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Paper Mario: The Mirror of Illusion is a sidescrolling/RPG game released for the Wii. It is supposed to be the proper sequel to Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.


One month after the events of Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, Mario is lying in his house relaxing. Peach opens the door and explains that she went to Rogueport and an old lady gave her a mirror and insisted that she took it. Mario then looks in the mirror and sees his reflection rippled and he turns into a Mario with a purple hat wearing a black mask. He shows Peach and she is alarmed. At that moment, Bowser runs into the room, hoping to kidnap Peach. Mario runs up to Bowser and he drops the mirror. The mirror lands near a window and reflects the light and suddenly, Mario vanishes.



Mirror Mario

  • Mario - The main character of the game.
  • "Mirror" Mario - Mario's alter-ego in the World of Illusion. He has increased strength and jumping abilities.
  • Princess Peach - The damsel in distress. She uses a parasol to attack.
  • "Mirror" Peach - Peach's counterpart from the World of Illusion. She can change between normal and "Illusion" attacks, something no one else can do.
  • Bowser - The villain, although not the main one.
  • "Mirror" Bowser - The good Bowser from the World of Illusion. He can use "Illusion" attacks to add to his strength.
  • Luigi - The "Second Player" of the game.
  • "Mirror" Luigi - The evil Luigi from the World of Illusion. He has the same stats as the normal Mario, with "Illusion" powers.