social
Nikki Birdo A young Birdo who's has an adiction for disco
Flora Piranha Plant A school girl who is a Broodway geek and is teased because of it.
Blaire Snifit A wannabe super hero, that thinks he has the super power of fire


Chapter 1: The Super Mario Bros

Chapter 2: Le café de Mario

Chapter 3: Pirates VS Ninjas!

Chapter 4: Yoshi's Island

Chapter 5: Galaxy Exploration

Chapter 6: Back to the 80's

Chapter 7: School Sucks

Chapter 8: Superstar Hero

Chapter 9: The Thousand Year Door

Chapter 10: Bowser's Kingdom


Mr KeKoops- The Broadway Producer, secretly Bowser in disguise

Toadsworth- He makes a return as the co-producer

Toadette- Makes a return as the costume and prop designer

Toadscoup- The fiesty and earger news reporter

Report Guy- The camera man

Koopsia- A Koopa member of the Paparazti

Princess Peach- The Princess who apears in most of the musicals

Toad- He makes an entrence as another star in the musicals

Lady Bow- Now a broadway star, she makes a staring role in Le cafe de Mario

Toadlles- Owner of the Toad Cafe, and stars in Le cafe de Mario

Manue- A Whittle who has a passion for painting, and stats in Le cafe de Mario

Scar- Bone's first mate, he stars in Pirates VS Ninjas

Tweat- Bone's pet parrot

Pirate-Guy- Another Pirate he stars in Pirates VS Ninjas

Nina- A Blooper Kimono girl who stars in Pirates VS Ninjas

Koopa Ninjas- A group of Koopa's who star in Pirates VS Ninjas

Yoshi- He makes an unlikley return in Yoshi's Island and stars in the musical

Rosalina- Makes an apearence in the star system and stars in Galaxy Exploration

Lubba- Starts in Galaxy Exploration

DJ Bomber- The DJ at Club 44, and stars in Back to the 80's 

Mrs Ratchet- An old Boo guidence counciler who stars in School Sucks

Julie- The popular Bomb-Omb girl who stars in School Sucks

Glacia- A female Penguin who belives she has the super power of ice and stars in Superstar Hero

Leif- A Lakitu who thinks he has the super of the Forrest and stars in Superstar Hero

Nadia- A Cheap-Cheap who belives she has the super power of the ocean and stars in Superstar Hero

Shade- A mysterious Ghost who belives she has the power of Magic and stars in Superstar Hero

Fire-Guys- A duo of Shy-Guy firefighters who stars in Supertar Hero

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